Hello and welcome to my blog. As you’re no doubt aware affiliate Marketing has gained much notoriety for being a popular means of earning an income online. The main reason(s) for this popularity is the ease, speed and minimal cost involved in setting up your business.

Like most anybody who got started online I’ve spent much time learning from those who have succeeded before me.

With that out of the way let’s proceed to what attracted me
to the internet arena a few years ago……
Quite simply my passion for SELF SUFFICIENCY! That’s it….

For as long as I can remember I always opted for ‘doing things myself’ since
It gave me a greater sense of control.
It also gives me the feeling of self-satisfaction upon mastering a skill,
figuring out a solution or completing a task.

The ability to financially sustain myself without having to ‘kowtow’
to corporate giants holds an immense appeal for me.
To be able to do this while pursuing ‘passions’ and not ‘paychecks’
has made this appeal all the stronger.

I chose affiliate marketing because selling other peoples products allows me to just concentrate on the marketing end. It also frees me up from having to develop a product and a support system which will deliver it. Not having to deal with customer support issues is also a HUGE plus.

My intent at this site is to supply you with information intended to lend perspective to and shed light upon some useful tips you’ll want to know about in this field.
Also we’ll be covering various cutting edge techniques and products designed to increase your online effectiveness.

In the end it’s all about earning yourself a good income, getting better at what you do, and enjoying the journey in the process.

This is what this is all about so let’s get busy!

Please give me your feedback, suggestions, questions, or peeves by leaving your comments below!

I’d love to hear from you so don’t be shy!

Be sure to check back soon for new updates, information and insights for you!

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