3 Advantages of Blogging to Build a List

Using a blog to build a list offers some intriguing advantages you would not find when using the more traditional squeeze page. With the growing popularity and increasing acceptance of business blogging there is now the opportunity to incorporate your list building efforts right onto your home business blog. In fact by doing so, some interesting benefits present themselves that may be hard to ignore.

Here are 3 advantages you can expect to experience using a home business blog for list building.

Multiple Chances of Capturing Names

On a squeeze page visitors are given only one option and that is to leave their contact information in order to go to the next page. If they do not they are gone, never to return! On a blog they are given the ‘option’ of also leaving their contact information if they want additional content or tools. If visitors choose not to opt-in they are still given access to the site and have the ability to subscribe to your feed. Upon their return you now have another chance of offering them the opportunity to join your list.

Visitors Still See Sales Offers

When people land on your home business blog they are exposed to any useful content you have posted along with any sales offerings. This exposure occurs regardless as to whether they choose to opt-in to your list or not therefore you still maintain the chance of making a sale. This is not the case on a typical squeeze page since visitors normally see nothing other than instructions as to how they should opt-in. If they choose not to leave their contact information all sales opportunities are lost!

Bottom Line

The bottom line is in fact your bottom line; you are able to generate more sales and more opportunities to capture a persons contact information. In addition people will subscribe to your feed thereby allowing you to continue supplying them with useful information and product offerings and yet another chance for them to join your list. In the end you are selling more while also building a bigger list!

When working online it is important to build a list allowing you to make repeated contact with people who have already shown an interest in what you promote. Although a squeeze page is generally the accepted ‘norm’ for collecting names, a business blogging platform presents some interesting options. A closer look at 3 of the advantages you can experience when using a blog to capture contact information are presented above. Considering these benefits can’t be found using a more traditional squeeze page serves to further demonstrate the flexibility of a business blogging platform.

List Building – Double vs Single Opt-In

List building when marketing on the internet is a very prudent and cost efficient way of growing your business. When working online much time and effort is needed to generate traffic so it only makes sense to capture the contact information of people visiting your site when you can. In doing so many use a double opt-in system to ‘verify’ whether the person really wants to be a member of the list.

When building an email marketing list for your business is this really necessary or even advisable?

Here are 3 strong reasons as to why using a single opt-in system for building your email marketing list makes much more sense.

Capturing Information is Invasive

To begin with people in general are not very comfortable giving out any personal, especially to strangers. Make no mistake you are a stranger that is attempting to build an email marketing list by asking anybody who lands on your page to give you their contact information. Working online it takes time to build relationships with people due to the ‘remoteness’ of ‘contact by internet’ so this should be kept in mind when collecting names. Remember what we were all taught growing up, never talk to strangers!

Not As Irritating!

When ever somebody agrees to leave their contact information you can always consider yourself fortunate. You obviously want to make the entire experience for these people as comfortable as possible since as we have already discussed what is being requested is actually invasive and therefore uncomfortable. Asking these people to ‘jump through another hoop’ is pushing your luck and their tolerance. More times then not they will choose to walk away! They lose nothing and you lose a list member!

Bigger Is Better

Obviously there will be quite a number of people who have ‘second’ thoughts or possibly did not even see the confirmation email in order that they may opt-in again. When marketing on the internet not everybody will be receptive to what you have to offer and this is just a simple fact! Therefore the greater the number of people you can offer something to the greater your income, just another fact! It stands to reason that the bigger the list, the bigger your income, period. Why sabotage your own efforts by irritating people with a double opt-in system? Capture their name and be grateful!

There is little argument that list building is one of the smartest things anyone marketing on the internet can do. By capturing the contact information of people who visit your site you now have easy access to folks who have already shown an interest in what you do. Anyone working online can tell you that to generate traffic it takes time and effort so having an email marketing list will help you work smarter. And in the spirit of working smarter it makes little sense to use a double opt-in system for collecting contact information. The 3 reasons reviewed above for using a single opt-in system emphasize being less invasive or irritating to people. After all you do want a large list, right? By using double op-ins it seems as if you are asking subscribers to unsubscribe or at the very least, driving them off before you can even promote to them. In the end it is ultimately going to be your choice, but when it comes to your email marketing list, size does matter!

7 Steps to an Effective Squeeze Page

Your squeeze page is the most important component of your list building efforts and your success will be based upon the effectiveness of this page. Building a list of email addresses you can promote to will save you both time and money when building an online business.

Traffic generation takes time and money so it only makes sense to capture contact information of people who have already responded to your ads. Having a list of email addresses allows you to freely promote to these people time and again. Therefore building a list will help both your sales and business grow that much faster and all with little additional effort or out of pocket costs.

Here are 7 points to consider when building squeeze pages that will make your list building efforts much more effective.

What is the Purpose of this Page

You will be driving people to your site therefore you must determine exactly what it is you want them to do when they land on it. Your determination of this purpose will dictate how you will present content and what the message it conveys should be. Your message will target your objectives!

Does Page & Ad Consistency Exist?

It is important that you maintain relevance between any ads used to generate traffic and the page content itself. If there are inconsistencies it will only confuse the visitor resulting in them leaving your site.

Attention Getting Title

The title found on your site should be consistent with any ads you may use and also with the content found within. The way your ad was developed was to interest or intrigue people enough to visit your site. The title should ‘work’ off the message the ads started to further build the interest or curiosity of site visitors. You want them to read further down into the text to receive your full message.

Keep Design Simple

Your page design needs to be as simple as possible to avoid or ‘eliminate’ any distractions for site visitors. Remember your only objective is to collect a list of email addresses so keep it simple and stay focused on that objective. The use of graphics should be minimal if any at all, and relevant to the content found on the page.

Link to Only One Location

Make navigation off this page as simple as your use of graphics. Offer only one location for the visitors to visit. Multiple options will once again cause confusion thereby lessening the impact of the message your content contains.

Tell Visitor What to Do

Make it perfectly clear to visitors what you want them to do and that is to leave their contact information. Place the sign up box in a prominent location above the fold on your site. Remind visitors, in a clear and concise way, to leave their contact information in this box. This reminder should be at the beginning of your content, mid-way down and at the end as well!

One more thing here is to include the offer of a free gift to help entice people to leave the information you seek.

Test Tweak and Test Again

More than any other ‘component’ of your marketing strategy these pages need to be closely monitored and adjusted to improve performance. Adjustments need to be isolated and minimal so you can better track the results.

Developing an effective squeeze page is one of the single biggest steps you can take towards building a list. If people are reluctant to leave their contact information your list building efforts are wasted. Therefore the way you develop this page is of the utmost importance in regards to your ability to compile a list of email addresses you can easily promote to. The 7 points discussed above should always be considered when developing any squeeze page. If your page addresses these questions and points as reviewed here today, it will boost your list building efforts and grow your business all the more quickly.

5 Important Advantages of List Building!

When starting an online business list building is one of the first and most important steps you can take. Having a list of email addresses containing people who you can repeatedly promote to offers you benefits concerning time, effort and even motivation. In fact building an email opt in list like this could be the single biggest factor between business success or business failure.

Here are 5 very strong advantages having a list of email addresses to promote to can give you as you start your online journey.


By virtue of collecting the contact information of people who visit a squeeze page of yours they have indicated an interest in what it is you promote. At this point you now have an idea of what type of promotional information they would be best suited for and therefore helps you to narrow down your focus.

Minimizes Promotional Efforts

Having a list of email addresses allows you to set up an auto-responder series of messages which you can send out at previously designated intervals. When you create messages and program them to be sent out at times that you choose ‘in advance’ you are virtually eliminating any future efforts on your part.

More Responsive

As mentioned previously the people who opt in on your squeeze page are showing an interest in what you promote. It therefore stands to reason that their will be very receptive and responsive to any promotional messages you send. This will result in a dramatic increase in your sales conversion rates.

Inexpensive Marketing

The expense of money, time and energy has already been invested in collecting email addresses when generating traffic to your squeeze page. The only expense incurred from this point forward is that of the auto-responder system you are using which is minimal at best.


Sales = income = positive feedback = motivation = more effort = greater success = momentum! This is the break-through point for many who will ‘make it or break it’ online! Oh so often people give up when they are so close to success. Having a higher sales conversion when sending out emails will encourage you to keep at it until you ‘break through’ the invisible barrier that will ‘reveal’ the gratification and ‘rewards you are seeking!

When starting an online business your focus should split between earning an income and list building. The temptation to center your efforts only on earning an income is understandable however building an email opt in list is equally important since it offers so many benefits as well. The 5 advantages we cited above that go along with having a list of email addresses to which you can promote explain how far ranging these benefits can be. When first starting out online income is always a concern but than again so is how you spend your time and expend your own motivational level. Having a list will make your efforts easier and more effective. This in turn will give you the added confidence and motivation you need to keep going strong as you establish your online business.

Online List Building – No Product No Problem!

List building is an integral component of any business marketing on the internet. Compiling an email list of prospects that you can freely send promotional messages to is a great way to quickly grow a business. Normally when most people build a list they have a product or service they are marketing. Upon opting in on a squeeze page people then begin to receive a series of emails promoting the product you are selling. Here we are going to discuss 3 simple steps you can follow to effectively build a list without any product whatsoever.

Write Your Squeeze Page

Build a squeeze page that focuses ONLY on the benefits any visitor will receive from your ‘free offer’ upon joining your email list of subscribers.

In this case it is recommended to offer a ‘free’ email series or some type of course spread out over a period of time. This gives you time and ‘breathing’ room to build a list while also developing a relationship with existing list members.

It is important to maintain the focus of your message on nothing other than your free offer. Do not ‘clutter’ up the page with any additional information! This will only confuse the visitor and ‘dilute’ the intended impact of your primary message which is for them to join your list.

Create a Domain Name

Create a domain name and be sure to base it upon the market or niche that you have intentions of working in. Once again you are only ‘promoting’ your free gift but your intentions will be to ‘expand’ your business into other products once you have established a sizable list.

Develop a keyword list that is relevant to your niche of interest and select a primary keyword to help create a domain name. Later you can either locate affiliate products or create your own in this niche but that will be LATER.

Locate or Create a Product

Up till this time you have only delivered your messages containing useful information in the form of an email series to your list members. Hopefully this information has been educational and/or useful in some form or fashion. What you have already accomplished is that you have developed a relationship with them built on credibility. This will help make your marketing efforts easier and more effective.

Now you can move onto your ‘next step’ and expand your business into promoting products to the list you have created.

As we have mentioned list building plays an important role in the growth of any company marketing on the internet. Conventional wisdom suggests that you need a product when you attempt to build a list but that is not necessarily the case. As we covered in the 3 steps shown above you can easily build a list with nothing more than the enticement of a free gift. By offering visitors to your squeeze page an information packed email series, you can maintain contact with them in this way. A huge advantage to this approach is that you can establish a very good relationship BEFORE attempting to promote anything to them. This should make your marketing efforts much more effective as a result.