How to Get Paid to Blog in 2017

How to Get Paid to Blog in 2017

If you’re looking to get paid to blog in 2017 there are many strategies from which to choose as well as ways to determine what strategy works best for you! Perhaps some of your tactics such as banner ads or affiliate links are no longer as effective as they once were or maybe you’re just considering how to monetize your blog for the first time! Well it’s time to set aside the tips, tricks, tactics and tools you’ve been using and time to seriously consider using people of influence and social media to help you earn an income from blogging!

In order to monetize your blog successfully you’ll first need to understand how to set the tone or establish the right ‘supportive’ environment on your platform to help reinforce what it is you have to offer! Let’s get to it…

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Understanding better about how to create the right environment to support your efforts to earn an income, as discusssed above, is simply the start! Let’s now take a deeper look at one of the most effective strategies marketers are using and customers are responding nowadays to help you make money from your blog!

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As Jeff discussed in the article above traditional marketing tactics no longer work as effectively as they once have! Consumers today are a savvy bunch always looking for more information upon which they can base their buying decisions! Although informative content helps to educate consumers more about potential purchases they may make, using people they know and trust to endorse these products and services is the best way to get consumers to make a purchase! The video below further explains why using people of influence works so well as a marketing strategy as well as why you need to tap into this highly effective strategy and how to do so…

Positioning yourself to get paid to blog, as discussed above, starts not only with posting great content but also by using tactics and strategies that actually get consumers to make a purchase! Todays consumers want not only as much information as they can gather to make a buying decision but they also need to feel comfortable with their purchases as well! Gone are the days when placing an ad or just an affiliate link would be all that’s needed to make a sale! The most effective means available to persuade consumers to spend their money is by using people of influence that consumers know and trust to endorse your offers! This requires marketers like you to become more active within social media circles so that you can find and recruit influencers to help you montetize your blog by getting these people to endorse what you sell! Yup, the internet is a highly dynamic environment that continues to evolve and in this case, it appears we’re back to ‘good old’ human interaction and NOT passive automated selling techniques to actually make money as a blogger!

3 Things Your Money Making Blog Needs

Having a successful money making blog will require you maintaining a diligent blog posting schedule to keep the traffic flowing to your site. However if you expect to get paid to blog there are a few areas that will require your attention. Successfully blogging to make money will involve developing a strategy in which you are better prepared to market to readers in an effective manner.

It is important to remember visitors land on your site for the content and NOT to be sold! At the same time however you do want to set the stage so your subscribers will be receptive to your promotional efforts. What you promote must be relative to the theme of your site and readers will also want to know why they should buy anything from you. The blog building process will be a delicate balance between supplying useful information mixed in with subtle promotional messages as well.

With all that said here are 3 things you will either need or need to be mindful of on your site when blogging to make money!

Auto Responder

One of the very best ways to get the most out of your traffic generation efforts is to collect names of people who have visited your site. This allows you to easily make contact with them again in the future in order to present any of your products or services. This is especially important when you are blogging to make money!

Upon collecting any names and email addresses you will want to maintain consistent contact with these people. This is easily managed by using an auto responder service that will allow you to prepare messages in advance and sends them out automatically on designated dates. This service will save you huge amounts of time and is an absolute necessity when building a list, which is highly recommended.

Relevant Products

Since maintaining a blogging site can be very time consuming it is recommended to make good use of available affiliate products. Become familiar with the latest and most popular products within your niche and ‘offer’ these products to your readers and list members. An important note here is that you must remember your primary objective is to serve your readers by supplying solid content and it is not blogging to make money. Do not become too pushy or focus too much time on marketing products to blog readers since there are there for your content and not to be sold! This is another reason promoting affiliate products makes sense because it leaves you more time to develop content for your site.

Announce ‘Mission Statement’

Make clear to any site visitors the intentions and/or mission statement of your blog by stating it in the header. You want people to understand what to expect when they land on your site. If any visitors are not interested in what they see when they first land on your page they can simply leave. The people who choose to stay and even return to your site will be more targeted and responsive to your content and promotional efforts as well.

When building a money making blog there are a few details you will need to pay attention to so your site is prepared to be an effective marketing platform. Obviously a consistent blog posting schedule is important to attract and retain traffic. Along with this however you will need a strategy for generating an income if you expect to get paid to blog. The 3 areas we reviewed above will be intricate components of the blog building process when your intentions are to earn an income and should not be overlooked. Above all else it is important to keep in mind that readers are there for the content first and not to be sold therefore tread carefully. The life of your site and your ability to earn an income both rely upon viewer loyalty so always keep that your top priority!

Building the Foundation of a Money Making Blog

For anybody wanting to have money making blog it must be first understood that the blog building process is not an overnight occurrence. There are certain requirements and expectations you will need to meet BEFORE you earn any income from an internet marketing blog. In fact if you expect to get paid to blog the key to the degree and speed of your success will depend upon the foundation you build for your site.

Here are 5 blogging tips you need to follow to establish a solid foundation for your site in preparation for earning an income from it.

Niche Focus

Every internet marketing blog is most effective when they focus on a particular market or niche. By maintaining a theme that is too broad or general in nature it will be difficult to attract many visitors let alone expect them to continually return. If people do not feel you will be constantly supplying them with content that appeals to their particular interest they likely will not be back.

Update Content

Whatever the theme or focus of your site you will want to update the content as often as time will allow you. The more the better since visitors will frequent your site all the more if there is new content to be viewed.

Create Back Links

This will help the development of your site in a couple of major ways. By having incoming links from other blogs you now have an additional stream of traffic to your site. Another benefit you experience from establishing back links is that search engines viewed this as a validation of sorts for your site. This typically results in a boost to your search engine ranking which means more traffic that is both free and targeted.

Good Hosting

If you want to get paid to blog than you need to select a reliable host upon which you can place your site. Free hosting is not the answer since they severely limit you in what you can do with your blogs.

Things to consider when choosing a host are their availability to you if you are in need of their assistance. Also you need to be concerned with the servers’ ability to keep your site live and not be experiencing glitches that take your site offline. Remember when you site is down your business is effectively closed.

Cutting to the chase here you can Google the ‘top’ host available which will likely return you results that include Host Gator. In my book go with these people since they are one of the best in the business and have an established record of reliable service.

Quality Content

Simply stated here if the content you post does not contain useful information it gives visitors little reason to return. On the other hand if you can create some great content that readers will enjoy they are likely to both return and also your site to others.

Building a money making blog takes time, patience and effort but nothing happens until you have established a solid foundation. The blog building process is an important phase that will determine how successful your internet marketing blog will become. Unlike a conventional website this type of site takes time to establish before you can expect to get paid to blog. The 5 blogging tips discussed here can almost be considered mandatory requirements if you have any expectations of earning an income off your site. Take heart in noting there is nothing complicated or technical about the blog building process. The only requirements from you will be patience, consistency and diligence and if you can deliver all 3 than success will be yours.

Writing Guidelines for Your Internet Marketing Blog

An internet marketing blog, commonly referred to as a ‘business blog’ is one of the best ways to earn extra money online. In fact with the right dedication and perseverance you can easily earn a full-time income from a home business blog. By choosing a subject on which you either have great knowledge or at least enthusiasm to learn more about you can literally get paid to blog.

Business blogging is really nothing more then writing and posting content about subject matter in which people have an interest. It is important that the subject and related products you may market are something people are willing to pay for.

Being well informed on a particular subject is helpful when creating content for your blog. This makes your post more useful or informative for the blog reader thereby motivating them to return to your site.

What we’re going to discuss here however is the manner in which you present this information to your readers.

By following these 5 simple rules you’ll make your posts more attractive to the reader and make your writing efforts a little easier as well.

Be Familiar with Your Subject

Obviously you need to have knowledge of what it is you are writing about. Your readers want to learn more about the subject on which you’re writing so it’s up to you to deliver this information to them.

Your knowledge can either be from your past experience or from recent research but you do want your content to contain useful information. By consistently posting information of use to readers they tend to refer others thereby increasing the flow of traffic to your site!

Keep Posts Brief

Keep your post relatively short. Be sure you convey any information you have as concisely as possible. Short posts are easier and quicker to read and something your readers will better appreciate. Learn to say more with fewer words

Be Professional

If you are maintaining a business blog you will want both your content and the blog layout to reflect a certain professionalism. Discard the use of any needless graphics and be conscious of making your point in a professional manner when composing blog entries.

Make Your Point

If you’ve got a point to make then make it. Your readers want to hear your opinion that’s why they read your blog! Don’t be bashful.

Use Lists

By ‘formatting’ your entries in a listed fashion when applicable you make the content easier to follow and reference for the reader.

Using numbers, letters, bullet points or even sub-titles does a great job of breaking up your posts while also making it easier on the eyes.

As we’ve mentioned you can easily turn your internet marketing blog into a full-time income with a little effort and perseverance. If you enjoy what you’re blogging about you’ll find your home business blog one of the most enjoyable ways to earn extra money. Business blogging is actually a combination of you writing about something you enjoy while occasionally offering a related product or service to the blog reader. By presenting content that readers are interested in and in such a way that is more attractive to them you can easily build a sizable list of subscribers. When you periodically offer them related products for sale you then literally get paid to blog. Now they are getting information they seek and you are earning an income as a result. Everybody is happy!