How to Create Popular Information Products!

For anybody marketing on the internet the use of information products is typically a part of their promotional strategy. Let’s face facts, these products are virtually the ‘duct tape’ of your online business! Although it is also common to sell info products for a profit their use for carrying a message or to increase exposure is also quite common. Being such an integral component of the online marketing strategy it is wise and necessary to understand what makes info products so effective. Having the ability to create an effective product goes well beyond it just containing useful information. Knowing how to present and package these products is of equal importance.

Here are 5 elements all effective info products have whether being used for marketing purposes or being sold for a profit.


All info products are the result of research that has been pulled together in most case from several different sources. When packaging such information it is necessary to organized it in a manner that makes ‘logical’ sense to the reader and supports the point(s) being made.


Even useful information can be rendered ‘useless’ if it is not written in a way that is easily understandable. Throw out the dictionary when putting together any type of content that you intend for a mass audience to read. Learn to write in a manner that everybody understands and avoid the temptation of showing off your vocabulary. Use simple words and phrases that help to clearly convey your meaning.


If the content of your product is intended to be somewhat ‘comprehensive’ try to break down the information into segments. By using chapters of sub-titles for instances you can devote the entire section exclusively to just one point. This gives each sub-topic a starting and ending point all within the same section. You want to make it easier for people to read and refer back to in the future.

In Demand

Your info products are going to be the most effective for you if they are in demand. As obvious as this may seem some people let their enthusiasm or personal passions blind them to what the public wants. It does not matter if you are selling the product, circulating it to generate traffic, or even if the contents is of excellent quality, if people have little interest in the subject matter your efforts are largely wasted!

Ready to Apply

Your products no matter how you intend to use them must solve a problem or fill a need as a ‘stand alone’ product. What this means is you do not distribute one product that is ‘useless’ unless it is supported by an entirely separate product. Consumers today are of the mindset that if something does not allow them instant gratification it will likely not even get their attention.

The role of information products in an online business goes well beyond just being sold for a profit. Info products also serve to carry promotional messages, build credibility and increase online exposure. Understanding how to create an effective product involves more than just compiling some useful information slapping a title on it and considering it completed. The 5 elements above are ultimately what determine the effectiveness and popularity of most info products. Being sure your products contain these elements will serve to help maximize the return you get from their use whether it is for resale or for promotional purposes.

Creating & Using Info Products in 3 Easy Steps

Info products are created and used in many different ways by online businesses. Info marketing itself is an industry that is booming on the internet and is predicted to do so for quite some time to come. These products are not only sold for profit but can also be utilized as an integral component of any online marketing strategy. These products have also been found to be very effective for marketing and branding businesses all over the internet.

Since information products are so widely use online, it is wise to know how to properly create and utilize them to your advantage.

Here are the 3 things you want to know to in order to make the most effective and efficient use of these powerful products for your business.

Piece It Together

The starting point for all information products begins with the research and knowing where to find this information. Having the internet at your disposal is certainly an advantage!

The first step is to determine what it is readers are interested in or want to know more about. Simply ‘Google’  any topic or trends of interest and relevance and the search results will reveal their popularity.  Upon determining this, you are now better able to ‘pinpoint’ your research and focus only on material that fits the criteria you have developed.

Package It

Once you have collected all the information your next step is to package it in a way that will make it appealing to the viewers. Be sure you format the content in a way that is easy on the eyes such as generous margins on all four sides and good size fonts. The use of visuals is also recommended to help you get the points you are making across to the readers.

If you are using this product as part of your online marketing strategy be sure your company name and link is placed throughout the content.

Promote/Circulate It

Depending upon what your intended application is there are several ways to either promote or circulate these products.

If you are offering the product for resale the tone of your message will be more promotional in nature. This approach will tend to be ‘aggressive’ with the message clearly proclaiming features and benefits.

If on the other hand your intent is to use the product as part of your online marketing strategy you will want to seek means to have it ‘passively’ circulated online. Either route you choose, the end result will be that the product will be used to help grow your business.

Info products can be considered the ‘duct tape’ of many online businesses since they effectively serve several roles. Taking these products and selling them for a profit is what the info marketing industry is built around. There are however several other purposes information products serve as part of an online marketing strategy. They have proven very effective at marketing and branding both businesses and individuals as well as attracting targeted traffic. Due to their versatility and profitability it therefore benefits entrepreneurs to have a better understanding of their purpose, creation and circulation in terms of their use. What’s your opinion on the use of these hand little marketing gems?

Information Products – Both Profitable and Affordable

When you stop to consider the many advantages of information products, it’s no wonder countless successful businesses have been built around them. These digital products offer numerous reasons as to why they are so popular not only sell but also to buy.

Due to their popularity and cost efficiency digital type products are widely recognized and utilized in the marketing strategy of many online businesses.

Let’s examine 4 compelling reasons why:

1) The Demand for Information

Stop and consider your own use of the internet and what it is you seek. Sports scores, cold remedies, stock quotes, news, shopping bargains, and the list goes on. Information by and large is generally the object of most searches on the internet. Our addiction for news and information in an increasingly fast moving society is undeniable and the ability of the internet to deliver it to us quickly is widely recognized.

Utilizing these channels for what they’ve already become know for, information, makes complete sense, and of course the information is delivered in a digital form.

2) Cost of Production

The production cost of a information product is minimal. A traditional ‘physical’ product uses materials, has to be mass produced, and requires storage space and this can be costly. Also all this cost is incurred BEFORE the first product is even sold! Additionally there’s no guarantee all products produced will be sold.

A digitally based information product is produced just once, can be stored on your server, and can be sent out an indefinite number of times at virtually little or no cost. These low production cost are conducive to much higher profit margins.

3) Cost of Delivery

Digital products are dispensed over the internet instantly to the customer at little or no cost to either the buyer or seller. Also, the ‘instant gratification needs’ prevalent in most of today’s customer are now being satisfied with the speed of delivery. Finally the shipping and handling costs normally affiliated with a ‘physical’ product have been completely deleted. This results in a welcome boost to the profit margins of these digitally produced products.

4) Pricing

Through the ability to minimize production costs while eliminating storage, shipping, and handling costs, digitally produced products can be priced at very affordable levels. This in turn will broaden the market for potential buyers.

With the price of everything else rising today, the low costs of digital products are a welcome relief to the consumer. Also welcomed are the higher than normal profit margins, as compared to physical products, that these type of products bring.

As you’ve seen, the advantages of using information products upon which to build many online businesses offer several significant advantages. The benefits enjoyed by both buyer and seller alike can’t be ignored and make it difficult to not place these type products under consideration for use in your online marketing strategy today.