5 Challenges All Small Business Owners Must Overcome!

5 Challenges All Small Business Owners Must Overcome!

On the surface small business owners seem to have it made considering in many cases, they are working alone! Oh course the initial assumption understandably is, when working alone, you have nobody pushing, pressuring or pissing you off, thereby ruining an otherwise peaceful day! Time to get real however since solopreneurs, like the ones described above, have many challenges standing between them and their aspirations for small business success! Subtle as these challenges may be however, unless you’re willing to work to overcome them, even just one, could easily be the cause of any business failure!

For anybody working alone in their own business here are 5 areas of concern they must address if they plan on being successful…

Work Overload

When you are the ‘owner operator’ of any business you must be willing to work since you can’t rely upon the help of others! This ‘willingness’ however can grow a bit weary over time, especially if the results from the efforts you’ve invested are slow in coming! Either fatigue or frustration or both is all you need to ‘dampen’ or even extinguish the competitive fires within you causing you to lose your drive and relinquish your dreams!


When working alone self-doubt can often times be your worst enemy but this is something that ‘comes with the territory’ when working as a solopreneur! Without feedback or encouragement from others minor problems can easily bloom into a full blown catastrophe and the next thing you know, rationale thinking goes out the window! Anxiety can not only keep you from enjoying the small business success you seek but it can and will ruin your life if left unchecked!


Both the mental and physical capabilities of anyone who works alone are under constant demand which leads to exhaustion in both cases! Once again without the support or even the simple camaraderie associated with having others around , any stress be it physical or mental, has the tendency to grow disproportionately! There are many dangers signs here that threaten not only your small business success but even more importantly, your overall health! Remember, stress can kill so steps need to be taken by solopreneurs to avoid long periods of isolation! Spend more time with family and friends to help keep you grounded, you’ll be glad you did!


When you are motivated both your focus and your efforts tend to be very strong which is why most entrepreneurs need to be self driven! Now there are many reasons that may motivate someone, some may be internal, which is a strong source, while others may be more external, much like the encouragement you get from others! It is external sources of motivation most solopreneurs lack thereby putting them at a bit of a disadvantage UNLESS they identify other sources from which they can draw their motivation! Simply remember you MUST be willing to work at keeping your ‘drive’ alive because the success you seek will slip away otherwise!


Keeping yourself up to date with current news and developments is challenging enough for any online entrepreneur but for solopreneurs, this challenge can be greater! With so much to do and so little time to do it, it becomes very easy to put your own self-education on hold, or worse, shelve it completely! Maintaining your ongoing education is critical for any online business primarily because things change so fast on the internet and in the blink of an eye you can find yourself far behind the competition!

Although small business owners appear to have it made because they are working alone with no one bossing them around, they do face unique challenges! The fact is that solopreneurs like those described above must be willing to work through certain fundamental challenges that confront them each and every day! These challenges, issues and/or concerns, as discussed above are simple enough but do, however, become particularly daunting to anybody working alone! The point is without the constant support, feedback or encouragement of others, which most solopreneurs tend to lack, small business success will evade them!

Addressing Fears Most Small Business Owners Face Online

Addressing Fears Most Small Business Owners Face Online

Small business owners face many challenges when they take to the internet but none are as daunting as the fear of failure many aspiring entrepreneurs possess! This is especially true if you have little or no previous experience in managing a business and all the unknowns that come with the territory! Now whether these ‘fears’ are justified or not, to the individual who holds them, they are in fact very real and serve as a deterrent to their success! Of course fears like these are simply a natural ‘by-product’ of venturing forth from your comfort zone to try something new!

Let’s now take a closer look at some very common concerns internet entrepreneurs have in successfully managing a business and better yet, how to overcome them!

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Of course for a more ’rounded’ presentation let’s address how to overcome the fears that can alter or ruin your business efforts!

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The super brief video below holds a very short message with a BIG impact for anyone allowing doubts or fears to hold them back…

It is not at all uncommon for small business owners to harbor concerns about whether their efforts will be successful or not! In fact it is their fear of failure that can actually hold them back from even trying and this is truly a shame! The discussions and video presentation found above address the most common concerns people tend to have, and why, when it comes to operating a money making business, no matter what size it may be! The advice shared above also offers ways in which you can overcome these fears which hold you back from taking chances and experiencing successes you’ve never thought possible! In the end it all comes down to your confidence in adapting to a new environment and learning new things which is generally the case any time you step outside your comfort zone! Remember, expanding your comfort zone means expanding your knowledge base as well as skill sets and this natural ‘evolution’ is something we simply call personal growth!

Tips and Advice ALL Small Business Owners Should Heed

Tips and Advice ALL Small Business Owners Should Heed

Small business owners, especially internet entrepreneurs,  typically face many challenges in their quest for business success! There are many variables that can influence how successful any business may be ranging from the level of financial resources you have available to the level of competition you face in your chosen field! One thing is absolutely certain however and that is that your chances to be successful increases anytime you can receive advice from those who have already accomplished what you’re trying to achieve!

Now let’s listen to what some more experienced entrepreneurs have to say about setting yourself up to experience success with your own business as well!

What is the Biggest Cause of Business Failure

Write your business plan with the #1 online business planning tool. Is there enough money to pay the bills on time and still have some left over for you to take home. Don’t forget to manage your business’s online reputation as well. This leaves less profitability and room for the business to grow and prosper.

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Want to insure your success online as a small business owner than read further to discover a few tools to help you do just that…

Solutions that Rescue Super Small Businesses and Startups

These tools are built for small ish businesses, but have pricing tiers that are more than reasonable for the business of 1-5 employees. The only real failure is the failure to take action. Solutions that Rescue Super Small Businesses and Start-ups.

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The short video below offers some additional and very important advice about how to become successful as an online entrepreneur! If success is what you seek, this video is for you…

Leveraging the experience and know-how of successful small business owners is one of the best ways for internet entrepreneurs to experience their own successes as well! The tips and suggestions offered above should help you minimize any mistakes and resulting frustrations you may experience in your own quest for business success! Although this advice is invaluable for anyone operating their own business, always keep in mind it is ultimately up to YOU to take the necessary actions required to make things happen!

What To Expect Running A Small Business Online

Running a small business on the internet can be a very exciting and rewarding experience! On the other hand many start out with great expectations online that are simply unrealistic! This results in many quitting before they experience any type of financial success! The fact is that small business owners working online need to keep it real in terms of what to expect and how soon to expect it!

Below is a quick review of what online marketing is and is not so that small business owners have a better feel for what they can expect!

(1) What You Can Expect:

Affordable Opportunity

Starting businesses on the internet cost very little or nothing at all which is why it attracts so many aspiring entrepreneurs! Not having to invest in a ‘physical’ structure, payroll or even warehousing products is a tremendous savings that is hard to ignore!

Financial Independence

As an entrepreneur, provided you do your due diligence and invest the time and effort, you can break free of the shackles of a typical ‘9 to 5’ job! The plain and simple reality is you MUST be willing to work if you’re hoping to achieve financial success!

Life on Your Terms

By virtue of using a computer as your base of operations, you can run your fledgling ’empire’ from anywhere you please! Having the restrictions of being tied to a workplace removed allows you to pick and choose your work environment along with the flexibility of establishing your own hours! This is one of the great expectations online that many share and is in fact attainable!

(2) What It Is NOT:

Guaranteed Success

Simply because your start up costs are so miniscule and the fact you can be up and running in no time does not mean your financial success is guaranteed! Like most successful businesses proper planning is required as well as making the right changes to adapt to changing market conditions! If nothing more the one thing you can expect from the internet environment is change and lots of it!

Day At the Beach

As mentioned above you must invest both time and effort in order to succeed earning a good income over the internet! The constant changes this environment can offer will keep your head ‘spinning’ if you’re not prepared as well as working alone since every task will be your responsibility to complete! Having great expectations online is all well and good provided you do NOT expect for things to simply happen or for money to simply fall into your lap! You must earn what you make plain and simple! Although earning an income this way may not always be a ‘day at the beach’ you can in fact still choose to work at the beach!

Part Time Endeavorgal biz

Above it was mentioned that you can set your own hours when working on the internet but this is not to say the hours you set can be part time! Remember, businesses are not to be treated like hobbies where you invest the time when the mood strikes! If you want to make a serious income than you must approach this with a serious mindset and this will require devoting the time necessary! Developing a full time income will NOT happen with a part time effort!

Running a small business using the internet as your marketing platform can lead to great financial success provided your goals are realistic! Many small business owners tend to possess and maintain great expectations online which is great since this reflects a positive mental attitude! On the other hand if what you expect is unrealistic this could easily cause you to become frustrated and actually quit before financial success is yours! The review above breaks out what most entrepreneurs can reasonably expect as compared to what many often assume in terms of what it takes for financial success online! As long as you keep your ‘goals’ attainable and are aware of what to actually expect there is no reason you can’t be successful working on the internet!

5 Common Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

There are certain characteristics of entrepreneurs that lead them to being successful at what they do! For starters and just to dispel the myth, successful entrepreneurs are ‘born’ they are NOT made! For people who assume otherwise this should be good news and will hopefully motivate them onto bigger and better things!

Here are 5 common characteristics typically found in people who have found success in their chosen field as small business owners!


The ‘spark’ or idea that sets a person in motion is typically something that is fueled by passion or in the least a personal interest! This ‘vision’ is usually unique in some way and is supported by the strong belief or faith that it can indeed become reality! Thus it is the passion of most successful entrepreneurs that keeps their dreams alive! Their vision also serves as the ‘target’ that keeps them on track allowing them to effectively plan the required course of actions needed to achieve their goals!

Self Confident

Being successful at anything requires having a certain degree of confidence in yourself and your choices! As any entrepreneur will tell you, this confidence is critical primarily because most of the time you’ll be working alone and making decisions based upon your own research and judgment!


All small business owners are familiar with the fact that setbacks and mistakes are inevitable! The most important thing here is not the mistakes or setbacks you may encounter but rather how you react to them! Truly successful entrepreneurs view their setbacks as learning experiences and not as something that will discourage them from pursuing their goals! The attitude that the more mistakes you make the more you learn encourages people to bounce back and continue moving forward! Without this continued effort, success, in most cases will never be experienced!


The willingness to ‘roll up your sleeves’ and do what it takes is rare in most people! This is especially true when working alone without the support or encouragement of others as the typical entrepreneur finds themselves doing! Remember however that it is the ‘vision’ as previously mentioned that sets people into motion towards making it a reality and that this vision is fueled by passion! Being passionate is a tremendous source of motivation and can easily sustain a persons drive even without the support of others!


Quite often change is required due to consumer demand, marketing strategies that are no longer effective and overall market conditions! In fact change is about the only thing small business owners can count on therefore their ability to adapt is vital! Without this adaptability you might as well give up your quest but in this area, once again, most successful entrepreneurs tend to excel!

There are certain characteristics of entrepreneurs that are most helpful in their being successful as small business owners! The good news here is that successful entrepreneurs are typically not born with particular attributes or talents but rather developed them along the way and so can you! For the most part the most prominent traits people need to succeed as small business owners are the 5 discussed here today! With a little imagination along with a ‘dash’ of discipline there’s little holding you or anybody else back from being successful at developing a profitable small business of your own!