How to Focus Better in 5 Simple Steps

How to Focus Better in 5 Simple Steps

To be consistently productive you must first learn how to focus better on each task you face to minimize or eliminate any time wasted! Maintaining your focus and concentration also helps improve the quality of your efforts because the more you pay attention to what you’re doing the less chance you have of making mistakes! What we’re discussing here today is what YOU can do to strengthen your focusing abilities so that you can plan your day effectively to get more done!

Here are 5 simple steps you can follow to boost your focus and concentration as well as your productivity when preparing to tackle any tasks or any day!

Calm Yourself

You can NOT expect to be very productive with your time when your mind is under the influence of your emotions! The first order of business when trying to improve your focus and concentration is to clear your head of anything other than the task at hand! Emotions, as subtle as they may sometimes be, can dramatically effect your ability to train your thoughts on just one thing! It is common for humans to be emotional about many things, good news, bad news or even just feeling overwhelmed by having so much to do! Lingering emotions like these however will only serve to undermine your efforts/abilities to concentrate or to even think rationally, so calm yourself down beforehand!


Want to be really productive? Always plan your day in advance so you can determine and prioritize what you need to get done! Planning in advance like this not only helps you target, in advance, those things most important to you or your business, but it also allows you to ‘hit the floor running’ when the new day starts! Upon awakening you’ll already know what your priorities are and as you prepare to start the day, you’ll also be thinking about the best way(s) to complete the tasks you’ve scheduled!

Avoid Distractions

Trying to get more done while checking email, surfing the web, watching television or engaging in social media amongst other things, does NOT work! Distractions like these will only waste your time and literally destroy any focus and concentration you’re attempting to muster up to make yourself more productive! There will always be time for these things but NOT when you have tasks of greater importance that require your attention!

Get Comfortable

Don’t stand if sitting is more comfortable and position yourself away from high traffic areas that may be too distracting! Remember, you’re trying to focus on priorities and NOT fussing with your location or position so that you are comfortable! This is something you can do in advance such as when you plan your day! Obviously the more comfortable you are, short of lying down, the more productive you’ll tend to be because even the slightest discomfort can distract you from things of higher importance!

Take Breaks to Recharge

Focusing intently for an extended period of time can be both physically and mentally exhausting so ‘reward’ yourself with periodic breaks! Talk to anybody who works on a computer or some other seemingly ‘mundane’ task and they will tell you, trying to maintain your focus and concentration can stress your mind as well as your eyesight! Be sure to take regular breaks to stretch, rest your eyes and even gain a new perspective on what it is you’re undertaking! Much like a computer you’re simply rebooting to help maintain your productivity!

Learning how to focus better is the FIRST step you need to take in order to get more done with each and every day! Your focus and concentration are vitally important when it comes to doing more while committing fewer mistakes and the 5 steps discussed above serve to strengthen these critical abilities! Remember, as you plan your day you only have so many hours to work with so it only makes sense to take the suggested steps above so that your day is productive and NOT one full of frustrations and regrets!

How to Focus Better to Improve Your Results

How to Focus Better to Improve Your Results

Learning how to focus better so that you can be more productive in every aspect of your life sometimes starts with learning how to relinquish control! The fact is the more responsibilities you take on the weaker your focus and concentration will likely be since you have also ‘assumed’ more distractions which makes focusing on any one thing that much more of a challenge! Aside from that thought, are we really even focusing on the right things when we take on a challenge or goal to help us achieve what we’ve set out to achieve with the best results possible?

Let’s explore the best ways to ‘dismiss’ many needless distractions that can impede our focus while also tossing conventional wisdom aside as to where we need to direct our focus and concentration when in pursuit of any goals!

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Delegating many trivial tasks will help you concentrate more on things of greater importance of this there is no doubt! The question is where should you focus your energies and attention in order to get the best results possible? For more on this listen to what our friend George Kao has to say in the brief video below…


Learning how to focus better so you can be more productive in your quest to reach any goals or objectives starts with delegating many responsibilities in order to minimize your distractions! Additionally where you direct your focus and concentration to get the best results may not agree with conventional wisdom and these points have been discussed and explained above here today! The bottom line is to focus better, you must do what you can to minimize or even eliminate any distractions by allowing others to assume the responsibility of completing any of your least important tasks! One final note is when you are putting forth the effort to reach any goals or objectives you may have, you must concentrate on each task and NOT your end goal because your final results will simply reflect how well each task was completed! In other words every goal you achieve is merely the summation of every task you’ve completely successfully, so focus on the process, NOT the end results!