10 Life Hacks Every Small Business Owner Can Use

10 Life Hacks Every Small Business Owner Can Use

If you are a small business owner who wants to be more productive there are certain ‘adjustments’ you can make to better leverage both your time and efforts! Many entrepreneurs who have taken to the internet as a means to manage and grow their business rely heavily upon their own efforts since they typically work alone! Having said that it would seem that the single most important thing internet entrepreneurs need to succeed in their quest for success and riches is to learn how to become more productive in how they use their time! Our discussion today focuses on 10 life hacks anyone can use to be more productive when managing a small business or simply trying to get the most out of their busy days!

The video below featuring Carly Cristman offers 10 simple ‘hacks’ ready for you to begin implementing as soon as now to help make your efforts more productive while minimizing your stress…


Most every small business owner who works online usually has to rely mostly upon their own efforts therefore it seems what they need to succeed is to learn ways in which they can be more productive! By first identifying your own weaknesses and accenting your strengths you’ve already saved yourself loss time and much frustration but there is still more you can do! The discussion in the above video focuses on simple hacks you can put into use immediately to help you get more done with every day without stress or wasting time! It is important to realize these tips or hacks will also benefit you in your everyday life as well, which is of course why they are called ‘life’ hacks! Our thanks go to Carly who in the above video did such a masterful job of revealing and explaining these simple hacks that can save you much time while making you more productive as well!

Are You Committed to Success Online?

Reaching success online as a small business owner is not a guarantee but more the result of a long process! Experienced internet marketers know full well that the level of competition found online is intense! Due to this intensity many who try, fail to turn a profit primarily because their level of commitment is not what it should be! If you have aspirations of being successful as a small business owner online here are 3 things that WILL test your resolve that you must consider!

Longer Hours

As true as it may be that you can work at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home this doesn’t mean you don’t have to invest the time! In fact as already mentioned above internet marketers typically face much competition therefore you’ll likely have to log many hours simply to stay competitive! If you already hold down a ‘day’ job and are trying to branch out on your own as a small business owner this means your days and nights will be that much longer!

Less ‘Play’ Time

The time you would normally ‘devote’ to hobbies, friends and even (yikes) family will need to be ‘borrowed’ for your new business! The dreams of achieving financial freedom are NOT without sacrifice, even on the internet, and if you intend to turn a profit you better be ready to make these sacrifices! There’s a saying and it’s so true that there are no free lunches, so don’t assume working online will be any different! Just as important will be that those around you are aware and respect that you’ll need space and privacy to pursue your goals! Likely it will be up to you to ‘train’ these people that you are working and are therefore not available to do otherwise!

An Army of ONE

Many frustrations you experience will have to be shouldered by only you since, if you remember, this was your idea! Along those same lines you’ll need to pick yourself up and dust yourself off WITHOUT the encouragement, in many cases of others! Internet marketers normally work by themselves without a lot of support and fanfare and therefore need to be VERY self motivated! Are you? I hope so!

Success online as a small business owner is not a granted right but rather the reward for much hard work and sacrifice! The misconception by many that internet marketers don’t work hard helps feed the assumption that becoming successful online is relatively easy! With all the competition you face due to the ‘global’ expanse of the online community you will in fact need to work hard in order to turn a profit!The upside is that internet marketers who demonstrate tenacity will also experience the financial freedom sought by so many but realized by so few! Does this sound like you?