Getting Better Search Engine Results With Keywords

Getting Better Search Engine Results With Keywords

Getting better search engine results in terms of traffic starts not only with your content quality but also involves doing keyword research as well! The words and phrases you choose to use however MUST be relevant to the content you are sharing while also having a strong search history for this strategy to be effective! It’s all about finding those profitable keywords that people search on but are NOT heavily used by your competition! Optimizing your content with these ‘type’ keywords will definitely help to get more traffic delivered to you by search engines, so how do you go about finding the best words and phrases for your purpose?

Let’s discuss 5 different parameters you’ll want to consider using when doing keyword research that will bring you lots of traffic while minimizing your competition!

Long Tail Works Best

The more specific and/or ‘defined’ your search phrases are, the more focused the people will be who respond! Consider long tail keywords much like a password you created , the longer and more detailed either may be, the better they will work for your cause! Instead of using a phrase like ‘how to get more traffic’ instead be more specific and use something like ‘get more visitors to your site using Instagram’ and only people who use Instagram will respond! Quite simply the more words you use the more specific your search parameters will be!

Don’t Go Broad

There was a time during the early years of the internet where using broad based words and phrases would be enough to get more traffic to your site, but NOT any more! You must get more specific, as discussed previously because this cuts down on the competition while further narrowing your search so that those who do respond have a genuine interest! Using broad terms typically brings in larger volume results however most of those who do respond are NOT looking for what you offer!


At one time the density of keyword use in your content was considered an effective way to boost your search engine rankings, but those times ALSO have passed! Although density is still a factor, its role has been diminished now that a greater emphasis has been placed on content quality! Yes you do want a ‘fair’ representation of the key words and phrases you have chosen to use throughout your content, but don’t over do it! It not only will not help your cause but it is also a waste of your time and effort to do so!

Use Multiple Tools

There are many free tools you can use to search for the words and phrases you need and it is recommended to use more than one! Many of these tools have different ‘sources’ from which they gather their data so by using more than one you get a better cross section of these sources! Do you need to purchase a tool for doing keyword research? Not really since many of the free ones available will suffice just fine!

Go Local

Localizing keywords further defines target audience (see long-tail above) while attracting only those looking for what you offer in your AREA! In many cases you may be looking to get more traffic from a specified geographical location for any number of different reasons but nonetheless the more ‘specifics’ you can add to your search terms the more ‘refined’ the results! Localizing your search parameters will certainly help refine your results bringing you some highly targeted traffic!

Content quality is regarded as one of the best ways to get better search engine results in terms of generating traffic but what about keywords? Before Google change their search algorithms to emphasis content quality, the best way to get more traffic started with doing keyword research! Do you remember those days? Well correctly using ‘specified’ words and phrases to optimize your content still works and should NOT be overlooked! The 5 parameters discussed above for your use when doing keyword research are meant to help you separate yourself from the competition so that your optimization efforts bring you the results you want! Let’s face it, getting search engine traffic can be a very competitive undertaking however the tips above should give you the advantage you need to handily generate more traffic through keyword optimization!

Is Article Marketing Dead and Gone?

Is Article Marketing Dead and Gone?

Although article marketing may not be as popularly embraced as it once was to win favor with the search engines and get visitors to your site, it’s still an effective strategy to use! Nowadays marketers rely heavily upon social media to capture the attention of others in order to get more traffic flowing to their sites and writing articles to achieve the same results seems too labor intensive in comparison! The fact of the matter however is a well written article can still offer plenty of SEO benefits if distributed properly online as well as generating an interested flow of visitors to your site!

Let’s take a closer look at WHY distributing articles is still an effective way to boost your SEO efforts along with also still being a great way to get more traffic to your website!


If you’ve stopped using article marketing or perhaps never have it may be because it is one of the most labor intensive ways for marketers to get more traffic for their business! Today it is all about social media marketing which doesn’t necessarily call for intense amounts of research like is typically the case when writing and publishing articles online! The discussion above focuses on why even though writing articles is not as popular as it once was, it is still an effective way to boost your SEO efforts and to get more traffic to your website! Understandably nobody wants to put any more effort into generating traffic or gaining favor with the search engines but it never hurts to have some high quality well written articles circulating online to boost your credibility, SEO efforts and get more visitors to your site! This is a strategy that is still is effective, provided you’re not opposed to a little extra work, but just remember, a well written article can offer you benefits well into the future!

Is Your Social Media Strategy Getting You Results?

Is Your Social Media Strategy Getting You Results?

Does your social media strategy have you spending hours posting and commenting but yet you still struggle to develop a following? Using social media channels is a great way to share your interests with like minded others as well as a very effective way to get more traffic to your own site whether for personal or professional reasons! The problem many encounter however with this strategy tends to be with what they post and how they post it! Although sending out pictures and posting comments is a great start, does the content you share with others really resonate with them or reflect a little bit of you? There are a few simple ‘factors’ you may want to consider before you post your next update, picture or tweet to make your content a bit more appealing!

To discover a few tips and suggestions you can use to help you more easily develop a following through social media channels simply view the brief video below featuring Caleb Thomas!


The objective of any social media strategy is to develop a following you can build a relationship with which in turn will help you get more traffic to your own website, blog or both! The problem many encounter when implementing this particular strategy however is the content they post, for whatever reason, just lacks appeal to others! Now there may be varying reasons people are not attracted to, or interested in, what you share and the video from Caleb above reviews the most common ‘oversights’ that may unknowingly be sabotaging your own efforts to develop a following! The bottom line is if you want more followers on social media you must gain their attention with appealing content and the discussion here today is all about HOW to do so!

3 Critical Elements of Engaging Content

3 Critical Elements of Engaging Content

Creating Engaging ContentWhat makes engaging content so engaging? We’ve all heard or read that any type of content you publish, for it to be really effective, it must resonate or connect with people! The role of content online has grown exponentially over the years and people use it to get more traffic to their sites! Effective social media use also calls for posts and publications that capture the attention of others and if what you post does NOT connect with people, you are likely to be pretty much ignored! So exactly what elements does your posts and publications need to help you better connect with people in an effort to just be noticed or get more traffic?

Here are 3 critical elements, any of which can be used exclusively, to make what you publish or post more engaging for those who view it!


Most people, regardless of their personality types or socioeconomic status, creed or color enjoy being entertained! It’s a great way for them to ‘escape’ the intensities and/or realities that surround them such as a thing called life! Whether you use humor, sarcasm or even a bit of intrigue to help you connect with people, anything you can do to entertain viewers is a great way to initiate a relationship with someone! Viewers tend to remember you first as a person and less as an instructor or business promoter! This creates a ‘organic’ foundation built more upon your personality and is a great approach for any social media use you have planned because people like to know you’re real and it helps if you’re likable!


Educational content is absolutely great to publish because more information about their personal interests is what people want and search for online! As a business entrepreneur publishing information about what you do is a very effective way to get more traffic to your site as well as building both credibility and authority! This approach goes a long way towards increasing your marketing effectiveness when you do promote any product or service! For people who already have an interest in what you publish or those looking to become more familiar with what you do, this type content is the best!

Emotional Triggers

Stories or messages you send targeting the wants, needs or even fears of those who view your content is one of the best ways to draw them ‘deeper’ into what they are viewing! Touching upon an emotional trigger that viewers can relate to tends to establish a connection that captures their attention like nothing else! Copy writers use this strategy all the time to connect with people very effectively and although this approach may take some practice, when you do acquire the skill, it can help make or break any business you may be promoting! Emotional responses are typically spontaneous which is why this particular strategy is so damn effective for converting viewers into buyers!

Posting or publishing engaging content on the internet is one of the most effective ways to get more traffic for your business or purpose! The question we have is what does it take to create content that will connect with people so that they stay riveted to what they’re viewing and maybe even share it with others? The 3 elements reviewed above today all focus on the needs, wants and interests of those who view what you post, be it on your blog or for your social media use, and how best to create something people have a genuine interest in viewing! Your role is to entertain, inform or empathize with your viewers and if what you create and publish addresses any of these issues, you’ll get MUCH better results from your efforts!

How to Get More Traffic for Your Blog

How to Get More Traffic for Your Blog

Need to get more traffic flowing to your affiliate business? Of course you do! Well if you’ve wisely established an affiliate marketing blog as the hub of your business it would seem this is where you want your visitors to go which is the focus of our discussion here today, how to get traffic to your blog! Having a blogging platform makes tremendous sense because it gives people a chance to view useful content you’ve created while giving you a chance to build credibility! Building relationships and sharing content is what online marketing is all about which is why blogging for your affiliate business is such a smart decision!

Now let’s enter into a more meaningful and focused discussion about how to get traffic to your affiliate marketing blog so you can ‘enchant’ visitors with your content while converting many of these visitors into sales!

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One of the biggest benefits of having an internet business is all the cool tools available to help you automate or in the least stream-line your efforts!

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Now that we’ve reviewed some great strategies and tools for getting more traffic to your blog, let’s now focus on ‘where’ to get the traffic…


Learning how to get more traffic for your affiliate marketing blog is essential to your overall success and this is the topic we discussed here today! Affiliates typically face a lot of competition from people promoting the same products so by having an affiliate marketing blog you help to distinguish yourself with a site and content that is uniquely your own! Aside from selecting the best products to promote, the only other task you’ll need to master as an affiliate is how to get traffic to your blog since the visitors who do arrive at your site also represent potential customers which EVERY business needs in order to thrive!