Thinking Outside the Box for Business Success

Thinking Outside the Box for Business Success

As an internet entrepreneur thinking outside the box is something that will give you a competitive advantage because most people follow the accepted ‘norms’ that are proven to be safe and effective! Being more creative gives you a fresh perspective on things that often leads to innovation while also serving to enhance your problem solving and decision making skills as well! The problem is calling upon your creative genius is NOT always as simple as it may seem which is unfortunate because being creative can help you in so many different ways and when operating on the internet, it can also help you stand out!

Let’s dive immediately into how your own creativity is actually a business asset as well as discussing tips you can use to quickly summons the creative genius in you for whatever purpose!

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The tips offered above will enable you to nuture and bring forth your own creative genius! By maintaining the right mindset and surrounding yourself with like-minded others, this will allow you to more readily tap into your own creativity! Sometimes the suggestions above may just not be enough so the following article serves to offer you an extensive list of tips, tactics and techniques desighned to stimulate and bring forth the creative genius that lies dormant in you!

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The following video featuring Rafael Eliassen discusses the difficulty many of us sometimes have blasting through those ‘creative blocks’ to unlock our own original and unique thoughts! Enjoy the video as Rafael shares with you his own 4 step formula for bringing out the creativity in you!

Thinking outside the box is a great way to stand out and be innovative, especially on the internet, but it’s not always easy to tap into your creative genius since most people tend to follow ‘norms’ already established! The fact is, as discussed above, creativity is actually a very valuable business asset that amongst others things, allows you to improve your problem solving and decision making as well as helping you think along innovative lines! The intent, lesson or takeaway from the discussion above is not only how creativity (yours) is an asset, but how you can easily summons your creative genius for when and where you may need it, which in life is all the time!

3 Personality Traits Most Successful Entrepreneurs Possess

When looking at many successful entrepreneurs most people see someone who seemingly through luck and/or good fortune was able to capitalize on a great idea. What most people do not see is what it takes for these people to position themselves for business success and it is often neither luck or fortune. In many cases the successes these people enjoy result from thinking outside the box in terms of acceptable standards, beliefs or behavior. Their ability to develop and act upon innovative ideas is what sets them apart and makes them successful. In many cases this ability can often be attributed to certain personality traits they possess and in fact may be traits that you possess as well!

Here is a look at what it is that allows some people to so easily develop and act upon innovative ideas while others may find doing so more difficult.

Risk Takers

Entrepreneurial success is usually experienced by people who are not afraid to take a chance with a new idea or concept. These folks are more daring than most and take more of a ‘what if’ approach by following through on innovative ideas that others may shy away from. These people are not only thinking outside the box but they are also living there as well, and in most cases quite comfortably! They watch the crowd and go in the opposite direction because they know there will be less competition! Their self confidence is strong and attitude is positive!


Innovation is the key, in most cases, for business success however the majority are uncomfortable taking innovative measures. As a result they tend to criticize those who do take a ‘different’ path mostly because they are afraid these people will succeed where they were afraid to even try! Due to these dynamics, people who are not afraid of taking risks or trying something new learn to ignore criticism and are therefore this confidence is viewed as more defiant. Ironically it is this defiance that is often responsible for many of the improvements those who criticize them may enjoy!

Self Sufficient

People who tend to be different from the majority, such as the novel thinking entrepreneurs we are discussing, have a much smaller base of support as a result. This in turn calls for them to be both more self sufficient and self confident as a result. Out of this comes the opportunity for them to further develop their resourcefulness which is not all too difficult considering their knack for thinking outside the box in the first place. Obviously a deep inner drive and belief in themselves needs to be existent! Are we perhaps describing you?

Successful entrepreneurs are viewed by many as people who found themselves in the right place at the right time. As true as this may be a closer look will reveal their uncanny ability to position themselves for business success by comfortably thinking outside the box and then acting upon it. In most cases this ability can be attributed to certain personality traits as discussed above. Folks like this demonstrate that the acceptable ‘norm’ is not always the right avenue to take for business success. Based upon their successes a common lesson we can all learn is that taking chances or being different is not always a bad thing!

5 Ways to Ignite Your Creative Intelligence

Every one of us is ‘bestowed’ with creative intelligence that for the most part is under utilized due to other responsibilities and busy lifestyles. This is not to make excuses for the under-utilization of our creative skills but merely an exclamation as to why they are not used more often. The thinking process associated with producing creativity and innovation requires a degree of focus along with a relaxed state of mind. The world we live in today, with hectic work schedules and other life responsibilities is very demanding on both our time and focus. In order to promote our own ability for thinking outside the box and spawn the creativity we seek within ourselves deliberate measures sometimes need be taken.

Here are 5 ways that you can help your mind gain separation from the demands and chaos that preoccupy it to help discover the creativity and innovation within you.

Unplug from the Internet

The internet barrages you with news and information thereby taking control of your thoughts. Escape and let your mind wander, ponder and create on its own without disruptive stimuli! It is difficult control your thinking process when it is busy ‘processing’ incoming information.


Physical activity offers very little downside in terms of health and also offers the opportunity for your brain to function more clearly. Along with exercising being good for the body it also helps to increase the flow of blood to the brain which helps to boost your thinking.

Take a Walk

The peace and tranquility will soothe your mind allowing it to ‘create’ as oppose to ‘process’ which is what it normally does when surrounding by chaos. The ‘passive’ stimuli Mother Nature presents such as a bird in flight, a running stream, or peace and quiet is more conducive to creativity than ‘disruptive’ stimuli. Oh and by the way a simple non-strenuous stroll such as this is GREAT for both your mental and physical health allowing you to escape the stresses of the day!

Gain Separation from the Work Environment

The work environment is structured in a way that symbolizes related issues and functions and therefore ‘triggers’ your mind to focus on just these areas. This structure as a result places limitations on our ability to freely brain storm which allows for the flow of more creativity and innovation. Since the mind is now otherwise occupied it can not be expected to create.

Removing yourself from this environment helps reduce the ‘triggers’ associated with it allowing the mind to function more ‘freely’ leading to greater creativity.

Get Plenty of Rest

A fatigued or stressed mind will not work properly but a mind with plenty of rest or at least resting is more prone to creativity.

In order to ‘rediscover’ the creative intelligence hidden within you it is often necessary to take deliberate actions to filter out the chaos. Life as it is, places many demands upon our time making it difficult to relax and focus. This restricts our ability for thinking outside the box which invariably produces innovative thought. The 5 suggestions discussed above offer ways in which you can better create an environment that promotes a more creative thinking process. More time than not the solution is found in our own recognition that our creative skills are being suppressed by our hectic schedules. By addressing this preoccupation of our minds, as suggested above, we can better realize the potential of our own creativity.