Stop Procrastination By Identifying The Reasons Behind It

One of the best ways to stop procrastination, especially if it’s a chronic habit of yours, is to try and identify what’s holding you back! Some people feel procrastinating is simply a natural ‘filter’ that keeps you from taking action until the time is right! I feel that anybody who agrees with this ‘logic’ will most likely be severely challenged to improve productivity in many aspects of their life!

In the opinion of this writer I feel the ‘source’ behind people NOT taking action can be found rooted in one of the 3 following reasons!

Lack of Discipline

Taking action is obviously something you MUST do if you plan to accomplish just about anything at all! For those who tend to procrastinate however quite often this can be the result of merely a lack of discipline on their part! Without the proper discipline people typically found focusing to be more of a challenge therefore they ‘gravitate’ towards ‘busy work’ that requires less focus and/or effort on their part! This is especially the case when people lack prior experience or the task at hand is a formidable one!

‘Clinging’ to Comfort Zone

As mentioned previously, another prime reason folks tend to put off doing something is because they’ve never done it before! This can easily and understandably lead to a lack of confidence and the fear of failure! Nobody wants to fail at anything so it’s quite natural to take measures to remain in your familiar ‘comfort zone’ thereby avoiding the possibility of failure in the first place! This fear is often times the primary factor holding you back from taking risks or pursuing new goals!

Lack of Motivation

cartoon lazierPossibly the most common reason people hesitate taking action on many things is due to nothing more than a lack of motivation! When you’re not properly motivated you may want to reevaluate how important the goal or task you’re facing is to you! Sometimes there are certain ‘things’ that you’re better off walking away from if you realize their completion is NOT all that important to you! First of all this would be an inappropriate goal to set if the burning desire within you to achieve it does not exist! Furthermore your efforts would likely lack focus and the results would therefore lack quality!

In order to stop procrastination from holding you back it only makes sense that to effectively address the problem you’ll need to identify the reasons! Although some feel procrastinating is a natural ‘filter’ that kicks in to tell you when the time is ‘right’ I feel that exclamation is off base! The focus of the discussion above targets more ‘personal’ issues that serve as reasons why taking action for some can be so difficult! The point is in order for you to improve productivity you’ll need to be personally accountable for identifying and overcoming the barriers actually holding you back! To identify these possible barriers, as we’ve done above, is simply the first step! How and when you address them is ultimately up to you!

What’s Holding You Back From Making Money Online?

Although you may have been working online for some time now something seems to be holding you back since you’re still not making money, at least not enough to let you quit your  job just yet! In many cases this lack of success is due to personal ‘issues’ and not any complications that can be attributed to your business or even the internet environment! There seems to be something that keeps you distracted or has under-minded your confidence thereby keeping you from investing the necessary effort you need to succeed! Being successful at anything you do requires for you to be fully engaged in the process! Having distractions of any sort will only make the process more difficult and your success less likely!

Here are 3 different opinions from 3 different sources that offer suggestions as to why you are still experiencing difficulty being successful in your chosen field!

This is what’s holding you back from succeeding.

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Excuses are just low self-esteem holding you back!

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And Now Lastly … Are the People Around You Assets or Liabilities?

Nothing can be more frustrating than continually falling short of your goals due to ‘unidentifiable’ factors that seem to be holding you back from doing your best! For those who have ‘put in the time’ online but are still not making money it’s likely that the barriers they have encountered have more to do with their mindset! The 3 different opinions offered above hopefully may bring to light what it is that may be keeping you from succeeding as an online entrepreneur! Once you’re able to identify exactly what it is that holds you back, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to break free of these shackles and enjoy the success in life that was meant for you!