How Effective Time Management Improves Your Life

How Effective Time Management Improves Your Life

Developing effective time management skills may sound boring however it is something that will allow you to be more productive in many aspects of your life! We’ve all heard the saying ‘there is only 24 hours to a day’ which loosely translated means there is only so much you can expect to accomplish UNLESS you learn to manage your time more efficiently! This is especially true for those who work by themselves and for themselves! Once you’ve learned how to increase your efficiency in terms of how you manage your time, both your personal and professional life will experience a powerful boost in productivity as well as inner peace!

Let’s discuss 5 tremendous benefits you can expect once you take better control of ‘how’ you use your time!

It Is Transferable

As you begin to increase your efficiency in terms of how you manage your time be it in your business or personal life, make no mistake, these skills DO transfer ‘smoothly’ to other aspects of your life! Whether you are a solo-preneur who works online or a mother of 3, learning how to maximize your productivity by the way you use time will be of GREAT benefit to you and/or your family!

Problems Get Fixed (Finally)

Instead of surviving ‘on the run’ due to an inefficient use of the time you have available, you can now more keenly focus on problems and/or issues as they arise! It only stands to reason that the more you learn to manage your time the more of it you WILL have available to take care of the unforeseen things that typically occur in all our lives! Now instead of putting off resolving problems, you can fix them and move on to bigger and better things! Wouldn’t it be nice to relieve yourself of the ‘preoccupied’ mind that comes with unresolved issues, so that you can focus more fully on the life around you?

Allows You to Plan

Being too busy ‘chasing your tail’ and ‘putting out fires’ is no longer a valid excuse for why you don’t plan your days, weeks, months or year! Learning to plan your day is actually a great building block to learning how to be more productive since you can prioritize what you need to do and how to do it, before hand! A go-getter with the proper attitude and armed with a plan is bound to be more successful than a disorganized genius!

Cuts the Stress

If you want to stress yourself, do it with focus and (good) intention by exercising more and stressing those physical ‘extremities’ that can use it to grow healthier and stronger, just saying! On the other hand, relieving yourself of the harm that comes with constant metal stress will do wonders for your health and state of mind! Now you can think more clearly which will help you to be more productive due to the fact you can focus better on matters at hand! Stress, in some cases can help boost your performance but too much stress can kill you!

Free Time or More of It

Learning to use your waking hours more wisely will help you be more productive, but it will also give you additional time to do with as you choose! Perhaps your business needs more attention in certain areas or just maybe you may enjoy using your additional ‘time’ for personal reasons but in either case, the choice is yours! Isn’t it great to have choices like that?

Effective time management skills are something that will allow you to get more out of your day thus allowing you to be more productive and live a fuller life! As discussed above once you make improvements on how you manage your time you’ll feel less stressed, which for your health is a very good thing! This skill, which anybody can acquire, is also something you can apply to many aspect of your life be they personal or professional, thus also allowing for more time to plan and solve problems! In the end once you’ve developed or learned how to increase your efficiency in terms of your time use, you can expect to be more productive while living a less stressful happier and fuller life!

Ways to Be More Productive in the Digital Age

Ways to Be More Productive in the Digital Age

Finding ways to be more productive in our hyper-busy lives has actually become a bit easier due to technological advances! Staying connected with family, friends or the internet has fueled our growing dependency on both the internet and mobile devices! Of course this dependency has ushered in the need and/or demand for apps which are self-contained programs or a piece of software that fills specific needs! Having direct access to a particular program or function, which is what an app gives you, makes thing easier and as a result, helps you better manage your time! Since time management plays a large part in how productive you are let’s discuss some particular apps you can and should be using to manage your day and boost your productivity!

10 productivity apps you should use daily

10 apps you should use every day to be more productive … Thousands of companies — including Business Insider — use Slack to …

Since the ‘free’ Windows 10 offer is to be withdrawn this summer (July 29th) it’s likely many, including myself, will download this new operating system! Let’s quickly look at a 5 tips you can use to set up your own version of Windows 10 so you can easily navigate this new operating system saving you time and increasing your productivity thus allowing you more time to enjoy the summer months!

Using the right apps, as discussed above, is a great way to be more productive and better manage your time! Although using apps will certainly help you get more done, so does learning how to better utilize the operating system on your computers and/or mobile devices, such as the new Windows 10! Look, the software being developed today serves to make things easier for people whether they are on a computer or a mobile device, so it only stands to reason, the more you leverage these things the easier it will be to manage your time and boost your productivity!

Developing a Social Media Strategy with Efficiency In Mind

Developing a Social Media Strategy with Efficiency In Mind

Would you consider your current social media strategy to be more an asset or a time ‘guzzling’ liability you simply stick with because you’re told it’s the best way to be seen online? The fact is many of us use various online media platforms to promote ourselves and/or our business because this is where a lot of the traffic found online tends to congregate! What we are going to address here today is how to best establish a plan for using social media that will allow you to manage your time more efficiently while also getting the type of results you need or want!

The video immediately following offers you a 7 simple step plan that will help you target those social platforms that best serve your purpose and how to do so in a time efficient manner!


Having a social media strategy does NOT simply mean periodically posting something new to one of your accounts just to be seen online! Your interactions to be more effective must first have deliberate intentions such as meeting new people, building relationships or promoting yourself or your business! Not only should your plans be specific but they should also target ONLY those social platforms that best fits your needs so you can better manage your time thus freeing you up to focus on other things! The video above serves as ‘blueprint’ you can use to develop the most time efficient yet effective approach to leveraging social platforms online for increasing your exposure as well as traffic!

Learn to Be More Productive With a Daily Plan

Learn to Be More Productive With a Daily Plan

If you want to be more productive, in any aspect of your life, you’ll need to learn how to better manage your time! Yes I know we’ve all heard this before but today what we’re going to discuss is how to plan your day so your efforts will be more focused giving you quality results without additional frustration and stress! One thing we all seem to have in common when scheduling our days is that we tend to overload our ‘to do lists’ and although this ambition is to be admired, it is unrealistic to think you can accomplish all you’ve schedule for that particular day! This leads to a lack of focus due to your pre-occupation with all the things you’ve originally set out to complete which tends to result in more errors along with an increase in both your stress and frustration! The bottom line is when you do plan your day, do so with realistic expectations so you allow yourself the time needed to complete each task in a satisfactory manner!

Let’s now have a look, in the brief video below, at the scientific reasons behind the benefits of planning as a means to better manage your time!


In order to be more productive with your days it is always wise to establish what you intend to accomplish in advance! Making use of calendars, as suggested in the above video, or simply using some type of journal or list when you plan your day is a very effective tactic to help you manage your time! By simply prioritizing and recording what needs to be done each and every day allows you to focus on nothing but what is on your list! This is extremely important since it clears your mind of everything but what you’ve scheduled for any given day! This will insure the efforts you do invest are of good quality because your focus is on nothing other than what you’ve planned for the day! It is critical to remember however, if you do get a bit too ambitious by overloading your ‘to do list’ with unrealistic expectations, your efforts will likely be sloppy while your focus will be all over the place making for NOT a good plan! Plan your day, every day, and you will find your efforts will be more focused as well as productive!

Free Productivity Tools For Social Marketers

Free Productivity Tools For Social Marketers

One of the biggest benefits of working online is all the available productivity tools marketers can use and best of all, they’re free! When speaking about marketers we’re also talking about their need for exposure and using social media has become a very popular and effective way to be seen online! This particular strategy does have one ‘drawback’ however and that is how much time it actually consumes out of a busy work-day!

Below you’ll find a short video discussing some very effective and totally free tools you can use to better manage your time when social marketing!

No one is in more need of productivity tools when working online than marketers using social media to increase their exposure! The fact is this strategy is highly effective for helping you grow your business however it takes a lot of time to connect with others and build relationships! The tools presented in the above video, all of which are free, are tailored made to help you better manage your time when social marketing! In the end the time you save can either be invested in building your business or perhaps enjoying other aspects of your life, the choice is yours!