Taking Action for Internet Success Requires Guts!

Taking action as a entrepreneur will never be more needed than when working online. The very nature of the internet environment is one of constant change. Online businesses are not only facing shifting market demands and stiff competition but also adjustments in the rules and regulations that govern the internet commerce community. Making business decisions to address these changes and then moving forward will be a standard requirement if online success is your goal. What can make addressing these changes a little more difficult is the normal resistance people possess to moving outside their ‘comfort’ zone. As a result this reluctance can create delays in making business decisions that lead to the necessary changes required.

What is it that creates this reluctance and how can we overcome it to more rapidly address changes and/or issues we will face thereby increasing our chances of online success? Here is a look at 3 common barriers that often plant the seeds that lead to our hesitancy when accepting and addressing changes.

Fear of the Unknown

The unknown tends to test the nerves of even the most courageous. Much like ‘flying blind’ nobody wants push forward into something with which they have little knowledge and/or experience. This is typically the most ‘severe’ test of our own capability to wander outside our ‘established’ comfort zone. Sometimes we embrace what is familiar to us so much so that it inhibits our abilities to grow professionally as well as personally! When working on the internet this can be a real problem keeping you from making business decisions that are necessary for your online success. No guts no glory!

Fear of Failure

Lets face it who out there wants to fail at anything? On the other hand you can only fail by making an attempt and many choose to simply walk away from even trying. We are conditioned to believe that failure is a bad thing and in some instances it may be. On the other hand , however there is much to be learned from your unsuccessful attempts such as what NOT to do and why. Most online businesses will experience many minor setbacks before they get it right but it is the failed attempts that show them what needs to be done!

There are really only two types of failures, those who quit before they succeed and those who do not even try at all!

Fear of Ridicule

What! This is so common with many due to the element of ‘peer pressure’ and the need for ”acceptance’ in our society. Think about it for a moment, we are putting our lives, dreams or even future development on hold or simply walking away from it due to the opinions of others! In many cases the people who cast doubt on your ambitions or efforts do so simply because they are afraid to make the same attempts (see fear of failure above) themselves!

Constantly taking action to address changes is something all successful online businesses must contend with to simply stay competitive. Oddly enough this may be the biggest obstacle facing most seeking online success. The internet is a very dynamic environment that continues to evolve and when working online this means constantly making business decisions to address these changes. The difficulty often is found in many people having a reluctance to address new issues or challenges and so frequently. This results in a ‘paralysis’ of sorts that slows or even prevents necessary actions from being taken. This reluctance in most cases stems from certain beliefs or fears we develop and which strengthen their hold on us over time. The roots of 3 of the most common beliefs and/or fears that disrupt our progress are discussed above and seem to stem from our need for acceptance and discomfort with breaking routine! By identifying the root causes we are better able to break the chains that hold us back from taking action and either achieving online success or even greater gratification in our personal lives!

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