Using Content to Overcome Buyer Resistance

Using content online is a great way to boost your exposure but it also can increase your marketing effectiveness from a copy writing standpoint as well. You see, most people do not like to be sold, and sales copy tends to be a little pushy or pitchy. This often results in turning some people away because often they have already built up their resistance to these pitches. By publishing content meant to freely offer nothing more than useful information however, the typical reader is less incline to put up their defenses. The result is that they are more receptive to the message.

Here are 5 reasons publishing content containing useful information is more persuasive than the typical sales copy.

Friendly Not Aggressive

When publishing content online it is normally formatted in such a way as to volunteer useful information for the reader. The intent is not to persuade viewers to make a purchase or why they need what it is you have to offer. The ‘tone’ is more relaxed and therefore disarming, allowing you to more effectively get your message across to readers who are, as a result, more receptive.

Shows Empathy

It is very common when offering free information to mention in the text as to why the subject you are writing about is being presented. Generally useful information is offered to help solve a problem or answer questions, therefore a problem or question is being recognized and addressed. Readers appreciate this help without having to contend with the ‘in your face’ presentation common with sales copy. This approach is much more subtle and laid back.


By ‘volunteering’ information that may tend to ‘sway’ the reader in a particular direction you can help them over come their ‘own’ objections. Educating people is a great way to get them to realize they have a need and you may have the solution.

Based Upon Honesty & Accuracy

Publishing content is only effective if what you are producing is honest and accurate. If you tend to circulate any information that is misleading, people will come to simply disregard any of your future efforts. This will result in only damaging your reputation online which is something you need to avoid since it is one of your biggest assets.

‘Suggests’ as Opposed to Call to Action

As mentioned above the contents of anything you distribute online is for the purpose of educating and not selling therefore this strategy is more subtle. By taking a more laid back approach like this, readers are therefore more receptive to any ‘suggestions’ you may make. These suggestions are a pleasant departure from the normal ‘sales pitches’ to which people have grown accustomed.

Using content to merely dispense useful information online offers many benefits and can sometimes be more persuasive than promotional copy writing. People tend to put up their guard when they detect that they are being ‘sold’ something. This is typical ‘human nature’ and often tends to decrease the marketing effectiveness of a lot of sales copy. On the other hand, as shown in the 5 examples above, freely distributed content tends to carry its message in such a way that is more persuasive. A more subtle approach tends to overcome the normal resistance most copy encounters since people are less ‘on guard’ and therefore more receptive. It would seem the lesson here is don’t attack but attract!

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