5 Reasons Social Media Use is Addicting

5 Reasons Social Media Use is Addicting

Have you noticed that your social media use seems to have taken control of your life? Social media today tends to dominate the consciousness of many young adults even when they’re in the company of family and/or friends! For goodness sake, otherwise sensible people are being found taking ‘death’ defying selfies just for the sake of posting these pictures to their social accounts just to get more likes, shares or followers! Yup, our obsession with these online social sites can NOT be denied, but why are they so addicting?

Here, in my opinion, are 5 reasons that we as citizens of the internet have found ourselves addicted to social media today…

Convenient Access (24/7)

It’s all about availability! Online social sites are easily accessible at any time of the day or night and can be accessed using any number of mobile devices or going old school by using a computer! This convenient access tends to increase the number of times you may log-in to your account which in turn develops into a habit and yup, an addiction if you’re not careful! These sites were originally developed for our use to enjoy and to connect with other like-minded people but 24/7 access has made it very difficult to resist its addictive nature!

No Personality, No Problem

With all the filters and remoteness associated with using social media today, anybody can easily ‘reinvent’ themselves to be more exciting! Lacking in inter-personal skills is NOT a deterrent for anyone wanting to partake in any of the many online social sites available! Conversations are not always in ‘real’ time so spontaneity is NOT required therefore people lacking a spunky personality can still easily and comfortably slide in and out of conversations with other site members! Having time to ‘prepare’ any response is HUGE for anyone who may have anxiety issues when it comes to socializing with others!

Fuels Confidence

Having an increase in confidence is a great feeling to experience, no matter who you are or what you’ve accomplished! It is a ‘comfort’ zone in which you feel you’re in total control and using social media today is something that definitely fosters the feeling of confidence! As mentioned above you’re able to ‘prepare’ your responses as well as choose topics to talk about with which you are familiar and knowledgeable! For people feeling socially awkward, the remoteness and lack of required spontaneity associated with online social sites is just what they need to help them comfortably engage with others!

Meeting New ‘Friends’

For those folks who are not overly outgoing or who don’t have much contact with others, social media today offers the chance to overcome your shyness and to meet new people! Now I’m not going to ‘push’ the notion that all the ‘friends’ you make on these sites are in fact people who really know you and feel a strong bond since that’s not true! What is true is some of these new acquaintances may develop into friends however just being able to talk to others about things of interest to you is a big plus, especially for those who are otherwise socially remote!


Just by simply being involved in the social media madness tends to ‘validate’ you with your peers as well as family. The sense or feeling of being involved or ‘in the know’ is uplifting and hard to resist because we as humans tend to prefer being part of something! In fact, many people use their contacts, likes, shares and/or followers as a form of validation of their popularity or as strange as it sounds, their worth! As sad as it may be our ‘popularity’ on social media today is often tied to our self-worth which is a perfect example of how the internet has actually made changes to our value systems! For those lacking in self-worth, using social sites to build up followers or be otherwise recognized in the community is their best bet to feel better about themselves!

Has your social media use taken control of your life so much so that you find yourself constantly checking your status, even when in the company of others? Well, you’re NOT alone because social media today, for very many and especially young adults, has become very addicting. We use these online social sites as a way of ‘meeting’ new people, posting pictures (to impress) and even to check on the news! Make no mistake social media has gone mainstream and it does serve some very good purposes, however, like anything else ‘too much of a good thing’ can turn sour! The point here is you must take back control of your life if you find yourself obsessing too much about your social media accounts! Start today by spending more time with friends and family, you can always check your status online but learn to limit your access!

Effectively Using Hashtags For Traffic & Exposure

Effectively Using Hashtags For Traffic & Exposure

Using hashtags has become one of the most effective ways to get attention when using social media today! This tactic has become so popular that one of TV’s biggest personalities, Jimmy Fallon, has taken to using this tactic routinely on his show! This particular strategy has been ‘battle tested’ and proven to be effective on such social sites as Twitter, where it was first introduced back in 2007, as well as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! For business building purposes, hashtags have proven to be one of the best ways to get attention within the fast paced & sometimes chaotic atmosphere common to these communities!

So what are #’s and what is the best way to utilize them when using social media today?

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Now that you are more familiar with ‘why’ hashtags are used it only makes sense to know how to use them correctly! The following brief video ‘reviews’ the simple do’s and don’t you need to be mindful of when employing the use of this particular marketing tactic within online social communities…

Using hashtags is one of the most popular and effective ways to get attention when using social media today! Although hashtag use is limited to a small handful of social sites, these sites are amongst the most popular online. The discussions above serve to explain the ‘origins’ as well as the most effective ways hashtags can be put to use when marketing your business on social media today! Now it’s up to you to put this particular strategy to use so that people become more aware of not only the content you share but the business you operate as well! #toyoursuccess and then some!

Using Social Media and Time More Efficiently

Using Social Media and Time More Efficiently

Although using social media for personal reasons can be a lot of fun, when used to generate traffic for business building purposes it takes a lot of time and patience! Social media today has become very much a part of the ‘mainstream’ internet where a vast majority of people spend their time when they go online! As a source for keeping up with friends or getting ‘breaking’ news, surfing the social links is the way to, go but for business purposes, your use MUST be more structured and efficient being you do have a business to run! There’s little debate that social media today plays a HUGE role in how marketers grow their businesses however they can NOT afford to linger any longer at these sites then needed since in the end time is money!

Let’s explore further a few tips and suggestions you can use to increase how efficiently you use social communities for business purposes along with the best tools available to help you manage your use!

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The biggest advantage to using the internet is all the software available for automating your efforts and thus saving you time! Here’s Ian Anderson Gray to share with us what he feels are the best tools available for managing your social media use…

Using social media for business purposes requires your time and patience along with a plan so that your efforts are more focused and will therefore produce better results! One of the biggest drawbacks to how marketers use social media today however is the time factor which MUST be managed better to get the most out of this strategy! The tips and advice offered above hopefully serve make your marketing efforts withing these social communities, more efficient and productive so you can spend more time on other aspects of your online empire!

The Influence Social Media Today Has on People

The Influence Social Media Today Has on People

Social media today plays a very big role in how people get their news while helping to shape their attitudes and opinions as well! The fact is online social sites tend to be the perfect platforms from which thought leaders can share their insights which in turn gives them more influence on the general public! Just about EVERYBODY is either very familiar with or is using these social platforms to stay informed as well as keeping tabs on how others feel on a wide range of topics and news!

Let’s have a closer look at what makes social media SO engaging, especially in the world of e-commerce, and why it can have even more influence on people today than broadcast news or world leaders!

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Not to be overlooked by any means is the (apparent) fact that social media offers viewers candor and honesty, something missing in mainstream media! This is especially true for the younger generation whose habits and opinions tend to shape our buying habits! Let’s see how the younger ‘stars’ found on youtube today can carry more influence than the ‘mega-stars’ of Hollywood today!

YouTube stars with a penchant for truth-telling are now controlling teens’ hearts and wallets. That’s bad …

YouTube stars were thought to be more engaging, extraordinary and relatable than Hollywood stars, according to the Variety survey. And they’re prolific: YouTube now reaches more 18-34-year-olds in the US than any cable network, according to Nielsen. But authenticity is risky business.

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Now that we have a better understanding of the influence social media has on the general public, here are some GREAT tips on how to use it for business!

People use social media today for a lot more than simply staying in touch with family and friends thereby giving these platforms more influence on how we think! Thought leaders from around the globe have taken to using online social media as their primary ‘pulpits’ from which they can deliver their messages or state their purposes! The ease of reaching a audience, global in scope, and of course the lack of expenses it takes to do so is why thought leaders tend to favor using these sites! When you consider that the people using these sites tend to share their own views on topics being discussed as well, it’s not hard to understand why online social media is so influential in shaping our outlooks and opinions! Merchants, as discussed above, have also recognized the power of social media using these platforms for presenting information about what they do as well as the products they offer! People can now not only be informed of products that are available, but also seek out the opinions of others before they choose to make a purchase!

Does Time Spent Online Make You Smarter or Dumber?

With all the time spent online by folks today it begs the question, are people using the internet getting smarter or dumber? This is a concern because internet use fueled by the popularity of social media today, has grown exponentially over the last few years! The web has blossomed into a multi-media powerhouse with convenient access from almost anywhere imaginable! Although this is great for convenience as well as entertainment, could people using the internet, at least excessively, be stunting their own intelligence? WTF you may respond, with all the great information to be found online how could this possibly be? Well simply read further to see exactly what I’m talking about!

Do New Communications Media—Like the Internet—Hurt

Does television make us stupid? Is the Internet undermining social ties? Despite many research efforts, there is very little uncontested empirical evidence of generally damaging media effects. If social scientific methods have

(Too Much) Information Highway

Lets face it when you go online you tend to stay relatively busy checking email, your social contacts and all while trying to make sense of the waves of ‘knowledge’ that tends to surge your way! Being online does allow access to an unfathomable amount of information HOWEVER it is NOT a conducive environment in which to learn! Now stating the web is not exactly the best learning environment may strike some people as odd but how well do you expect to process information with so much of it to look at? Only you know your own habits once you hit the web but my guess is yours are not much different than many others! Exposure to these valuable facts and figures is great if you fully understand what you are viewing and how to put it to good use! Do you regularly feel dazed and confused or perhaps fully informed and ready to take action when you log off?

What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains

Is your time spent online structured to be productive and informative or is your use of social media today what captures your attention? Even checking email, again and again, may rank high for persistence but not so much for productivity or learning! In any case most people using the internet nowadays do so more for entertainment and less for personal or professional development! The question is and still stands, do our ‘online habits’ lead to greater intelligence or simply atrophy of the brain? What are your thoughts on this subject, do you feel your internet use tends to make you smarter or is it impeding your intellectual development?