5 Challenges of Content Marketing You Must Overcome

5 Challenges of Content Marketing You Must Overcome

For many the challenges of content marketing stem from trying to frequently publish something new, exciting or worthy of going viral! The problem is the use of content is SO intense these days on the internet that it is difficult to stand out! This results in many marketers focusing more time on trying to find topics of interest that are trending and /or relevant to their needs, or both! If you’re online promoting a business or cause, spending too much time on content creation will only hold you back! It therefore stands to reason to identify these challenges so you can avoid or address them before they sabotage your efforts or undermine your intentions!

Here are 5 common obstacles facing content marketers that you NEED to know so you can plan accordingly to work around or through them!

Lacking Ideas

Ever hear of writers’ block? Well if you rely upon the use of content to gain exposure online or to promote a product or cause you have no doubt experienced the feeling of frustration writers’ block can give you! The key to any great piece of content is to base it upon topics of interest your audience may have however finding these topics or what to write about them can sometimes be daunting! This is a very common barrier facing many marketers on the internet today! The key to overcoming this barrier is to have many available options from which you can find or generate ideas upon which you can base your next piece of stellar content!

Too Much Working ‘In’ the Business

Creating content takes time and research and trying to constantly publish something new is a ‘cycle’ that marketers must try to avoid! Why? Because there are other areas of your business you can NOT afford to ignore! Since the use of content is such a BIG part of your marketing efforts it’s easy to understand how people can inadvertently be caught up in this process! It is important to realize how your ‘obsession’ with trying to create and publish something new on a frequent basis can hold you back from other aspects of your business! Suggested solutions to this dilemma would be to either outsource your creation efforts or stick to a strict schedule that allows for time to address other areas of your business!

Quantity Over Quality

As mentioned above many marketers feel overly compelled to publish as often as possible but this can easily lead to problems! As the saying goes ‘haste makes waste’ and when trying to ‘rush’ the process of creation it is typical that the first thing that suffers is the quality of your efforts! In this case your ‘haste’ can easily hold you back from getting better results from the content you create and distribute! To avoid this simply focus on quality and forget about publishing frequently! Why? Because quality is what gets you noticed while publishing frequently could be a waste of your time considering the ‘lack’ of results you may get from a lesser quality effort!

Striving for Perfection

Now understand there is a big difference between quality and perfection! Forget about it if you’re looking to be perfect all the time when creating content because this is an unrealistic expectation! Always being original, never having grammar issues or simply trying to create something that will go viral will find you wasting a lot of time because achieving perfection is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow! It likely will NOT happen and besides, your viewers don’t expect perfection, they just want you to be you, which is why they view and viewed what you have published previously! Give them more of the same quality they’re used to and don’t allow ‘perfection’ to hold you back from publishing more often! Having a ‘hang up’ like trying to be perfect will only slow you down which is something you don’t want on the fast paced internet!


Back ‘in the day’ it was all about properly optimizing your content, be it the title, text, alt tags or images but times have changed! These ‘technical’ tactics were time-consuming and actually succeeded in helping to lower the ‘quality’ of the content by focusing more on optimization strategies and less on creating information of value! Search engines have now started to focus on the quality and relevance of what is being published and use this as a way to ‘award’ marketers with higher rankings! Remember to simply write for the people and NOT the search engines! People will enjoy your work all the more and search engines will notice this by the number of views your efforts get and rank you higher as a result!

The challenges of content marketing typically stem from trying to publish something that stands out or goes viral on a frequent basis! This ends up resulting in marketers spending possibly TOO much time trying to find the exact ‘right’ topics of interest or simply trying to ‘perfect’ and/or optimize what they are creating! Although the use of content is important and plays a vital role in marketing online you can NOT allow that to hold you back from addressing other aspects of your business or cause! By identifying the challenges such as those reviewed above, gives you the opportunity to either avoid them or develop a strategy that enables you to work around or through them!

Don’t Let Others Hold You Back

Don't Let Others Hold You Back

Do the words or opinions of others hold you back from pursuing your dreams or goals? This is something that can easily happen when the people around you project their negative thinking or doubts about what it is you’re trying to achieve! When this happens, it is only normal for you to ‘question’ the legitimacy of your own abilities along with whether or not your goals are too ambitious or unrealistic! Once you begin to lose trust in yourself like this your enthusiasm or passion begins to erode as does the quality of your own efforts! Yes, other people’s opinions can indeed influence how you think as well as what goals you may choose to pursue, or not! Essentially you are allowing others to influence how you live your own life or what direction or path you may choose to take, and choices like these can be life altering!

The question is how to take back control of your own destiny while reclaiming your dreams and the answer to this is discussed in the brief video below…


Whether you are aware of this or not there are people you know, some are even family and friends, who hold you back from unleashing your ambitions and pursuing your dreams! Although many of these people have good intentions, they are constantly ‘projecting’ a pattern of negative thinking and offering their ‘opinions’ as to why you can’t or won’t succeed! Whether you’re trying to establish yourself as a successful business entrepreneur, meet the person of your dreams or master a particular sport, these people continuously undermine your confidence by telling you it can’t be done! What’s even worse is these are people who are typically close to you which makes their feelings or opinions even more meaningful to you! As Bedros stated in the above video, people like this are not necessarily trying to be mean but rather they feel inadequate for whatever reason and take comfort in keeping you from pursuing success because they do NOT possess the courage or ambition to do the same! Once you allow any type of doubt to influence your thinking you than begin to lose trust in yourself, your confidence erodes and your ambitions die! Remember, it’s YOUR life so take back control of it so that you live it with no regrets but rather with a sense of excitement, fulfillment and meaningful accomplishment! Pursue your dreams, provided they are realistic of course!

Dealing with the Stress of the Holidays More Productively

Dealing with the Stress of the Holidays More Productively

The stress of the holidays is due to a lot of things like seeing family members who are not as fun to be around as they use to be or simply navigating overly crowded stores with impatient or rude shoppers! Even though this time of year is a festive one often times the stress associated with the holidays can hold you back from accomplishing more due to your loss of focus! The point is you do NOT have to accept being unproductive during the holidays due to stress and distractions!

Learning to be more productive even when facing a chaotic holiday season can be as simple as learning how to quickly relieve any stress you may feel, as soon as you feel it, with the 5 simple tips offered in the video below…


Does the stress of the holidays hold you back from enjoying more and doing more because if this is the case, you are not alone! Yes this time of year is suppose to be joyous and celebratory but our own expectations, in regards to mingling with folks we rather not or shopping in crowded stores filled with rude people tends to promote a bit of tension! The tension or stress we end up experiencing (negatively) impacts our ability to focus and be more productive in other areas of our lives! The above video and accompanying discussion offers 5 excellent tips for ridding ourselves of this tension that tends to build up during a season where expectations of our time, appearance and even our actions creates a demand that can stress you out!

3 Challenges Every Good Blogger MUST Overcome

3 Challenges Every Good Blogger MUST Overcome

To become a really good blogger there are 3 challenges that left unaddressed will hold you back from building a following! The good news is none of these obstacles are difficult to manage or master provided you’re willing to put in a little effort and practice a little discipline! To keep it simple the 3 challenges we are going to discuss involve content creation, posting consistency and your own fears! Since most people make use of blogs as their primary platform for communicating messages, promoting a business or both, lets start out by discussing a common fear many people have but one you’ll need to succeed in mastering if you want your blog to be a popular destination online!

How to overcome your fear of criticism?

One way to find out clearly is to ask the critic questions. Be specific, even if what was said was harsh and personal. This will reveal either the truth in what has been said, giving you the opportunity to rectify your behavior, or that the …

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Now that you’ve ‘moved’ past your concern about what others think of you, it’s now time to develop a strategy for creating all kinds of timely content! Finding interesting topics you can ‘present’ to your readers is relatively easy if you know where to look…

How to Find Out What’s Trending So You Can Write Timely …

All blogs should have a good mix of both timely and evergreen topics. We discussed evergreen topics before – these are the items people will always be talking about. Today, we’re going to talk about how to find trending …

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Banishing your fear of criticism and knowing how to find the most talked about topics, as discussed above is crucial to your blogging success! Now let’s discussed how to establish a schedule that will optimize your efforts and allow you to plan and post your thoughts with the consistency and effectiveness REQUIRED to draw a crowd!

To be a really good blogger you must first learn to ignore criticism since not everybody will agree with what you post or how you feel about various topics and/or issues! Once you’re more comfortable in your own ‘skin’ you must than develop a strategy for creating content, and plenty of it, for this is ultimately what you’ll need to succeed in getting traffic to your site! The last challenge is to develop a ‘system’ that helps you stick to a consistent posting schedule so visitors are not left guessing when your next update is to be posted! Any or all 3 of these challenges, if left unaddressed, can hold you back from developing a following of loyal readers, but have all been discussed above as well as how to overcome each one! Now it is simply up to you to apply the 3 suggestions offered above and discover how much easier blogging is for you!

Do You Unknowingly Limit Your Productivity?

Do You Unknowingly Limit Your Productivity?

Your productivity is a significant asset when working online but did you know ‘innocent’ little everyday habits can actually hold you back from being more productive that you currently may be? It’s true, most of us have developed routines or habits both online and off that keep us from being more productive whether we’re working or simply living our lives! Obviously nobody want to diminish the quality of their lives or be unproductive in their work efforts so let’s discover whether you may have developed certain ‘rituals’ or patterns of behavior that hold you back from being more productive in both life and work!

The following short video ‘reveals’ some seemingly innocent habits many have developed that actually sabotage their focus, efficiency and mood thus under-mining their productivity! Are you one of them?

Your productivity is the key to the quality of life you enjoy as well as the level of success you experience when working however certain ‘innocent’ habits may hold you back from being more productive! As humans we are all capable of developing rituals or patterns of behavior which even though we may enjoy them, they still wreck havoc on our ability to get more done! The video above uncovers a few very common ‘situations’ or behaviors that on the surface seem harmless yet they alter our mood and thus our productivity! All it takes is a few conscious decisions on our part to change or avoid these circumstances from depleting the quality of both our efforts and lives! What do you think, is it time to make some changes that will help you get back on track to becoming more productive in what you do and how you live?