Does Excessive Thinking Sabotage Your Success?

Does Excessive Thinking Sabotage Your Success?

Excessive thinking commonly referred to as over-thinking is the result of an overly-active analytical mind that can often lead to self-doubt! Perfectionists are typically guilty of spending or wasting too much time on the details or possible ‘what if’s’ when trying to make a decision! When this type of delay occurs it often leads to missed opportunities which can obviously limit your success by holding you back from taking the necessary actions! Does this type of thinking hold you back as a small internet business owner?

The following short video will help you determine if your own thinking actually delays your decision making process thereby sabotaging your success!


If you experience excessive thinking traits such as some of those presented in the brief video above, you are certainly NOT alone! The good news is you are now aware of your overthinking and the fact that it opens the door to self-doubt which is likely holding you back from making more timely decisions while also disrupting your peace of mind! Your professional and private life are fast moving therefore so should be your ability for making decisions or taking action, but be careful NOT to get caught up overthinking your situations or decisions because both life and opportunities can be fleeting!

How Your Bad Attitude Sabotages Your Success

Having a bad attitude is the absolute worse way to approach any undertaking and is the best way to sabotage any chances of being successful! When consumed in self doubt or negative thinking any efforts you put forth will only be more difficult and less productive! In fact you need to ask yourself why the hell you’re even trying if you’re doubting you can succeed or don’t believe in what you’re doing! Negative thinking has no place in anyone’s life since it leads to no where good!

Here are just 3 ways that come to mind quickly how your self doubt or negativity keeps you from being successful!

Creates Difficulty

For starters lets understand that life itself can be tough enough as it is but when you approach it with self doubt you only make things more difficult than they may already be! In fact self doubt can place quite a weight on your shoulders that only you can feel thus making each day longer and your prospects more dreadful! I don’t know about you, but so far, having a doubting or negative attitude or approach doesn’t seem to be the way to go!

Pushes Others Away

Being less productive and more disruptive serves to repel those around you! This is a damn shame since having a strong network of people around you can be the difference between being successful or a dismal failure! Make no mistake your own negative thinking carries a ‘stench’ that those around can easily detect almost instantly and this is NOT something you necessarily want to project! So before you go reaching for the deodorant when you notice others tending to keep their distance, do yourself a favor and check your attitude first!

Narrows Your Thinking

Possibilities become obstacles when you’re consumed in negative thinking and this results in many missed opportunities! Instead of having a ‘world beating’ approach to business or life you remain ‘protective’ or ‘defensive’ to any possibilities presented to you! This mindset robs you of the confidence you need to explore the ‘unknown’, take chances and experience great success! In so many different ways you are cheating yourself and those around you by limiting yourself in this way!

Possessing a bad attitude about your involvement in most anything will definitely limit your chances of being successful at what you do! Not only that but the negative thinking you project will only succeed in making everything more difficult including attracting those around you! The 3 effects of your own self doubt and lousy attitude as discussed above are virtual guarantees that success will continually elude you! Your awareness of this is vitally important and your efforts to make the necessary changes are a must if being successful in work or otherwise is of interest to you! Remember that by ‘shifting’ your mindset away from the negative thinking that holds you back, you stand a much better chance of getting what you want! When this happens you’ll find your own self doubt dissolving and likely being replaced by a more positive outlook, more friends and more success!