5 Reasons Social Media Use is Addicting

5 Reasons Social Media Use is Addicting

Have you noticed that your social media use seems to have taken control of your life? Social media today tends to dominate the consciousness of many young adults even when they’re in the company of family and/or friends! For goodness sake, otherwise sensible people are being found taking ‘death’ defying selfies just for the sake of posting these pictures to their social accounts just to get more likes, shares or followers! Yup, our obsession with these online social sites can NOT be denied, but why are they so addicting?

Here, in my opinion, are 5 reasons that we as citizens of the internet have found ourselves addicted to social media today…

Convenient Access (24/7)

It’s all about availability! Online social sites are easily accessible at any time of the day or night and can be accessed using any number of mobile devices or going old school by using a computer! This convenient access tends to increase the number of times you may log-in to your account which in turn develops into a habit and yup, an addiction if you’re not careful! These sites were originally developed for our use to enjoy and to connect with other like-minded people but 24/7 access has made it very difficult to resist its addictive nature!

No Personality, No Problem

With all the filters and remoteness associated with using social media today, anybody can easily ‘reinvent’ themselves to be more exciting! Lacking in inter-personal skills is NOT a deterrent for anyone wanting to partake in any of the many online social sites available! Conversations are not always in ‘real’ time so spontaneity is NOT required therefore people lacking a spunky personality can still easily and comfortably slide in and out of conversations with other site members! Having time to ‘prepare’ any response is HUGE for anyone who may have anxiety issues when it comes to socializing with others!

Fuels Confidence

Having an increase in confidence is a great feeling to experience, no matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished! It is a ‘comfort’ zone in which you feel you’re in total control and using social media today is something that definitely fosters the feeling of confidence! As mentioned above you’re able to ‘prepare’ your responses as well as choose topics to talk about with which you are familiar and knowledgeable! For people feeling socially awkward, the remoteness and lack of required spontaneity associated with online social sites is just what they need to help them comfortably engage with others!

Meeting New ‘Friends’

For those folks who are not overly outgoing or who don’t have much contact with others, social media today offers the chance to overcome your shyness and to meet new people! Now I’m not going to ‘push’ the notion that all the ‘friends’ you make on these sites are in fact people who really know you and feel a strong bond since that’s not true! What is true is some of these new acquaintances may develop into friends however just being able to talk to others about things of interest to you is a big plus, especially for those who are otherwise socially remote!


Just by simply being involved in the social media madness tends to ‘validate’ you with your peers as well as family. The sense or feeling of being involved or ‘in the know’ is uplifting and hard to resist because we as humans tend to prefer being part of something! In fact, many people use their contacts, likes, shares and/or followers as a form of validation of their popularity or as strange as it sounds, their worth! As sad as it may be our ‘popularity’ on social media today is often tied to our self-worth which is a perfect example of how the internet has actually made changes to our value systems! For those lacking in self-worth, using social sites to build up followers or be otherwise recognized in the community is their best bet to feel better about themselves!

Has your social media use taken control of your life so much so that you find yourself constantly checking your status, even when in the company of others? Well, you’re NOT alone because social media today, for very many and especially young adults, has become very addicting. We use these online social sites as a way of ‘meeting’ new people, posting pictures (to impress) and even to check on the news! Make no mistake social media has gone mainstream and it does serve some very good purposes, however, like anything else ‘too much of a good thing’ can turn sour! The point here is you must take back control of your life if you find yourself obsessing too much about your social media accounts! Start today by spending more time with friends and family, you can always check your status online but learn to limit your access!

Using Instagram for Work and Play

Using Instagram for Work and Play

Are you currently using Instagram for marketing your business online because if you’re not, you really need to consider making it a regular part of your social media use! The fast growing photo sharing social community has ‘crested’ to over 600 million users and with the ever growing ‘love’ for visual content online, Instagram appears to be positioned for even more growth! Since our social media use has now become such an integral component to how we generate traffic online, it seems wise to incorporate this photo-sharing community into our overall marketing strategy!

The following article discusses certain current trends on Instagram that you need to be aware of if you intend to use this community for marketing your business!

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As you can see from the article above there are plenty of ‘cutting edge’ tools you can use for marketing your business on Instagram! The article below goes into a bit of detail about how to best utilize ‘hashtags’ on this fast growing social media site to get noticed, deliver a message and increase your followers!

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Being able to leverage the use of hashtags on Instagram simply makes it easier for you to draw the attention of others, now the video below offers you a long list of tips for effectively marketing your business on this site!

Using Instagram for marketing your business makes perfect sense when you consider it is a photo-sharing community that is experiencing massive growth! Since internet users have a growing love affair for visual content it only stands to reason as to why Instagram is so popular, having over 600 million members, yikes! The information viewed above does a fanciful job of discussing current trends marketers need to be aware of as well as how to leverage the use of hashtags along with an extensive list of tips for marketing your business! It seems now that it’s high time to pull out your cameras and cell-phones and search out ‘photo opportunities’ so you can start making this community a regular part of your social media use!

Does Your Social Media Use Put You at Risk?

Does Your Social Media Use Put You at Risk?

Social media use in our society today is frequent and fearless in terms of the apparent disregard people seem to have towards their privacy on the internet! Not only are folks posting to social media at an (alarmingly) increasing rate, but it’s what they post that tends to put them at risk! Whether it is a ‘false’ comfort we have when chatting with people we consider ‘friends’ or, as mentioned above, we are simply disregarding the dangers of online predators because it is something we do not yet fully comprehend! Having the attitude “it can never happen to me” only tends to lessen your own urgency to take safe and appropriate measures when posting to social media which simply increases your risk! Let’s face it, in light of the recent exposure of multiple governments invading your privacy on the internet, it would seem our social media habits would be more cautious, but sadly that is still not the case for many!

As we enter into the weekend here’s a clever spin on a popular song to ‘playfully’ remind you of the risks you take when posting to social media without regard to who’s reading your updates!


As social media use continues to increase on a global basis, so are the risks people take when updating their status! Your privacy on the internet is no laughing matter and in fact can put you in harms way if you are NOT mindful of what you share and with whom! The video above featuring a playful musical parody based upon an old yet popular tune from’ ironically enough’ the group called the Police simply serves to remind you that when posting to social media, be mindful of who’s watching YOU!

Does Your Social Media Use Have You Overwhelmed?

Does Your Social Media Use Have You Overwhelmed?

Remember when your social media use was limited to just a few sites such as Twitter and Facebook? Knowing where to go to connect with others was NOT so confusing simply because your selections were a heck of a lot less than is the case today! Now these sites and channels are also heavily used by businesses both large and small thereby adding to the congestion (and confusion) of people you can find at these communities! Additionally the available number of communities you can use for business has absolutely EXPLODED in terms of growth leaving marketers feeling overwhelmed! The primary purpose behind marketing on social sites of all types is to redirect traffic to YOUR place of business and the best way to do so is by building relationships, but this takes time! What is an entrepreneur to do since there is only 24 hours in a day and you have a business to run? It all comes down to keeping your expectations realistic along with a bit of planning…

The following short video featuring Kimberly Ann Jimenez discusses 3 simple things you can do to minimize the confusion, stress and time typically associated with social marketing!


As an entrepreneur your social media use is a great way to be seen online thus giving you and your business additional exposure as well as traffic! The challenge is there now exist SO many channels and sites to choose from that it leaves many marketers feeling overwhelmed due to their confusion over which sites to use, finding the time to do so and dealing with all the constant changes! Remember, the internet is a very dynamic environment that continues to evolve leaving online citizens to cope with these changes! The above video does a fanciful job of offering just 3 simple suggestions to help bring more sense and control to where and how you market your business on social channels! Thank you Kimmy Ann for your help, suggestions and of course, expertise!

Easily Creating Engaging Content for Social Media

Easily Creating Engaging Content for Social Media

Creating engaging content for your social media use typically calls for using imagery since most people prefer viewing images rather than reading text! Visuals of all sorts, be it video, pictures, cartoons, gif’s or something similar are more entertaining to view and are capable of delivering just about any type of message you want to send! Most importantly visual content like this is much more likely to be shared with others which is the absolute best way to increase your exposure and get more followers for your business or otherwise! If you’re set up to create and/or produce visual content like this for your own social media use than it would seem you’ve got a handle on what it takes to really leverage these channels however for most people this process can be challenging, until now!

The following video from our friend Kim Jimenez reviews some really cool and cost effective tools you can use to easily create the type of visual content your followers will love and share!


Creating engaging content does NOT have to be either difficult nor time-consuming, but sadly, for most people, it is both! The best way to get any of your content shared online is by using visual content because using imagery to send a message is much more entertaining than having people read long boring blocks of text! Besides, we all know a pictures says a thousand words without having to necessarily read each one of them! The brief video above from Kim Jimenez does a great review on some simple to use cost effective tools you can put to work for your own social media use when creating the type of content that really engages your followers! When you consider how easy it is to use these tools along with the time and effort these tools will save you, it would seem you’ll have more time to enjoy the holidays this year! Now put the time you’ve saved to good use and enjoy the holiday season!