Improve Your Writing with These Simple Tips

Improve Your Writing with These Simple Tips

As an online marketer it is critical that you take every opportunity you can to improve your writing! Whether you’re composing ads, email messages, social media posts or simply creating content to place on your site, your efforts will yield much better results as you become a better writer! Sometimes we have problems with our grammar, other times our editing leaves something to be desired and quite often we just can’t seem to put our thoughts into words or even come up with a topic to write about! Since writing is not necessarily a talent but more an acquired skill, the good news is there are steps you can take to help make yourself a better writer and therefore a better communicator!

Let’s now look at what you can do to be a better communicator and this starts with clearing your mind so you can focus better on creating content you can proudly publish online!

5 Ways to De-clutter Your Mind and Regain Your Focus

You see, your brain isn’t built to split its attention in too many directions. …. By unpacking and articulating your zooming thoughts, instead of feeling like one big  …

Now that you’ve got your focus back it’s time to begin composing your next piece of literary greatness! The process of writing, especially if you intend to increase your credibility with readers, is actually a simple one! The following article reviews in detail a 4 step ‘checklist’ to help you create something people will enjoy as well as learn from so that you become regarded as an authority in the field you’ve chosen to write about…

How to write thought leadership articles • Articulate

Articulate tackles one of the hardest forms of marketing content – thought leadership … Of course you should never rely on it absolutely as a source, but start there. … a pretty comprehensive gu…

As we’ve come to undstand by the article above, locating the right sources as well as your own ‘writing voice’ is a key starting point when it comes to composing anything of interest and credibility! Now let’s join in on the following dicussion in the short video below from Adam Erhart about 5 key things you do NOT want to overlook concerning how your content ‘presents’ itself to readers!

Once you’ve learned how to improve your writing, you will also learn that creating content is not as difficult as it may have formally seemed! In fact not only will your efforts be easier but the results you experience will be much better as well! The simple suggestions and tips you’ve been offered here today are intended for you to use to become a better writer which in turn will also increase your marketing effectiveness! By simply being more focused and following the advice given above, you will find creating content will be much easier while the results you get will likely far exceed what you have been recently experiencing!

Creating Content and Getting it Seen Online

Creating Content and Getting it Seen Online

Creating content for distribution is the mainstream strategy used by most businesses large and small on the internet and has proven to be a very effective way to get visitors to your site! Although much discussion seems to focus on the creation portion of this process you must be aware your job is not done until you find effective ways to share your content so your creative efforts will succeed in getting visitors to your site, after all, isn’t this your ultimate goal?

As the holidays approach, here are some great tips and ideas you can use to not only create but also share your content so that your goals of getting visitors to your site are realized!

5 Content Marketing Ideas for November 2015

National holidays, a James Bond movie, creative writing, and cancer prevention might all be topics for your content marketing this November. Content marketing seeks to attract, …

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Now that you’ve created a bunch of great content to share, let’s discuss a very effective tool you can use, for free, to do so! The following brief video demonstrates how to use this free ‘link sharing’ tool that comes with other benefits as well…


Creating content to use online is or should be the ‘center-point’ strategy for all marketers since it tends to be very effective at getting visitors to your site! What many marketers sometimes over-look is the importance of also establishing workable strategies and/or tactics you can use to share your content as well simply because if nobody sees what you created, you may as well have not even invested the effort! The discussions and video above were presented today to share with you some tips and tools you can use to keep your content marketing efforts at a high level so that you’ll never be without a steady stream of visitors to your site!

Effectively Promoting Affiliate Products on YOUR Blog

Effectively Promoting Affiliate Products on YOUR Blog

Promoting affiliate products is an excellent strategy to use in order to earn money blogging, period! Let’s face it, bloggers typically spend the MAJORITY of their time creating content leaving little time for them to rededicate their creative genius to the process of developing products they can sell! Well what you’re about to discover is if struggling with affiliate marketing is a problem for you, how to establish a simple strategy, select the BEST products and get the most ‘eyes’ on the offers you make as a blogger!

Let’s start first with how to establish a ‘tried and true’ blue-print you can use to develop strategies to help you focus on exactly who your target audience is in order to maximize your marketing efforts!

Running A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

Here are some tips for you to run a successful affiliate marketing business. Multiple researches have confirmed this fact that affiliate marketing is one of the top online business opportunities. There are a number of companies …

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Ok so now you know ‘how’ to promote affiliate products, but the question still remains, what products should you offer? Well if you got a blog you’ll first need to look more closely at your readers interests or needs to better determine the most suitable offers! For more on choosing the best offers that suit your audiences needs, continue reading below…

How to Find the Right Products to Promote As An Affiliate?

You can increase your affiliate product sales only if you are promoting the RIGHT products to your audience. Without doing that you will literally make no sales. Let’s get started! Before jumping into the details, I want to discuss about the mistakes most people make while choosing and promoting their products. … If they land on your blogs or websites and find the right products they are looking for, they will buy almost immediately.

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As I’m sure you already realize, people do NOT land on your blog to be sold something but rather to read what you’ve posted! Content is why your blog exists and creating it is something you’ll need to do to keep people coming back! Remember, you won’t sell a thing until visitors land on your site and the content you post is what attracts them! The bottom line is if you want to earn an income as a blogger you’ll need to keep creating something interesting for visitors to see! For more on how to create compelling content to satisfy visitors to your site thus giving you the opportunity to make a sale, here is Sara from Social Media Strategy…

Offering affiliate products is a proven way to quickly earn money blogging but understanding how to BEST use this strategy is the ‘secret’ to its succes! How to ‘target’ your audience’, select the BEST products and all while getting the MAXMINE exposure for what you’ve created and offer has all been discussed and presented to you above! Now it’s up to YOU to take action on any useful nuggets of information you may have uncovered here today!

Marketing With Content Successfully By Avoiding These Mistakes!

Marketing With Content Successfully By Avoiding These Mistakes!

Marketing with content, whether it’s text, audio, video or simply images is the best way to deliver your message on the internet! People want useful information when they go online but they want it in ways that holds their attention and even entertains them and as a marketer, it’s up to you to fill these needs! Being that creating content, of any type and/or format, is typically labor intensive, as the ‘creator’ you sure as hell don’t want to make easy to avoid mistakes which can sabotage your efforts!

Let’s have a look at some ‘opinions’ shared by a ‘panel’ of seasoned experts on the most common miscues many marketers make when using content online!

7 Easy-to-Fix Content Marketing Mistakes Your Company Is …

Unfortunately, many content marketing mistakes are made by simply misunderstanding how to optimize each of these areas. Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes companies just like yours are making – the fixes …

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If you think the mistakes reviewed above are the only potential ‘pitfalls’ awaiting you when creating content for use online, than ‘fasten your seat-belts’ because there’s more…

The Most Common Mistakes in Content Marketing

Very few content marketers can hit a home run each time they publish content. But many times a post, article, video or other piece of content does not reach its intended goals because of very common mistakes. The biggest …

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At this point if you think you got all the possible blunders you can make using content online solved or figured out, think again! Here are 10 more ways you can sabotage your efforts using content as part of your marketing strategy!

10 Common Content Marketing Mistakes

Does your content marketing need an upgrade? See if you’re committing any of these common mistakes. 1. No Content Marketing Strategy Content marketing only works if it fulfills actual business …

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Creating and distributing content can be very labor intensive, as mentioned above, so how do you get the most out of your efforts…with a firm strategy or plan! For more information on the importance of having such a strategy and how it benefits both you and your business,  please view the following short video!

Marketing with content on the internet is, at least currently, the most effective way to deliver your message to your intended audience! People absolutely LOVE content, in all forms, as a way to gather information on topics with which they have an interest! The discussions above all focus on many common errors marketers commit when creating content and distributing it online! These miscues often lead to you NOT getting the results you intended and serve as a simple ‘heads up’ so they can be avoided! Now go create something your audience will love and rest in the comfort that these common mistakes will NOT be committed by you, at least not again:-)

5 Key Components of Every Successful Blog

A successful blog is one that has a steady and growing flow of return visitors! Of course the most important component of any blog is creating content your readers will love along with making them feel welcomed! Now this may see easier said than done but the fact is your ultimate success will be dependent upon you creating content that is of genuine interest to your readers! Along with what you post you’ll want to create an atmosphere that oozes community giving readers, both new and returning, a sense of belonging!

When you have return visitors you are building a loyal following and in order to do so here are 5 components your blog MUST offer!


When first setting up your site you need to pick a theme or topic to focus on and it’s important NOT to deviate from this choice! Now when creating content for your platform you’ll want to post updates that reflect some type of relevancy to your chosen theme! This is very important because people who land on your site are looking for information pertaining to the topic your platform is based upon! If what you post is what they are looking for this increases the chance these people will become return visitors! On the other hand if you do deviate from your selected topic your readers may become confused and therefore disinterested leaving your blog to never return again! This is NOT how to develop reader loyalty and build a following!


Entertaining your readers as a blogger can be as simple as allowing your personality to ‘shine’ through when posting updates! For starters this helps make what you write more unique simply because there is nobody that has the same exact personality as yours! People may be entertained by the quirkiness of your insights or the satirical way you deliver information! In any case JUST BE YOU since it’s a more natural role for you to play and therefore will make creating content all the more easier for you!


Let’s face it there is only so much ‘breaking news’ you can relay to your readers that’s relevant to their interests! On the other hand by offering your ‘perspective and insights’ on an existing topic you can still intrigue and thus engage your readers! Content that offers people a different look at a familiar subject helps them expand their thinking and possibly bring a better focus to new opportunities!


Be it late breaking news or perhaps something that teaches or instructs, you always want to try creating content that is useful! Now every update you post does not need to be ‘useful’ but you do want to be sure your readers are getting value out of what you offer! By dusting off something old and presenting it in a new way is much like showing someone a brand new use for an existing tool!successful blog


Always remember to allow comments when blogging since people enjoy offering their input and/or suggestions! Additionally people can exchange their own thoughts and ideas with other readers through comments which helps ‘further’ the sense of community! You want those who land on your site to feel welcomed and comfortable to further compel them to return! Projecting a sense of belonging or community encourages new visitors to become return visitors!

Being the administrator of a successful blog requires an investment of patience and effort and starts with creating content of interest and relevance! The fact is if your readers are not happy with what they view or even the atmosphere your site projects, they’re unlikely to come back! Your success as a blogger will ultimately be reflected in the amount of return visitors you have since this is their first step in developing loyalty! The 5 components presented above are needed to cultivate such loyalty and when combined with a solid traffic generation strategy, you’ll likely have yourself a popular blog! What are your thoughts as to what it takes to develop a loyal following with your readers when blogging! Share them below by simply leaving a comment or any suggestions you may have! Thanks for your contributions and of course for stopping by!