Why Write Articles That Speak Your Mind

In the vast majority of cases when people write articles to publish online it is usually for promotional purposes pertaining to a particular niche. There are times however when the article writer has more of an interest in publishing content that reflects personal thoughts and not promotional messages. By going off track like this is there any benefit to be realize either by the article writer or the global audience that makes up the internet community? Absolutely!

Here are 5 ways loyal readers and even writers themselves can and will benefit even if the material published reflects personal and not niche interests!

Makes You Feel ‘Legitimate’

By temporarily setting aside your marketing duties and expressing yourself on more ‘personal’ issues you are driven more by interests and passion. This can feel both exhilarating and liberating because you are releasing to the internet community more passionate inner feelings. You are not as much concerned about appealing to your readers but instead are simply more intent to express your thoughts without consequence. Publishing content with this ‘frame of mind’ can be very empowering!

Loyal Reader Reaction

People are people and even though your most loyal readers are attracted to the type of promotional content you create they likely still appreciate variety. As an article writer you are displaying different ‘layers’ of your writing abilities which in this case will likely be appealing to a whole different set of interests readers may hold.

Learning to Express Yourself

Expressing yourself is completely different from promoting goods and services. In this way you are learning how to ‘articulate’ what it is you think or feel in a way that readers can understand. Developing these skills will be useful when you are creating promotional material to publish online. Knowing how to ‘tap’ into the emotions of your readers and to express your own is the best way to improve your copy writing skills.

Broadens Your Exposure

As was ‘hinted’ at above when you do go ‘off track’ by not ‘promoting’ something but instead ‘expressing’ yourself you are targeting a completely different audience. What is written and the way it is presented will have a completely different appeal and for different readers. In this way you are broadening your exposure. Although your article is not as focused as you would want it to be for marketing purposes, what you do publish online will circulate into totally new areas on the internet.

Feeding the Internet Beast

The internet has an insatiable hunger for information of all types as does its global audience. Whatever is published, provided it contains useful information, interesting insight or is simply thought provoking will be appreciated by the internet beast. It now has something new and different to ‘feed’ to its demanding but loyal readers. In this way as an article writer, you are doing a service for the internet community at large!

Many who write articles they can publish online do so to promote certain products or niche interests. However many authors are occasionally inclined and/or compelled to compose something that reflects their personal and not professional interests. Now some may think the article writer is in fact wasting their time and energy since these types of efforts are not promotional in nature. The fact of the matter is that by publishing content based upon personal and not professional interests is of great benefit to both the composer and the people who view it. An effort like this is best regarded as way to energize and refine writing skills, as we discussed above, while also addressing other interests held by many people. Remember the insight, opinions and personal experience of others is how we expand our own knowledge base. With that said, the more you do so, the greater the proficiency you develop at expressing yourself when writing articles thus making the messages you send carry a bigger impact!

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