The Best Traits of an Entrepreneur Start with Grit

The Best Traits of an Entrepreneur Start with Grit

When speaking of the best traits of an entrepreneur we’re not talking about their intelligence, personality or intuitiveness but rather their grit! There’s little doubt these people are willing to work, but it is the way in which they approach their work that we’re discussing here today! Successful entrepreneurs typically have a firm understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses which allows them to concentrate on what they’re are good at so they can better focus on goals they’ve set! These people often times ‘hack’ their way to success by using their strong focus and vision to guide and inspire them along the way!

Following below are 3 ‘gritty’ traits that help propel aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their goals and experience success! Do you have any of them?

Embrace Your Strengths & Respect Your Weaknesses

Knowing your own personal strengths and weaknesses is a great ‘starting’ point for anybody looking to start and/or run a small business! The last thing you want to do is to waste your valuable time on things of which you have little knowledge or expertise! This also leads to many mistakes being understandably made which take time to fix and subsequently opens the door to self-doubt and frustration! Nothing will diminish your confidence and motivation more than doubting yourself amid the frustrations of correcting needless errors!

Hard Working

We all have heard countless stories of people reaching great levels of success as entrepreneurs but this didn’t happen by accident! These people much like yourself are willing to work to achieve their goals and this is the foundation upon which many successful businesses have been built! Now there are many ways to cut down on your work-load such as automation or out-sourcing, but make no mistake, if you are NOT willing to work, success will likely NEVER be yours! Escaping the 9-5 workforce by going into business on your own does NOT mean the path will be easy, the hours shorter or the sacrifices fewer! On the other hand, your ultimate reward will be taking control of your financial future, so the hours you invest and the sacrifices you make will be worth it!

Pocket Your Pride and Ask for Help

A network saves legwork and is one the best ways to further your education or to simply ‘hack’ your way through a problem! The savvy entrepreneur understands that they should NEVER be too proud to ask for help! Reaching out to others when looking for help not only gets you the assistance you need, but it also typically connects you with like-minded with whom you can share thoughts and ideas! Although you may be in business by yourself, this should never prevent you from establishing and maintaining a network of folks you can call upon for tips, tricks and advice!

Grit is one of the best traits of an entrepreneur in terms of how they primarily focus on goals and do what it takes to reach them! By first assessing their own personal strengths and weaknesses these people are able to plan their course of action according to their particular areas of expertise! Although they are willing to work to get what they want these entrepreneurs are also aware of their own weaknesses which helps them avoid doing the things that slow them down or hold them back! As discussed above the ‘gritty’ entrepreneur also knows when to reach out and ask for help and is NOT afraid to do so! Having the grit to roll up your sleeves and get to work is essential to aspiring entrepreneur but just as important is knowing your weaknesses so they DON’T sabotage your efforts along the way!

5 Challenges All Small Business Owners Must Overcome!

5 Challenges All Small Business Owners Must Overcome!

On the surface small business owners seem to have it made considering in many cases, they are working alone! Oh course the initial assumption understandably is, when working alone, you have nobody pushing, pressuring or pissing you off, thereby ruining an otherwise peaceful day! Time to get real however since solopreneurs, like the ones described above, have many challenges standing between them and their aspirations for small business success! Subtle as these challenges may be however, unless you’re willing to work to overcome them, even just one, could easily be the cause of any business failure!

For anybody working alone in their own business here are 5 areas of concern they must address if they plan on being successful…

Work Overload

When you are the ‘owner operator’ of any business you must be willing to work since you can’t rely upon the help of others! This ‘willingness’ however can grow a bit weary over time, especially if the results from the efforts you’ve invested are slow in coming! Either fatigue or frustration or both is all you need to ‘dampen’ or even extinguish the competitive fires within you causing you to lose your drive and relinquish your dreams!


When working alone self-doubt can often times be your worst enemy but this is something that ‘comes with the territory’ when working as a solopreneur! Without feedback or encouragement from others minor problems can easily bloom into a full blown catastrophe and the next thing you know, rationale thinking goes out the window! Anxiety can not only keep you from enjoying the small business success you seek but it can and will ruin your life if left unchecked!


Both the mental and physical capabilities of anyone who works alone are under constant demand which leads to exhaustion in both cases! Once again without the support or even the simple camaraderie associated with having others around , any stress be it physical or mental, has the tendency to grow disproportionately! There are many dangers signs here that threaten not only your small business success but even more importantly, your overall health! Remember, stress can kill so steps need to be taken by solopreneurs to avoid long periods of isolation! Spend more time with family and friends to help keep you grounded, you’ll be glad you did!


When you are motivated both your focus and your efforts tend to be very strong which is why most entrepreneurs need to be self driven! Now there are many reasons that may motivate someone, some may be internal, which is a strong source, while others may be more external, much like the encouragement you get from others! It is external sources of motivation most solopreneurs lack thereby putting them at a bit of a disadvantage UNLESS they identify other sources from which they can draw their motivation! Simply remember you MUST be willing to work at keeping your ‘drive’ alive because the success you seek will slip away otherwise!


Keeping yourself up to date with current news and developments is challenging enough for any online entrepreneur but for solopreneurs, this challenge can be greater! With so much to do and so little time to do it, it becomes very easy to put your own self-education on hold, or worse, shelve it completely! Maintaining your ongoing education is critical for any online business primarily because things change so fast on the internet and in the blink of an eye you can find yourself far behind the competition!

Although small business owners appear to have it made because they are working alone with no one bossing them around, they do face unique challenges! The fact is that solopreneurs like those described above must be willing to work through certain fundamental challenges that confront them each and every day! These challenges, issues and/or concerns, as discussed above are simple enough but do, however, become particularly daunting to anybody working alone! The point is without the constant support, feedback or encouragement of others, which most solopreneurs tend to lack, small business success will evade them!

The Mindset for Success, Do You Have It?

The Mindset for Success, Do You Have It?

Having the mindset for success is just as important as the physical efforts you invest in your quest to reach your goals! Many feel that their physical effort is all that’s needed to be successful but this could NOT be further from the truth! There’s no argument that you must be willing to work to achieve anything of reasonable significance but without the proper frame of mind to help maintain your motivation and direct your efforts, you may never reach your goals! If success is something you seek, it’s important to realize effort alone is going to get you where you want to go, and that your mental preparation plays a HUGE role in the level of success you do achieve!

The following video features some highly successful business leaders and athletes who share their own views on what it takes to be successful!


Do you have a mindset for success? The discussion we had here today emphasized the importance of not only being willing to work to reach your goals but also developing a mindset to help keep you and track and focused! You can not have one without the other and expect great results! Always remember, success starts in your own head and ‘filters’ out through your body in the form of the actions you take! If your actions are not properly directed by an ‘established’ goal oriented mindset, the actions you do take will likely lead to much frustration and wasted effort (possibly) resulting in you giving up and walking away from goals you’ve set! That really sucks!!!

Affiliate Marketing Success Requires Time and Patience

Affiliate Marketing Success Requires Time and Patience

Although affiliate marketing does NOT require for you to develop your own products, it does requires time and patience. Many marketers, once they become an affiliate, tend to lack the proper patience necessary to test and refine the tactics they use to promote the products they offer! Now most people are willing to work when it comes to developing their own online business however, for your efforts to be best served diligence is also required. Research and testing are as much a part of online marketing as is the promotional aspects involved in selling any product or service!

Let’s now join a conversation discussing the important and necessary role patience plays in setting up a profitable business selling affiliate products!


Having the time and patience to methodically test and compare the results you get from different promotional tactics once you become an affiliate marketer is the best way to build your online business! Obviously you must be willing to work when building any type of long term income selling affiliate products, but you must give your efforts enough time so you can fairly compare the results to other methods you may choose to use! Haste makes waste when you find yourself jumping from one tactic or strategy to the next without giving them the time they need to generate results you can compare! Remember, you are building the ‘foundation’ of your business at this point and if you don’t take the time to do so properly, all your future efforts may be much less effective and possibly even useless!

3 Characteristics All Successful Entrepreneurs Share

3 Characteristics All Successful Entrepreneurs Share

Have you ever asked yourself what most successful entrepreneurs have, besides wealth, that you don’t have? What do these folks do or how do they act that helps them to be more successful than others in their field? Possessing qualities such as being willing to work and taking on each day with a high level of energy is a terrific start and something every entrepreneur must embrace but there is more! It is there attitude and how they approach their work that tends to set them apart from others and puts them on track to the success they achieve!

Let’s have a look at 3 characteristics most entrepreneurs need to have in order to be more successful than those against whom they compete!


No telling what door opportunity will come knocking on so be ready, it may involve ‘radical’ changes that should NOT be seen as barriers! Radical lifestyle changes such as relocation may be a consideration, but in today‚Äôs already ‘mobile’ society it is not something to be concerned with! The old rule applies here that when opportunity knocks, be ready to respond because it may not come knocking again!

Emphasize Your Strengths

Weaknesses only prove you to be vulnerable and lacking but emphasizing what you’re best at will make you more competitive! Nobody wants your ‘worst’ effort nor do they need to ‘linger’ on what you ‘can’t’ deliver but rather let your strengths be the primary focus of your attention! Do what you can and do it well leaving the things you’re not too good at for others to complete! In terms of productivity, you will definitely be more successful by following this strategy!

For more about why you need to ‘work to your strengths’ if being productive and successful is your ultimate goal, enjoy the following short video!


Respect Your Financial Resources

Identifying and monitoring the use of any financial resources that you have and will be using is crucial! Maintaining a positive state of mind and being willing to work is all well and good for staying motivated and productive but NOT when you’re making serious financial decisions with your own money! The best advice here is to avoid using any of your own resources’ if at all possible, unless absolutely necessary!

Successful entrepreneurs obviously have an intense sense of motivation giving them a high level of energy but that is NOT the only reason they succeed! They must be willing to work, and not just when they feel like it, to be more successful, but it is how they apply their energy and focus that sets them apart! As we discussed above here today entrepreneurs who achieve their goals do so by being open to opportunities, fiscally responsible with their resources and above all they must know their strengths! These characteristics all tend to call for a bit of discipline, self-awareness and of course possessing an openness or acceptance to change with a keen eye out for any new and promising opportunities! As mentioned earlier, being willing to work will always give you a edge over your competitors however it is how you focus your energies and efforts that give you the most success!