5 Challenges All Small Business Owners Must Overcome!

5 Challenges All Small Business Owners Must Overcome!

On the surface small business owners seem to have it made considering in many cases, they are working alone! Oh course the initial assumption understandably is, when working alone, you have nobody pushing, pressuring or pissing you off, thereby ruining an otherwise peaceful day! Time to get real however since solopreneurs, like the ones described above, have many challenges standing between them and their aspirations for small business success! Subtle as these challenges may be however, unless you’re willing to work to overcome them, even just one, could easily be the cause of any business failure!

For anybody working alone in their own business here are 5 areas of concern they must address if they plan on being successful…

Work Overload

When you are the ‘owner operator’ of any business you must be willing to work since you can’t rely upon the help of others! This ‘willingness’ however can grow a bit weary over time, especially if the results from the efforts you’ve invested are slow in coming! Either fatigue or frustration or both is all you need to ‘dampen’ or even extinguish the competitive fires within you causing you to lose your drive and relinquish your dreams!


When working alone self-doubt can often times be your worst enemy but this is something that ‘comes with the territory’ when working as a solopreneur! Without feedback or encouragement from others minor problems can easily bloom into a full blown catastrophe and the next thing you know, rationale thinking goes out the window! Anxiety can not only keep you from enjoying the small business success you seek but it can and will ruin your life if left unchecked!


Both the mental and physical capabilities of anyone who works alone are under constant demand which leads to exhaustion in both cases! Once again without the support or even the simple camaraderie associated with having others around , any stress be it physical or mental, has the tendency to grow disproportionately! There are many dangers signs here that threaten not only your small business success but even more importantly, your overall health! Remember, stress can kill so steps need to be taken by solopreneurs to avoid long periods of isolation! Spend more time with family and friends to help keep you grounded, you’ll be glad you did!


When you are motivated both your focus and your efforts tend to be very strong which is why most entrepreneurs need to be self driven! Now there are many reasons that may motivate someone, some may be internal, which is a strong source, while others may be more external, much like the encouragement you get from others! It is external sources of motivation most solopreneurs lack thereby putting them at a bit of a disadvantage UNLESS they identify other sources from which they can draw their motivation! Simply remember you MUST be willing to work at keeping your ‘drive’ alive because the success you seek will slip away otherwise!


Keeping yourself up to date with current news and developments is challenging enough for any online entrepreneur but for solopreneurs, this challenge can be greater! With so much to do and so little time to do it, it becomes very easy to put your own self-education on hold, or worse, shelve it completely! Maintaining your ongoing education is critical for any online business primarily because things change so fast on the internet and in the blink of an eye you can find yourself far behind the competition!

Although small business owners appear to have it made because they are working alone with no one bossing them around, they do face unique challenges! The fact is that solopreneurs like those described above must be willing to work through certain fundamental challenges that confront them each and every day! These challenges, issues and/or concerns, as discussed above are simple enough but do, however, become particularly daunting to anybody working alone! The point is without the constant support, feedback or encouragement of others, which most solopreneurs tend to lack, small business success will evade them!

Solopreneurs Face Unique Challenges

Solopreneurs Face Unique Challenges

On the surface Solopreneurs seem to have it made because they are working alone however once you take a closer look, it is easy to see that entrepreneurs who work alone face many challenges! When running a small business, by yourself, you can set your own hours and make all the decisions but on the other hand you’ve ‘inherited’ many responsibilities that may otherwise typically be shared with others! Another thing to consider is whether you are comfortable and well-suited to spend so much time alone, often without the input of others, while building your business!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the challenges you can expect to face when working alone and how to overcome them!

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As a solopreneur, we all face challenges daily, Read on to see how you can overcome them.

Although the challenges discussed above are all daunting, believe it or not these are NOT the only obstacles you are likely to face when working alone! The following article ‘presents’ more than 100 entrepreneurs sharing their own concerns about the barriers they face when going it alone as entrepreneurs and how they handle these challenges!

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When working alone, as discussed above, you will find plenty of obstacles challenging your discipline, focus, mind-set and productivity! The video below shares some tips and tricks you can use to stay productive, get organized and remain motivated to do what needs to be done! Remember, with nobody around you’ve got only yourself to depend upon to keep both your business and yourself profitable as well as productive…

Many people envy solopreneurs for the ‘apparent’ lifestyle they lead! These gritty entrepreneurs are usually working alone without the support or instructions of others and even though this seems attractive, at least on the surface, running a small business by yourself offers many challenges as discussed in the articles above! Perhaps the biggest challenge of all facing those who are working for and by themselves is maintaining the motivation they will need to succeed and this was addressed in the above video! The long and short is this, the life of any solopreneur offers the potential of great freedom and riches, provided of course the individual is willing and prepared to tackle and conquer the unique obstacles associated with running a small business all by yourself!

Remembering Why You Wanted To Be Your Own Boss

Having the dream or desire to be your own boss is quite natural for anyone with ambition and who is not afraid of working alone! Having said that however living the life of an internet entrepreneur does come with its challenges! The online environment has experienced much change over the recent past leading many to wonder if working alone on the internet is worth the frustration!

Before you decide to give up your hopes and dreams of becoming a successful internet entrepreneur let’s review why it is you chose this lifestyle!

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OK, so the benefits listed above actually do seem awesome but how do you know if working alone is right for you?

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Being able to work alone does NOT necessarily mean you will be successful in your pursuits! There are a select few core attributes that IF you do possess, will most certainly enhance your chances ‘sweet success’ will be yours!

4 Top Keys to Success

When deciding you want to be your own boss it’s important to realize there will be days you may regret your decision! Although working alone does sound attractive, especially if you hate your job, remember that every problem is yours alone to manage or fix!  The life of an internet entrepreneur may seem like a breeze at first glance but the dynamic nature of the environment can be more than challenging even to the best of us! With a realistic approach however, and the thoughts of the rewards that await you as mentioned above, success can be yours if you’re ready to work for it!

7 Characteristics Needed to Be Your Own Boss

Learning to be your own boss involves one heck of a lot more than simply working alone! Ask any internet entrepreneur and they’ll likely tell you working alone will certainly test your character! The fact is that to become successful without someone in management looking over your shoulder you’ll need to posses the 7 following qualities!

Self Motivation

As already stated, when working alone there will be nobody telling you what to do and when to do it! Although this may remove the tension and stress associated with taking ‘orders’ from somebody else, it is now up to you to take charge! Remember if you don’t produce, you won’t earn an income, so being self motivated is extremely critical in order to become successful as an internet entrepreneur!


For the many who work online and out of their homes, although this may be a comfortable environment it does offer distractions! The phone, people at the front door and even the computer in front of you can easily ‘derail’ you for hours at a time! You must be highly focused to resist these temptations!


The great part about working alone is once again there will be nobody ‘barking’ orders at you! On the other hand this could easily lead you into the temptation of procrastination! This is a very dangerous cycle since putting off what needs to be done will decrease your productivity and therefore income! Additionally you’ll eventually end up overloading your schedule by trying to make up for ‘lost’ time! You know what needs to be done, or at least you should, so do it!


As mentioned previously you should know what needs to be done before you even turn on your computer! Planning your days, weeks and months ahead of time gives you the direction you’ll need to stay productive increasing your chance to become successful with your business!


Your efforts might not always bring about the results you seek or may take a while to do so! Having patience with both yourself and the ‘process’ involved in building a strong income is mandatory! Enough said here!


Things change whether it’s the environment in which you work, marketing strategies or even shifts in demand! Learning to adapt to changes is a hell of a lot easier and more productive than fighting it! As an internet entrepreneur expect to see many changes due to the dynamic nature of theb y o b intense online world as well as those within your niche!


Putting the hours in is completely different from maintaining or increasing your personal productivity! When working alone your productivity is all that more important since you’re the ONLY one contributing to the growth of your business! Quite simply, if you are not productive you will NEVER become successful going it alone!

In order to be your own boss and become successful as an internet entrepreneur there are certain ‘responsibilities’ you must accept! You see, working alone also means that if you don’t do it yourself, in most cases, it doesn’t get done! There’s a lot more involved in working alone than simply being unsupervised! The 7 qualities reviewed here today are all essential to the success of any internet entrepreneur! Having a strong desire is a great start, but your efforts must be properly directed and effective as well as making use of any problem solving skills you may have! The bottom line is these qualities can be developed if you don’t currently possess them, and all will be needed if you intend to become successful going it alone!

3 Benefits Of Software When Used By Online Marketers

For most marketers online the benefits of software can NOT be overstated primarily because they typically are working alone! The proper use of the right software package allows for more automation and control thus resulting in a more efficient use of both time and effort for entrepreneurs!

Here are 3 ways in which using the right software can tremendously benefit marketers working alone on the internet!

Saves Time

When working alone on the internet marketers must learn how to best utilize their time and effort if they expect to be successful! There are numerous software packages available that will increase both the automation and control of any entrepreneurs internet business! Just by cutting down on having to perform many tedious tasks an entrepreneur can redirect their focus on more important matters or simply spend this time with friends or family!

Increases Productivity

The trick to being successful when working alone is learning how to boost your productivity WITHOUT burning yourself out! Here again, most available tools designed to increase the amount of automation and control you have over your business will free you up to get other things done! Of course the more you get done, the more motivated you tend to be which leads to even greater productivity!

Minimizes Expensebenefits of software

Imagine if you had to hire or at the least outsource certain duties? There obviously would be a cost involved and for any marketer, managing your costs is very important! On the other hand utilizing the appropriate software can not only save you time and effort but also the cost of hiring others to perform the same tasks! Since profitability is the single biggest measure of business success it would seem tools meant to give you more automation and control will also make you more profitable as well!

The benefits of software in terms of saving internet marketers both time and effort is without question! When working alone online as so many marketers do, software allows for greater automation and control over their business! The discussion above focuses on 3 ways any marketer can benefit from the proper use of software by increasing their productivity and work efficiency! Although internet marketing still requires your willingness to work, the use of the right tools can make your efforts more profitable! So when working alone on any internet business, always investigate the availability of any such tools since it makes little sense to invest more time and effort than necessary!