Be More Productive By Narrowing Your Focus

Be More Productive By Narrowing Your Focus

If you’re looking for ways to be more productive the answer will NOT be found in multi-tasking! Trying to complete more than one task at a time only slows you down while also compromising the quality of your results! Juggling multiple tasks makes it extremely difficult to stay focused and this makes it more challenging to avoid mistakes or to use your time efficiently! In order to increase how productively you use your time and to also boost the quality of your results you must narrow your focus to completing ONLY one task at a time which is known as single tasking!

To get a better understanding of why multi-tasking really does NOT save you time and why you need to turn your focus to only one thing at a time to increase your productivity check out the following short video!


For most people in order to be more productive you must first put aside your overly ambitious to-do list and narrow your focus to simply one thing at a time! Hopping from one task to the next actually slows down your progress, as explained above, making it very difficult to stay focused on what your doing which opens the door for you to make mistakes! By single tasking, you focus your efforts on just one thing, without interruption, thus allowing you to complete tasks quicker and with a lot less errors! Although multi-tasking may give you the impression you’re being really productive, the fact is you are just busier but not being as productive as if you kept your focus on just one task until it has been completed!

How Successful Entrepreneurs Manage Their Business

How Successful Entrepreneurs Manage Their Business

Successful entrepreneurs must learn to manage their business, whether they work alone or with a team, through proper prioritizing and planning to help them get better results from the efforts they invest! One commonly used strategy to help entrepreneurs get better results when building their businesses is through compartmentalization which allows them to plan their work in a way that helps them stay focused on priorities as they arise! This minimizes the confusion, stress and errors that typically come with being disorganized!

To gain a better understanding about compartmentalization and how it can help you stay focused and be more productive with your small business ventures check out the short video below…


Successful entrepreneurs understand that to get better results from their efforts they must stay focused on the task at hand! Now one very effective yet simple strategy that every small business owner can use to maximize both their focus and productivity is called compartmentalization as explained in the video above! By simply taking a ‘divide and conquer’ approach to how you manage your business, you can prioritize and schedule tasks or functions for completion so that your everyday efforts remain focused only on what needs to be done thereby giving you much better results with less stress, confusion and errors!

3 Intangibles You Need to Succeed When Marketing Online

3 Intangibles You Need to Succeed When Marketing Online

There are 3 intangibles marketers absolutely need to succeed when working within the chaotic and fast paced world of the internet! We’re NOT talking about extensive business experience here but rather the ability to find inspiration, stay focused and above all else learn to use your time in a way that will help you be more productive! Of course without that initial boost of inspiration to get you started, nothing will happen, but sometimes staying inspired can be quite a challenge, especially when things aren’t going your way, and this is a problem that can completely undermine your business building efforts! So what is a person to do?

Let’s first discuss how to rekindled any lost inspiration you may have experienced so you can once again, pursue your goals in an enthusiastic and energetic manner!

How to Find Inspiration Elsewhere (When You’re All Tapped …

When I was a budding entrepreneur, a big part of building my inspiration up was in following others who were already very successful doing what I wanted to do. I followed blogs of people I admired, went to conferences, and just got around people who inspired me. I saw women entrepreneurs using technology to run their businesses, and it ignited a fire in me to do the same.

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Now that you’ve rekindled or restored that inspired feeling you need to succeed, how do you maintain it? Staying focus on your dreams, aspirations and goals is the key to remaining productive which, of course, ¬†leads to the success you seek! For more tips on how to stay ‘laser’ focused on your goals let’s now hear¬† from a long-time, well known and highly successful internet marketer, Mr. Jeff Walker in the video below…


One would think all you need to succeed when working online is prior business experience and of course a great product, but this is NOT the case! What is really required to become successful as an internet marketer is the inspiration to get started along with an innate or acquired ability to stay focused so the time you spend working your business will be more productive! The advice offered above serves to help you maintain that inspired feeling which helps to keep you motivated along with how to stay focused in order to maintain a high level of productivity! Congratulations on taking the ‘leap’ and becoming an internet entrepreneur! Hopefully your dreams and aspirations will become your reality, all you need to do is to stay focused, inspired and of course productive!

Maintaining Your Focus By Simply Saying No!

Maintaining Your Focus By Simply Saying No!

Your focus is a very significant factor that affects your level of performance and therefore is something you’ll need in order to achieve any goals you set or task you undertake! For many people however, focusing on a goal or task is not very difficult, it is their inability to stay focused that becomes more of the challenge and this is the point of our discussion today! Life itself is a busy whirlwind of various activities, multiple tasks and other demands that call for our attention and requires our concentration, but if you can’t stay focused, much of what you need or want to do will never be completed! Running a small business or managing a blog online for instance, presents many demands, but if you’re not able to stay focused, your level of performance will surely suffer as will your dreams of succeeding at what you’ve set out to do!

The short video below featuring Brendon Burchard discusses what it takes for you to zero in on any goals or tasks and than how to stay focused until your goals are met and/or your tasks are completed!

The video presentation above discusses simple tips and suggestions you can used to keep your focus and therefore increase your level of performance when undertaking any task or striving to reach any goals! Why bother investing the time and effort into anything if the results you get or not what you need or expect? Imagine trying to shoot at a target or drive a car, without the proper focus, the target will likely be missed and I dread to think of what may happen with an unfocused driver behind the wheel of a car! The fact of the matter is the ‘quality’ of your efforts will dictate the results you receive, but if find it hard to stay focused, you can’t expect very good results and this will definitely limit the amount of success you enjoy!

How Successful Entrepreneurs Conquer the Internet

Successful entrepreneurs are typically more than willing to work to achieve the goals they set for themselves! Although putting forth the effort is always a great first step, achievements of any significance require that they believe in and stay focused on their goals! When working in the always changing and quite often ‘distracting’ internet environment, it’s quite easy to lose your direction and motivation if you don’t stay focused!

Let’s break down in 3 ways how the ability to keep your focus on your dreams, cause or whatever has motivated to take action can increase your success!

Passion or Idea

First of all you can’t make your dreams or wishes popular with others simply because they’re JUST yours! Sure there may be some who share your passions but you can’t always assume the masses will feel the same way you do! Along these same lines there are also the ‘dream suckers’ you face, you know the ones, people that criticize your actions or express doubts about your dreams! In many cases these people are merely envious of you for taking action since they do NOT have the motivation to do so themselves! Your best bet is to ignore their ‘negative’ reinforcement and stay focused on what you’re trying to achieve! If you can believe it you can achieve it!

Goals MUST Be Specific

To achieve any goals you must FIRST start with ‘learning’ what it takes’ to reach your objective! Stating a desire to simply accomplish this or achieve that gives you little direction as to how to do so! This leads to many mistakes, wasted effort and increased frustrations which typically ends in you just quitting! Not only should your goals be specific but they must be realistic as well or else you’re simply setting yourself up for failure and disappointment! Being willing to work is very admirable but you don’t want to invest any effort into a losing cause so be damn sure your objectives are achievable!successful biz boy

Success Leaves Tracks So Follow Them

This is to say when seeking tips and advise within the field you want to excel get it from those who’ve actually walked the walked! Successful people are a great source of inspiration and advice but to get more ‘specific’ directions you must seek out those who have already accomplished what you want to do! Finding these people online is easy enough using search engines, forums and even social media circles but the key is to ‘actively’ listen to and follow their advice! Of course there will be times you may want to modify things you learned from others to better suit your own needs but in most cases the ‘principles’ will be the same!

Most successful entrepreneurs found online are faced with much competition and must therefore be willing to work to achieve their goals! Although their efforts and the results they yield are clearly visible, the primary reason for their success is not that easy to see by the casual observer! Their ‘secret weapon’ which can be yours as well is found in their ability to stay focused on what it is they’re trying to accomplish! The ‘take away’ from our discussion above is that although your dreams may be yours alone, they’re easier to achieve if you have both the belief and focus to make them happen! Success is typically a process and it is often enjoyed by those who are able to stay focused on the process itself!