The 3 Cornerstones to Any Online Business!

Building an online business incorporates the same exact principals you would use offline for business building. Sure there may be more technology involved but the people are still flesh and blood. It all starts with building relationships online first since these people are the ones you will be marketing your business to.

It is absolutely vital in order to achieve any measurable success in business online to first establish a feeling of trust with people. No doubt they will be plenty of technically oriented marketing tactics you’ll need to learn but it all starts with customers. Putting technology ahead of customer relationships will only put you on a fast track to frustration and futility!

Let’s review here the 3 cornerstones you’ll need to establish before successfully marketing your business online.

Build a Solid Reputation

Upon initial contact with any prospective customers it is vitally important to follow-up on whatever promises or indications you may have already made to them. For instance you may have promised a free gift that will help them in a certain way. Be sure you deliver on this promise. This is your first and only chance to make a good ‘first’ impression. By delivering as you promised you are off to a go start.

The same applies if you’ve indicated yourself as an information source for particular subject matter. Be sure to make this information available as you’ve indicated you would.

You are now building up a degree of reliability and credibility with your ‘customers’ so take it a step at a time and be consistent.

It’s All About The Customer

Always put your customers interest first and foremost in everything you do right down to the manner in which you make contact. These people have arrived at your site for a reason. They’ve responded to an ad or perhaps some content you’ve made available, but in either case you must identify what it is they are seeking. By keeping their wants, needs, or interests in mind you are in a better position to respond to them in a favorable manner.

Remember, whatever your business or service may be, without your customers you will have no business! They don’t care how technically savvy you are nor are they overly concerned about all the colorful graphics your site may display. They want what they want, and it is as simple as that!

Don’t Complicate Things

Keep you site clean and professional looking. Be sure it projects the image you want it to and downplay any showmanship. Although there are many cases where people deliberately brand themselves and their business in a flamboyant way and are very successful. The point is, if it fits your image or business than go for it!

Make your messages and advertising clear as to what it is you are offering. Online you don’t have a lot of time to rebound from any miscue with customers. Confuse, mislead, bore, or annoy them and they are gone, end of story!

Although an online business does involve more technology then its offline counterpart the importance of building relationships is still the same. Remember you are merely using the technology to reach these people. The basic premise for any type of business building starts with positive and trusting customer relationships. How people perceive you or your business has everything to do with the amount of success in business you actually achieve. To overlook this would be a grave error when attempting to establish yourself online and should be your very first priority. In time you’ll no doubt master the necessary online marketing techniques required to grow your business but a strong relationship with your customers should always come first.

How Multi Tasking Affects Business Success

Multi tasking occurs when an individual attempts to address more then one task at the same time. In many cases this type approach can be an effective time management tool. Managing more than one task simultaneously however does also have some drawbacks.

When it comes to increasing business productivity this type approach may not always be beneficial. In particular an online business always presents multiple projects that need to be completed. Whether it’s updating websites, blog posts, generating traffic or sending out emails online business entrepreneurs always have their hands full.

Now here is where caution needs to be exercise when managing multiple tasks simultaneously. Not all tasks are ‘created equal’ being some are more complex than others. This is especially true when it comes to running a business. Many projects require ‘focused attention’ and in fact any lack of focus and concentration could have detrimental results.

Let’s consider 3 inherent drawbacks that can occur when attempting to manage multiple tasks and how it could affect your business success.

1) Lower Quality Results

Attempting to manage more then one task at the same time usually means something will suffer. In this case, due to the division of your attention, you can not expect to achieve the best results when you are constantly bouncing back and worth between projects.

You will only get the best results when you invest your best efforts! So if a high quality performance or results is what you’re looking for 100% of your focus will be needed to accomplish that goal.

It is simply unrealistic to assume you can get your best results without giving your best efforts!

2) Not Always Time Efficient

A lack of focus on any given task will always result in the task taking longer to complete. In addition mistakes may occur that will take additional time to go back and correct. If you are able to correct the mistakes then fine but consideration needs to be given to how much time these corrections take.

A decision needs to be made as to whether any possible mistakes present the potential for significant time loss due to correcting errors. If you can’t afford the ‘projected’ loss of time then these tasks should be done without the distractions of other ongoing projects.

Also a determination needs to be made relative to the time sensitivity associated with any given task such as deadlines. Here too if time is of the essence then your concerted focus should be applied to insure the timely completion of the task at hand.

3) Mistake Prone

Mistakes of a more profound nature can also be easily made due to a lack of focus when trying to do too many things at once. Again the complexity of the task needs to be determined along with its importance.

Physical damage or even irreversible harm to an image or reputation can result when the proper attention is not paid to a project. Often these same mistakes could have been avoided or minimized if greater focus were devoted to the task to begin with.

You should never expect good results when splitting your focus and/or attention with other responsibilities at the same time

Some tasks are just more important or complex and therefore will command all of your focus to complete successfully. Task such as these should only be undertaken one at a time.

As you can see multi tasking is most effective on projects that are not too complex. In an ongoing effort to improve on their time management many attempt do too much thereby decreasing their business productivity as a result. Online business entrepreneurs in particular are always tempted to accomplish as much as they can in as little time as possible. This is especially true for affiliate marketers who work in an industry where constant change is the norm! The results due to a lack of focus and concentration on certain tasks however can actually inhibit your business success. In the end it is therefore wise to first evaluate each task relative to their level of complexity to determine if your undivided attention is necessary for their successful completion.

Writing Effective Article Resource Boxes

Writing effective resource boxes is a key component to your article marketing efforts if you submit articles online to generate traffic. Writing articles is one of the most effective and fool proof ways to market anything online. Knowing how to write articles however is only part of what you will need to know if you want this type of marketing technique to work for you. Of equal importance is the accompanying resource box you submit with each article you write.

Do not let the abbreviated size of your resource box fool you into thinking it is not significant. After people finish reading articles online they see your resource box which is essentially a ‘short story’ about you and what it is you may be promoting. In most cases this is the ONLY opportunity you have to promote yourself and your online business. If this box is not effective the reader will NOT continue on to your site resulting in an article that was written and published in vain.

Let’s look at the 3 key components you will want to be contained in your resource box.


When people are reading articles they like it is only natural that they would want to know a little about the author. The first portion of your resource box does just that. Here is where you tell the reader a little about who you are or what your experience may be as it pertains to what it is you are promoting.

For example you may have a certain amount of training or experience in a particular field that is related to any product or service you may be marketing. Keep this portion brief and to the point using 2 sentences at the maximum

Call to Action

Here is where you will ‘entice’ the reader with only the benefits of the product or service you are representing. Choose the most outstanding benefit and ‘dangle’ it in front of the reader in such a way as to get them curious enough to check out your site.

For instance you may say ‘get instant relief from your nagging back pain’ if the product is targeting people with back problems. And finish it with ‘telling’ them to visit your site for more details.

Now do not go overboard here and make outlandish claims or statements that are not true, simply emphasize the chief benefit. Also be sure to clearly instruct them to do what it is you want them to do such as in this case you want them to click on your link and visit your website.

Once again limit this ‘message’ to one sentence if you can but keep it very brief.

Use of Anchor Text

You will want to be sure that your primary keyword is used in the title of the article. You then want to use this same keyword in your resource box and hyperlink it to your website. This allows the search engines to more easily find your article and index it for that particular word or phrase.

An example would be a product for a strong back. Your keyword may be ‘strong back’ and you can use this as such; to learn more on how to get a ‘strong back’ visit my URL.

Hopefully you understand how important writing effective resource boxes are to your article marketing efforts. Writing articles to generate traffic can be very effective but in reality knowing how to write articles is only half the battle. After you submit articles to various directories the only connection that exists between the article and the business you are promoting is your resource box. In just a few sentences you are giving a summary of who you are, what your business is and why the reader would want to visit your website. By including the 3 key components we reviewed above in the manner discussed you can accomplish the intended objective of your resource box. The end result will be a targeted flow of traffic to your online business.

Affiliate Marketing – Learning from Your Mistakes!

Affiliate marketing is widely recognize as one of the quickest ways to get involved in online marketing and turn a profit. By promoting already established products complete with their own professional sales page a novice to online marketing can learn the ropes and turn a profit relatively easily. Understanding that many affiliates are new to marketing online it is also no surprise that they may be prone to mistakes.

Here are 3 common mistakes that many people make in the early stages of their affiliate business.

Weak SEO Efforts

Little or no effort is put into search engine optimization. It is understandable perhaps expected when first starting that many sites may be poorly optimized. Efforts however will have to be made to gain a basic understanding of the importance of search engine optimization. Ignoring organic traffic likes this can really put the squeeze on any site needing targeted traffic, which is just about every site on the internet.

Rely Too Much on Adsense

Adsense can be very tempting for newcomers to the internet since little need for learning how to convert traffic to buyers is needed. A common occurrence however is that many novice marketers place too many ads on their site distracting visitors from their sales copy. In fact too many ads can actually drive away visitors who’ll never return. Adsense ads should be used in moderation if they are to be effective.

Neglecting Multiple Streams of Income

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket when marketing affiliate products. Always try to be promoting multiple products at the same time. This cross section type of promoting allows your stronger selling products to pick up the sales slack for those with a weaker demand.

On the other hand don’t spread yourself too thin by promoting more products than you can realistically manage. You’ll want your efforts to be targeted enough where you can effectively promote what it is you’re selling.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn an income while learning the finer intricacies of online marketing and building a successful business. It is up to you to continue your learning since it will be ongoing and quickly address those mistakes you make early on. This learning process will definitely pay you dividends well into your online future.

3 Key Elements to Making Money Online

With the global reach of the internet at the fingertips of anybody who owns a computer making money online has become very realistic goal. Internet marketing enables anybody with an idea or the desire to make a solid living online. With new marketing strategies surfacing many online entrepreneurs are enabled to grow their businesses in a swift and cost efficient manner. Sometimes however focus tends to drift from the basic fundamentals every online business needs to adhere to in order to be successful.

Here’s a quick review of the 3 core essentials every online business needs to maintain in order to be profitable.

Website Theme

The website to which you direct any traffic should clearly reflect the theme of whatever product or service you are promoting. By not promoting or displaying a site that is thematic with what it is you’re representing will only serve to confuse and drive away any website visitors.

Website Traffic

The people you are promoting your website to should fit the profile of someone likely to have the need or want of the goods or service you’re selling.

Targeted traffic like this will increase your conversion rates at the website itself. It is also a much more efficient use of your time and resources when generating the traffic flow to your site.

Collect Names

With the efforts and expense you put forth to drive traffic to your site you’ll want to capture the contact information of as many site visitors as possible. Learn to collect names! Having information like this will enable you to quickly build your business in a more cost efficient manner.

An effective way of enticing visitors to leave their contact information is the offer of a free giveaway. A useful report or perhaps some inexpensive piece of software will work just fine as long as it is of some value.

Making money online is a feasible venture for anybody with the right desire, attitude and persistence. It is important to recognize that internet marketing by its very nature will continue to evolve. These constant changes will present new marketing strategies but the core essentials of your business as we reviewed above should not change. These are the building blocks of your online business around which all change should revolve.