3 Big Advantages of Building Lists Online

Building lists is an accepted and even standard practice for anybody developing a business on the internet. Although some may balk at this strategy since they choose to believe list building is a waste of their traffic generation efforts, this strategy is actually a very cost efficient way to earn an income!

Let’s look at 3 advantages list building gives anybody who is developing a business online!

Reusable Traffic

Let’s face it traffic generation is a critical and necessary component of any marketing strategy on the internet! Without people you have no chance of making sales therefore traffic generation is and should be an ongoing effort! When you think in terms of finally getting people to your website only to have them ‘float’ away without taking any action, generating traffic can be VERY frustrating! Now on the other hand by capturing their contact information you now have the opportunity to make contact through email! This is likely the single most time and cost efficient way for you to do business online and all by simply recycling the traffic you’ve already generated!

Convenient Access

Having email ‘access’ to people on your list now actually gives you more control over when and how often you make contact! Of course this is something you do NOT want to abuse but having the opportunity to deliver messages that are time sensitive is yet another advantage and helpful when developing a business!

Avoids Online Chaos

Although many may argue that most emails never get read, if you take the time to prove yourself useful to subscribers, they’ll likely read your messages! The very best thing about delivering messages that people actually read is once again it is a very time and cost efficient way to promote online! Another huge plus here is that using email channels helps you avoid the clutter and chaos of the wide open internet environment! The bottom line is your efforts to communicate to list members goes unencumbered by the ‘noise’ that engulfs and defines the world wide web!

When working online, building lists that pertain to your particular niche or focus is always recommended! Developing a business can be and often is a time consuming process that one can easily accelerate with an email marketing campaign! Of course this would require you collecting contact information from ‘interested parties’ who responded to your traffic generation efforts! List building ultimately offers 3 advantages, as reviewed above, least of which is the time and cost efficient means it offers to increase sales! Careful consideration of these benefits makes this particular strategy hard to ignore for anybody with serious intentions of developing a business on the internet! The only question that remains is when is the best time to start building a list and the answer is simple, NOW!

5 Overlooked Advantages of Article Marketing

Article marketing is generally regarded in terms with how effective it is at traffic generation however it has others advantages many tend to overlook. This particular strategy involves using content as a means to attract readers to sites containing material relevant to the article itself. In this way writing and publishing content has proven to be a reliable means of traffic generation. This strategy however offers the author other advantages that are not as easily recognize but are vital in the development of the business foundation itself.

Here are 5 very important but subtle benefits that any author or business can expect to experience when using content as a traffic generation tool when working online.

You Learn to Create Content

Using content as a marketing strategy is a very effective way to grow your online business. Of course the more information you are able to circulate the more effective this strategy becomes. It therefore stands to reason that the more you write the better you will become at finding and developing all the information you will need. Practice makes perfect!

You Continue Your Education

Working online you will find it necessary to continue your education in the field you have chosen just to stay competitive. By conducting research to gather information for your writing purposes you are increasing your knowledge base at the same time. In so many words the more you write the more informed you become!

Your Original Content Can Be Used Again

By learning to be creative or resourceful when publishing content you can find multiple uses for the same piece of information. By slightly ‘reworking’ some of your previous writing efforts you can ‘adapt’ them to other areas of your marketing strategy such as an email series, newsletter, viral report and so on. In this way you can get a lot more results from a one time effort on your part.

You Create an Awareness

The most obvious reason for circulating free information, in whatever form around online is for traffic generation. No matter what form your writing efforts may take, before publishing always be sure to include a link back to your site within the body of your work!

You Build a Brand

Assuming that whatever it is you are composing is consistently relevant to your line of work or niche, you can also develop an online brand. The two biggest factors you need to work for you in the branding process is exposure and repetition and when publishing content consistently, you have got both!

As effective as article marketing may be at traffic generation it also offers other benefits that help to build a solid business foundation. Writing and publishing content helps to build awareness and instill a brand image along with increasing the knowledge pool and skills of the authors. These are assets, as reviewed above, that are invaluable to the growth and development of any online business. What other marketing strategy can you think of that offers so many benefits as deeply rooted as those associated with using content?

Synchronize Your Efforts to Get Free Website Traffic!

Generating free website traffic is great although it does require both time and effort in order to make it work effectively. Since there is no way around this it makes sense when using free traffic generation techniques to work as efficiently as possible. In affect what we are discussing here is better coordinating our use of free online advertising thereby magnifying the ‘sum’ of our efforts.

Here is how we can more efficiently use 3 popular online marketing strategies to really help boost our results, and all with little extra effort.

Quality and Frequent Blog Posts

The amazing search engine optimization capabilities of blogging are what make this method so popular, but it is not for those who are short on time or effort. With frequent updates to the site it is reasonable to expect an increase in your search engine ranking which is the best free online advertising you can get. The versatility a blog offers, and its ease of use make it hard to ignore for consideration as your primary online marketing platform.

Write Articles

Article writing is yet another highly effective means to attract high quality traffic while also building one way links with highly ranked article directories. By placing a link to your blog in the resource box you are now driving traffic to this site. This particular traffic generation technique helps build your online credibility and if your articles are good enough they can be in circulation indefinitely.

Another consideration here is to take some of your best articles and rework them for posts to your blog or perhaps use some of your blog posts as the basis for new articles. Work smarter not harder!

Viral Reports

Here’s another way to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ by creating a report and offering it as a free gift to place inside your article resource box. In this way you can also be building a list for your business. Within the report itself, encourage readers to share it with others and be sure it contains a link back to your site.

To create this report you can take some older articles that are on a related topic and put them together in a way that makes sense to readers. Be sure the topic is relevant to your business and/or blog theme.

Now you are creating synergy between and amongst these 3 online marketing strategies just reviewed above.

Generating free website traffic is a great feeling from the standpoint that it does not cost money. However using free traffic generation methods normally requires a lot of effort. Our focus should be on how to best use these free online advertising tactics to get the greatest results with a minimal amount of work. Learning to work smarter and not harder is the quickest avenue to success, and the suggestions above on how to use 3 popular online marketing strategies serves to achieve just that. Each strategy we discussed is effective on its own, but by better coordinating your efforts as suggested, you can greatly increase your traffic generation capabilities.

Increasing Sales with Your Sales Page

One of the most important components of any internet marketing strategy is the sales page. Although product selection and traffic generation are key elements for any online business, there will be no sale without a strong product presentation.

Let’s have a look at 5 key elements that need to be addressed in any product presentation that will greatly increase your sales conversion.

A Headline that ‘Grabs’ You

Since the headline is the first thing any visitor will see you need to capture their attention, arouse their curiosity, and tempt them to read on. The best way to do this is to present the ‘single most dominant benefit’ you have to offer.

If you’re unable to captivate your visitor they will leave your site likely never to return.

Clearly List Your Benefits

In a listing format you want to present all the benefits the visitor will experience from your product or service. Learn to write these benefits in a clear and concise manner making it easier for any visitor to read and relate to.

Remember you’re speaking to the site visitor so learn to write in a fashion that speaks to them, their wants, needs, aspirations, or emotions. This is where you will be calling upon your copy writing skills!

3rd Party Testimonials

By offering product recommendations from satisfied customers you are allowing the visitor to collect ‘opinions’ which will help validate their purchase. This type of social proof helps boost you sales conversion since it eases the decision making process for potential customers.

If your product is untested and you are need of testimonials offer it for free to a select group and then solicit their feedback. If you currently have no product to offer click here to see how you can still earn a significant income!

Make the Order Process Easy

As is the case for most any internet business you need to clearly state what it is you want the site visitor to do next. After you’ve presented your benefits and made it clear how they will help solve a problem or fill a need you then ask for the order.

Make this procedure easy by displaying a prominent area where the necessary details can be filled in for the order to be processed. An order confirmation tab/button should also be made available and clearly displayed.

Money Back Guarantee

To assist your ‘potential customer’ in their decision making process a ‘money back’ guarantee should ALWAYS be offered. The ‘fuzzy’ feeling this gives to anyone making a purchase is effective at extinguishing any lingering doubts and increasing in your sales conversion.

A 30 or 60 day ‘trial’ period is the acceptable norm.

As you can plainly see the sales page is arguably the most important component of any online business. This page is what customers base their sales decisions upon and is where they make their purchase! Even though there is much emphasis placed upon traffic generation within any internet marketing strategy it is this page that influences the buying decision and closes the sale. So make sure you include all of the 5 elements we discussed above to maximize your marketing efforts and increase your sales.

Don’t want the hassle of creating your own product or the storage and shipping cost associated with it?  Click here to find out More!

7 Steps to a Successful Affiliate Business

Don’t allow the success of your affiliate business to be foiled by seemingly harmless habits or oversights. Getting involved in an online business may at times seem overwhelming to you. Other times it may appear little or no effort is needed due to the ‘automation’ of the internet. Remember to keep your eyes open and realize this is a business based upon LOGIC that just happens to use the internet.


The internet is a dynamic environment that requires the need for continual learning.
Know this, accept this, and embrace this as an ongoing part of your involvement in the internet marketing world.

This ongoing education can be conducted thru research, forums, ebooks, conferences, etc. Plug into these channels and use this education to advance yourself and your business. Here’s an Excellent place to start!

An important note here however is that you DON’T want to get so caught up in your learning that your internet marketing efforts come to a standstill. Make time for both but never stop managing or implementing your active online marketing tasks for extended periods.

Beware of this trap which could easily lead to analysis paralysis!


You will of course want to build your own website on which your visitors will land first. From this point you’ll send them to the affiliate site where they will hopefully read the compelling sales copy and make the purchase.

With this said do not forget that you will also have to make people aware of your site. This stage is integral to your success online so you’ll need to determine what traffic generation methods you’ll want to use.

The best suggestion here is to choose 3 or 4 methods you’re comfortable with but always try new methods if they look promising to you. By using multiple methods simultaneously you’re ensuring a broader spectrum of potential visitors will be targeted.


The website you build will serve two purposes only so focus on them. The first purpose will be to ‘introduce’ the visitor to the benefits of the product you’re marketing. Now here is where you want to use more tact and less salesmanship. What we’re doing here is enticing your visitor with some ‘what if’, ‘how about’, or maybe ‘just image’ to engage their curiosity and get them in a buying mood. Do not HARD sell on this site!

Remember that the main affiliate product site will do the ‘hard ‘selling for you so don’t push or pitch the product on your site.

Now let’s discuss the 2nd purpose of your site.

COLLECT NAMES – You’ll Be Glad You Did

Have a location on your site to capture the contact information of your visitors. List building is right up there with traffic generation regarding the most important components of your business.

Since these visitors have already shown an interest in your product it stands to reason that they may have an interest in a similar product you may offer in the future. Contacting former visitors is far easier than finding new ones. Eventually your list building efforts will significantly expand your affiliate marketing business at an accelerated pace.


Once your up and rolling with traffic flowing and commissions being paid avoid the temptation to let up and relax. Capture this momentum and take advantage of it to build your online business at an accelerated pace. Build on what is now working and review, fix or discard what is not.

When in doubt seek out answers to your questions. With so many channels available to gain the needed information, it doesn’t make sense to allow your business to slow or suffer due to a lingering unanswered question.


In the affiliate marketing business products always change but your name won’t. Don’t risk your reputation by associating with questionable products, tactics, or people.


The success of your affiliate business will ultimately be determined by your reluctance to give in. If certain situations are lost causes learn from them and move on, but don’t throw in the towel just because more effort or learning may be needed to succeed in that particular instance. Remember defeat comes only AFTER you quit! Find out how to succeed here!