What You Need to Succeed On the Internet

What You Need to Succeed On the Internet

If you’re building a business on the internet what you need to succeed insofar as your mindset and other psychological attributes is what we’re going to discuss here today! Working online can be very exciting when you consider the entire globe is your marketplace however your business success depends upon your ability to get and stay motivated along with maintaining your focus and discipline! As important as these attributes are to your business success, it is can be somewhat easy to overlook how critical they are in terms of how quickly you get the results you seek or even how discouraged you may become when setbacks occur!

The following article discusses the role passion plays in your ability to get and stay motivated and what you can do when you’ve lost your enthusiasm for what you’re doing!

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Restoring your passion is a critical factor if you are looking to reach your goals online since this passion WILL be a HUGE source of motivation for you! On the other hand your newly restored enthusiasm or zest is useless without channeling it in the right direction! It’s all about your focus and this next article addresses 10 ways you can maintain the concentration you need to be more productive and thus achieve your goals!

Don’t you wish to do things differently this time? The following practical tips will help you work on your habits that will help you stay focused on the aims you set.

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Having both passion and focus are necessary components of being successful but your ability to rebound from setbacks is critical because believe you me, things will NOT always go as you planned! Bouncing back from unexpected setbacks is something you must be able to do otherwise you’ll allow discouragement to set in thus disrupting your focus, polluting your mindset and compelling you to even give up! The following video featuring Abe Brown discusses 3 keys you’ll need to develop your resilience to the tough times and setbacks you’ll no doubt face when building your internet business!

The discussion above was all about the psychological intangibles you’ll need to succeed as an internet entrepreneur! Our first inclination is to assume your business success depends almost exclusively on having a product or service, in demand, and making sales, but what about how you get and stay motivated to do so? What was presented above discussed how to maintain or recapture lost passion, maintaining your focus and developing the necessary grit so you won’t be easily discouraged when things do NOT go according to plan! Without these attributes, your ability to make the most of your efforts will quickly diminish compromising both your commitment as well as your busines success! The point is, as an entrepreneur without the right mindset, you are likely only setting yourself up for a series of frustrations that could lead you to quitting before you’ve reach any level of success!

Do Negative Thoughts Keep You From Success?

Do Negative Thoughts Keep You From Success?

Negative thoughts, we all have them, can also be viewed as a silent, lingering, cognitive cancer that tends to influence the very way we think or live our lives! Whether it is past experiences, a lack of confidence or some other reason, it is not unusual for any of us to be influenced, whether knowingly or not, by having low expectations due to negative thinking! What a dismal life yours can become by NOT staying positive about your expectations but instead assuming ‘doom and gloom’ is around every corner! Now, if you expect to accomplish anything of significance in your life, how the hell do you get and stay motivated to do so when the very way you think is sabotaging your ability to stay motivated in the first place?

Let’s have a closer look at how negative feelings or thoughts can hold you back from experiencing greater happiness and success in your life and why staying positive is so important…

Negative Thinking and How to Overcome It

Negative thinking comes easily and uninvited, but you can learn to overcome it, and learn to think positively.

Obviously carrying around negative thoughts will only serve to make just about everything you do that more difficult! You tend to approach most things more with a feeling of dread instead of having a take-charge attitude fueled by your unbridled enthusiasm and confidence! When you feel you’re unstoppable it is MUCH easier to get and stay motivated when in pursuit of any goal but on the other hand, negativity can and will definitely hold you back! Let’s now ‘explore’ how you can develop a more positive mindset which can make your life more enjoyable and your successes more abundant!

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To gain an even deeper understanding of how your own mindset can direct the outcome of your efforts, let’s listen to the ‘mindful’ thoughts Christopher Babson has to share in the video below!

Negative thoughts or self-talk for that matter needs to be identified early on or otherwise you run the risk of allowing them to literally ‘dictate’ the course of your life! As harsh as what I just stated appears to be, it is true that your ‘outlook’ will typically, in most cases, dictate the results of your efforts! Based upon that ‘logic’ it seems to stand to reason, yet again, that staying positive is the ONLY mindset that makes sense to adopt! Now further consider this: most if not all ‘significant’ goals any of us will have in our lifetime will require the ability to get and stay motivated to achieve them so now the obvious question, is there any choice? To achieve more YOU must be firmly committed to the/your cause and staying positive about where you’re are headed will make it SO much easier to take on and conquer any obstacles that you’re presented with as you enjoy your magnificent journey!

Are You Cut Out to Be Your Own Boss?

Are You Cut Out to Be Your Own Boss?

So you would like to be your own boss and who wouldn’t! The thought of being the one in control who answers only to themselves is an intoxicating idea but with all this control also comes great responsibility as in you are responsible for everything from the most minute task to the most important decisions! Being the boss means you must learn to get and stay motivated all the time because the ‘buck’ stops with you and if you don’t do it, whatever you’re trying to accomplish simply won’t get done! This is SO true for online marketers because the internet is always changing in terms of rules and regulations as well as customer needs and the very strategies used to market your business! As I mentioned above being the boss comes with great responsibilities and if you are NOT a self starter, one who can get and stay motivated, nothing of significance will ever be accomplished!

Let’s now take a closer look at the value and role of self discipline and motivation when it comes to pursuing your dreams of being a self-employed internet entrepreneur!


To be your own boss comes with much greater responsibility than simply working for someone else because it is entirely up to you to get things done! From mapping out a plan of action to actually taking the action required to accomplish your goals takes the ability to get and stay motivated which is easier said than done! You need to be able to determine what direction you need to take as well as finding solutions to problems as they might arise and if you’re not a self starter, one who is extremely self-motivated, you don’t stand a chance at being successful! Although working for somebody else is not all too appealing, at least you have a ‘team’ of others with whom you share responsibilities! On the other hand the benefits of being your own boss are hard to ignore considering you call all the shots, however, if you’re not ready to take the necessary actions when needed or are too lazy to find your own answers as mentioned in the above video, you will end up wasting a bunch of time and likely money! In the end it simply boils down to setting your fears aside and adopting the attitude of ‘just do it’ because the worst that can happen is you learn something new and that’s not so bad, is it?

The Formula for Your Business Success Online Is YOU!

The Formula for Your Business Success Online Is YOU!

There really is a ‘one size fits all’ formula for your business success when working online and it focuses on the individual and NOT the business! Countless numbers have flocked to the internet in search of financial freedom but the vast majority find themselves giving up this dream before they even taste success! Are these people less educated, inexperienced or are they simply lazy and easily discouraged? The fact is that many of these people are not willing to work nor are they willing to learn new things and this is what ultimately dooms their efforts! For anybody considering going it alone online they must first ask themselves if they can get and stay motivated to do what it takes to succeed because if they can’t they’re wasting their time!

Let’s discuss 5 attributes or abilities every entrepreneur must have or willing to develop if they intend to build a successful business on the web!


Are you focused and willing to work because building an income on the internet takes time and patience! Additionally, unless you’ve had prior experience, when navigating the internet you’ll find there is much to learn and this is normal! It is important to remember the world wide web has only been around for 25 years which means it’s still evolving and therefore you must as well! One last question, are you willing to learn? I certainly hope so because if you are, you’ve got the mindset needed to become successful!


No matter what your pursuits, if you’ve got a passion for what it is you’re trying to do, this will help you get and stay motivated to keep plugging away! Most anybody who uses the internet as their primary business platform typically works alone, at least the majority of time, and this will require a lot of self-motivation! Possessing a genuine passion will help keep you focused and motivated which will in turn strengthen your commitment, and this is something you’ll need to succeed!

Plan Your Work

Passion is a great way to get that early ‘burst’ you need in the beginning but without direction your efforts will be scatter-shot and ineffective! Working up a plan of action is the absolute best way to make sure your efforts are effective and this can be done by working ‘backwards’ starting with what you want to achieve! Simply establish what you want to accomplish first than determine what steps, actions or tasks you’ll need to complete to get you where you want to be!

Remain Positive

Maintaining a positive outlook is critical, and for many reasons! First of all if you are NOT feeling very positive about what you’re doing, than why the heck are you wasting your time? Without a positive mental attitude it will be nearly impossible to stay focused or productive which of course will sabotage any efforts you do invest! Once you’ve got your own attitude ‘straight’ it’s equally important to avoid the ‘naysayers’ in your life for their pessimistic attitude WILL eventually infect your own thinking! What makes these people so dangerous to you is often times they may be family and/or friends that carry more influence with you and tend to always be around! By avoiding any situations or outside influences that may weaken your commitment you will find it much easier to get and stay motivated!

Relax, it’s not like you need to find new friends or family, it’s just that these people don’t share in your enthusiasm so just avoid them when it comes to matters concerning your ‘exploits’ online!

Willingness to Adapt

Quite often ‘things’ change that are beyond your control and it’s up to you to make the necessary ‘adjustments’ to address these changes! Ultimately it comes down to how bad you want to achieve the goals you’ve set and what you’re willing to do to make it happen! The internet environment is awfully dynamic, as mentioned above, due to its relative infancy and this sets the stage for continual change! This is why you MUST be willing to learn new things because ‘change’ is one of the most consistent occurrences you’ll likely find online!

In truth the formula for your business success when working on the internet lies within the individual and concerns their focus, determination and resilience! For anybody who finds it difficult to get and stay motivated operating a business on the web will likely be too challenging and therefore you should NOT even consider trying! The lure of the internet is the chance to become financially free and on your own terms, however if you’re not willing to work or willing to learn new things, once again internet marketing may not be for you! The 5 attributes and/or abilities discussed above are absolutely vital for anybody expecting or wanting to build a good income online! The long and short of it is this, if you find yourself ‘lacking’ in any of these areas or unwilling to further develop yourself, you simply do NOT have what it takes to succeed online!