Effective Business Marketing Strategies Used by Donald Trump

Effective Business Marketing Strategies Used by Donald Trump

The recent and unforgettable political campaign Donald Trump has conducted in many ways demonstrated his effective use of various business marketing strategies! Make no mistake, even though the ‘Donald’ was running for President of the United States, he was also focusing on ways to get attention for his brand and business as well! In fact it was even ‘rumored’ that Trump only threw his hat in the ring to direct more attention to his business brand, but as he become more influential with his bombastic and sometimes shocking campaign comments, his interest in the Presidency grew and history was made!

Like him or not, Trump showed the American public and even the world at large, that he is NO novice when it comes to drawing attention to himself or his cause! His masterful use of social media and other public forums allowed him to become much more influential, for better or worse, than anyone expected!

Let’s look at what the next President of the United States can teach all of us about business marketing!

What Donald Trump Can Teach You About Great Marketing

Here are the 7 things you can learn from Donald Trump’s campaign. Each of these, if applied correctly, can greatly benefit your next marketing¬†…

As you can see, the ‘Donald’ is very familiar with how to successfully promote his business or cause, now let’s get a better understanding of how he became more influential using Twitter to build a loyal following! His strategies were simple and obviously very effective being he did get elected President!

Four Things Donald Trump Can Teach You About Twitter

Donald Trump has engineered an …

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The following video features former cheerleader and now social media advisor Kelly Roach who presents 3 things you MUST do to become more influential within any circles or environment you select!

The subtle business marketing strategies Donald Trump used in his presidental campaign proved to be so effective that it won him the election to the highest office in the land! His brash behavior as well as his shocking comments and admissions, in retrospect, were apparently ways to get attention focused on him thus allowing Trump to further engage and win favor with the general public! The shock approach was frequently used by Trump during his campaign which led to him becoming more influential in the polls because the hot point issues he employed were deep concerns of many voters! Although it seems Donald J Trump is NOT destined to win many popularity contest going forward into the future, he has proven he knows how to market himself and his business with the strategies he uses!

How Marketing with Content Will Change This Year

How Marketing with Content Will Change This Year

Marketing with content is one of the most effective ways to get attention when using the internet as your business platform! People have clearly adopted the attitude that if you don’t offer them something useful, relevant, interesting or even entertaining to their needs in terms of some form of content, they will likely ignore your presence! Most marketers have embraced this strategy as their primary means of calling attention to themselves or their businesses but things are changing in regards to where and how content is being shared!

To gain a better understanding of how things are changing in the field of content marketing and how you should adapt to these changes, simply continue reading…


Now that marketing with content has become one of the most effective ways to get attention on the internet, any changes that affect this strategy MUST be considered and addressed! Our discussion above does just that by identifying that things are changing with not only WHAT type of content people want to see but also how they choose to receive it! As we all know the internet is a very dynamic environment therefore we must learn to accept and adapt to change as it occurs and this is no different with the field of content marketing! The bottom line is if you do not evolve with changes on the internet, your business efforts will surely feel the impact, and NOT likely in a good way!

Developing a Visual Marketing Strategy That Gets You Noticed

Developing a Visual Marketing Strategy That Gets You Noticed

Having a visual marketing strategy is one of the best ways to get attention online because using imagery tends to catch the eye of people much more than if you used text! This is especially true when using social media for business or any other purpose because social communities are constantly abuzz with all kinds of activity where even the best quality content presented in text can be easily overlooked! Let’s face facts, most people scan more than they read online but when using imagery you stand a much better chance getting people to take notice of the content you’re presenting them! So if you want to increase your exposure on the internet when sharing your content, don’t forget to use something visual to either compliment your text or by itself to simply convey a message! Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words and the best thing when using imagery is you do NOT have to labor over bringing your thoughts and ideas to life by creating text-based content!

For more on different strategies and applications you can use to enhance your visual marketing efforts simply continue reading…

How to Diversify Your Visual Marketing Strategy

Visual marketing strategy is the only way to see better results from your content efforts. Furthermore, by diversifying, you are able to cover more aspects.

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The following video presents to you tips and tools to help you take your visual marketing efforts to the next level and beyond…


Having a visual marketing strategy would have been considered not too long ago to be a cutting-edge tactic used by advertisers on the internet but oh my, how things have changed! Today using imagery is pretty much the norm due to the growing popularity of social media as well as the growing disinterest people have for reading large blocks of text to get a simple message! Now this is NOT to imply that pictures are the only effective way to deliver any type of message online, but rather that the use of imagery is one of the best ways to get noticed, when use properly! As social media use continues to rise and mobile marketing continues to evolve it only makes sense to make more use of imagery, be it videos, gif’s, info-graphics or otherwise if you want to get noticed in the vastness of the internet environment!

Effectively Using Hashtags For Traffic & Exposure

Effectively Using Hashtags For Traffic & Exposure

Using hashtags has become one of the most effective ways to get attention when using social media today! This tactic has become so popular that one of TV’s biggest personalities, Jimmy Fallon, has taken to using this tactic routinely on his show! This particular strategy has been ‘battle tested’ and proven to be effective on such social sites as Twitter, where it was first introduced back in 2007, as well as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! For business building purposes, hashtags have proven to be one of the best ways to get attention within the fast paced & sometimes chaotic atmosphere common to these communities!

So what are #’s and what is the best way to utilize them when using social media today?

How to Use Hashtags in Social Media Marketing …

What’s all the fuss about hashtags? Should I be using hashtags in my social media marketing? Do they really make a difference for me and my brand? Have you ever found yourself explaining hashtags to someone whose¬†…

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Now that you are more familiar with ‘why’ hashtags are used it only makes sense to know how to use them correctly! The following brief video ‘reviews’ the simple do’s and don’t you need to be mindful of when employing the use of this particular marketing tactic within online social communities…

Using hashtags is one of the most popular and effective ways to get attention when using social media today! Although hashtag use is limited to a small handful of social sites, these sites are amongst the most popular online. The discussions above serve to explain the ‘origins’ as well as the most effective ways hashtags can be put to use when marketing your business on social media today! Now it’s up to you to put this particular strategy to use so that people become more aware of not only the content you share but the business you operate as well! #toyoursuccess and then some!

Creating Visual Content Made Simple with These Tools

Creating Visual Content Made Simple with These Tools

Finding or creating visual content for your social media use is something every marketer can benefit from since it is one of the best ways to get attention within these hectic communities! The fact is ‘citizens’ of the internet have shown a distinct preference for receiving their messages through the use of imagery, be it video, animation or simply pictures! This is NOT to say that the use of text is no longer effective but rather that imagery is one of the best ways to get attention so that you can deliver your message or perhaps simply entertain and/or engage others! It therefore stands to reason that if you can ‘create’ something unique and customized to your message or purpose you stand a much better chance of standing out within these often times chaotic social communities! It also doesn’t hurt that you now have a virtually ‘unlimited’ source of visually appealing content created to suit your particular needs without having to ‘borrow’ images from other sources online!

To ‘break’ your dependence upon the use of commonly seen and widely distributed imagery found online for your marketing needs, here are some great tools you can use to find and/or create visually based content that ‘speaks’ to your audience!

Creating visual content has become more of a necessity nowadays due to the dramatic increase in social media use online for both casual and business purposes! The fact is people have a growing preference for viewing content that is more visually based thereby relieving them of the strain associated with reading text on the screens of their computers and/or mobile devices! For marketers, using images to convey their message is one of the best ways to get attention when navigating social media sites and having readily available sources for creating or finding the right imagery will certainly help to boost their promotional efforts! The bottom line is simply this, if visually based content is what people tend to prefer, the video above has just ‘supplied’ you with multiple ways to create and/or locate just the right images for your particular needs!