The Point Behind Marketing with Content

The Point Behind Marketing with Content

Marketing with content has become an accepted and popular business marketing strategy for many compelling reasons! Back in the day hard or pushy sales tactics were the norm but not anymore! Today consumers are much more curious and cagey and they DEMAND information they can use to make purchasing decisions! The role of content in marketing today is to offer information people are looking for and to do so freely! In time you will even become an authority in the eyes of the folks who read what you wrote and with this comes great influence! So how exactly does this strategy work?

Below let’s now discuss the 7 steps your content must offer and/or achieve to make it such an effective online marketing strategy!

Gain Attention

Topic selection is always key to how popular what you’ve created will be with readers! The idea here is to focus on a subject that is currently relevant and hopefully of great interest to your target audience! Once you’ve gained the attention of readers, provided the context of what you wrote is helpful and/or otherwise informative, these people will either subscribe to your list or at least look for more from you! Remember, after you’ve taken the time to research and compose your content, focus on crafting a catchy headline that will compel people to take the time to read more!

Gain Trust

Most of the information you are circulating online as part of your business marketing strategy should first and foremost hold relevance to your field! Secondly but no less important, the role of content you are offering should be helpful to viewers and should NOT be peppered with product offers or other more aggressive sales tactics! Your purpose is to HELP others and freely so that they come to trust you and even look to you for further advice, tips and/or suggestions!

Increase Influence

After trust is built and viewers have found the information you have given them to be helpful, you as the author tend to become an authority in their eyes! Having credibility like this makes you more influential with readers as they become increasingly more comfortable with you and it is this part of the relationship building process that is so critical! Gaining influence in this way is why this business marketing strategy works so well!

Offer Solution

Most people are searching for information online to help them solve a problem or learn something new!As we mentioned above the content you offer should be of relevance to your field, niche or industry and since people are looking for information in YOUR field, you’re in the perfect position to help! It is only natural to seek out someone with expertise in a particular field if you’re looking for answers or advice! Guess what since you’ve already become an authority, at least in the eyes of your readers, by circulating so much good information, you’re the expert they’re likely to rely upon! Whether it is a product specifically designed to address your readers problems and/or questions or perhaps it may be further information you can supply, always try to help your readers solve their problems!

Help Others

The main intention or role of content is primarily to help others in some way, be it through laughter, useful information or thought provoking comments or ideas! This is the HOOK you use to gain trust and influence with readers and the biggest reason this business marketing strategy works so well! Always look for ways to be helpful and people will flock to you like the Pied Piper!

Increase Marketing Effectiveness

As a businessperson, at some point you’ll want to make some product offers because, in the end, you need to make sales! Now that you’ve got the trust of others coupled with the influence you’ve earned, people will be much more comfortable and receptive to your suggestions or offers! In fact persuasive sales tactics are not typically needed with influence like yours and in many cases sales can be made by simply ‘suggesting’ or recommending a product! You gotta like that, especially if asking for the sale makes you uncomfortable!

Establish a Following

For anybody working online, it is ALWAYS easier to build a business and of course make sales if you have a following! Whether people subscribe to your blog or list, you now have direct access to folks who have shown an interest in what you do or promote! Although the role of content has grown tremendously with marketers and the search engines over recent years, NEVER overlook the importance of having followers or a list…or both!

Build a Mailing List Faster By Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Build a Mailing List Faster By Avoiding These Common Mistakes

Are you trying to build a mailing list but find that it’s taking a lot more time and effort than you expected? Well for starters, you are to be congratulated because list-building is considered the cornerstone to any online business marketing strategy! Even though your results are NOT what you expected, at least so far, when building your list, there may be some simple mistakes being made or assumptions you have that could very well be holding you back or slowing down your list-building efforts!

Let’s now check to see what a veteran blogger and traffic generation specialist Ana Hoffman over at the ‘Traffic Generation Cafe’ has to share concerning what she feels are some mistakes she has made on her blog that has slowed her efforts to build a list!

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As comprehensive as the points Ana made above about mistakes she’s made building her list may be, there are still other assumptions we all make that can sabotage our list-building efforts! For more on this let’s listen in on the video below to see what our friends at Shining Light Media have to say concerning things we tend to do wrong when building our email lists!


When trying to build a mailing list it is not uncommon to find that your results do NOT match up well with your efforts! List-building, which is a highly recommended online business marketing strategy tends to take time and of course patience however it is also common to find that innocent mistakes you may be making are holding you back from seeing your list grow much faster! The discussions above focus on many simple ‘strategic’ mistakes and assumptions that have a adverse effect on the speed with which the list you’re building grows! The people you’ve heard from are know experts and veterans in their fields and therefore know what they’re talking about! To ignore the advice given above will simply only assure that you can expect your future list-building efforts to continue to be a slow and agonizing process! On the other hand by simply taking heed of the advice shared with you above here today, you can banish those mistakes and assumptions that are holding you back from more quickly enjoying the benefits of a large and profitable list!

(Why) Social Media Selling is for EVERYBODY

(Why) Social Media Selling is for EVERYBODY

Social media selling has become a commonly used business marketing strategy and for good reason! These communities were originally developed for the expressed purpose of trying to humanize an otherwise impersonal internet by offering people a place to gather to express their thoughts and share their ideas and opinions with like minded others! Of course it didn’t take marketers long to realize these communities were also hosting HUGE amounts of traffic and thus offered great potential for developing their businesses! Being these sites were created first and foremost for connecting with people and NOT for selling them goods and services, marketers must approach site members in a way that will gain their interest and ultimately their trust! This marketing strategy requires a bit of time and patience for it to work effectively and it will provided you approach people in the right manner!

To learn more about what strategies are most effective when using social media for business purposes and since success leaves tracks, here are some of the most successful social marketers sharing their tips and secrets…

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Now by nature affiliates are an aggressive bunch always looking for the right products or sales opportunities since this brings measurable results! Social selling is a much slower process that requires time and patience which can be agonizing to a sales driven affiliate! It is important to remember however that you are developing not only relationships but you’re also increasing your visibility which WILL lead to more sales! Besides you can’t make sales without traffic and online social sites are where you’ll find the greatest concentration of traffic! Here’s a quick look at who is using social media and what devices are being used to access the internet to help you plan a strategy that works best for you!


Social media selling is all about connecting with people first and then parlaying these relationships into business building sales! Since the more aggressive promotional tactics used traditionally in the past do not work too well within these communities, your business marketing strategy must be tailored to first gain attention while also establishing your authority within your field along with gaining the trust of others! This takes time and patience and if your approach is NOT effective, you’ll find your efforts wasted and your frustration levels rising, something nobody needs! The discussions above featuring a panel of social marketing experts offering tips and suggestions you can use to develop your own business marketing strategy thereby giving you an immediate edge on the competition! The above video simply presents very compelling statistics as to why you need to be using social sites for your business! All you need to supply is the time and effort with a bit of patience added to the mix and you should find yourself excelling at social marketing while your competition is still trying to figure it all out! Although social media marketing is for everybody due to its traffic potential, not everybody is good at it, but now YOU can be!

How To Build And Manage Your Email Contact List

Having an email contact list is a vitally important component of any successful business marketing strategy online! For people trying to generate sales this particular strategy is the absolute best way to promote products! Many internet entrepreneurs however do not have the patience to implement this business marketing strategy feeling it only slows down their efforts to earn an income! Although in the short run this may be true, the mid to long term impact of email marketing is amazingly profitable!

Here are 5 simple tips for people working online who want to get the most out of their efforts when they promote products to earn an income!

Generate Traffic

Your traffic generation efforts are vital since without ‘people’ landing on your site you have nobody to whom you can promote products! Like all businesses, without paying customers you have NO chance to turn a profit! Traffic is an absolute MUST and this is where it all starts!

Collect Contact Information

This is where many marketers are reluctant to take action! Folks who turn to the internet to earn an income feel if they don’t immediately generate sales they are wasting their time and energy! It is for this reason that many choose NOT to divert traffic to a squeeze page where they can collect contact information! There is NO immediate financial gratification by collecting this information since squeeze pages are not designed to make sales, at least not on the spot!

Automate Your Efforts

Now that you’re building a list you’ll need to manage your contacts in the most efficient manner available! Using a auto-responder service is the best possible way to do so! Although these services are typically not for free, at least not the good ones, the cost is very affordable! Now you can promote products to any size list with just the click of one button!

Nurture List Membersemail opt in list

It is critically important and highly recommended to develop a relationship with your list members BEFORE promoting anything to them! Sending them useful information on a regular basis is a very effective way to get their attention and earn their trust!

Suggest Don’t Push

Once you’ve established yourself as a source of useful information you’ll find it is much easier to actually generate sales with list members! Simply be mindful to not push any offers you make since this can easily increase the resistance of those on your list! In fact being too pushy or promoting too often can even compel people to opt out so tread carefully!

The value of an email contact list is sometimes underestimated or misunderstood by many new to working online! The primary focus of these people is to generate sales however, to them, this business marketing strategy tends to slow down their efforts! The fact is when you promote products by email it is much more effective and easier than having to generate traffic for every sale you make! The 5 tips offered here today demonstrate the relative ease in setting up and implementing an email opt in marketing campaign! By simply investing a bit of patience and diligence up front, many entrepreneurs will discover this strategy to be the easiest way to generate sales online!

3 Reasons Your Internet Brand Is Ineffective

Having an internet brand is essential when trying to develop a profitable business since it helps you stand out thereby giving you a competitive edge! For this reason branding is a very wise business marketing strategy that involves reinforcing the image or message that best reflects what you do or represent! Being this strategy does take time and effort you want to be sure you’re ‘on target’ insofar as you are getting the best results from the efforts you do invest!

Here are 3 reasons your branding efforts may not be giving you competitive edge you are seeking!

Your ‘Distinction’ Is NOT Concise

If what makes you different from the competition is not clearly communicated people will be confused, bored and likely not interested! Look at your brand and see if it sends viewers a clear and concise message, if not it’s back to the drawing board for you! One thing to also remember is even though standing out can give you a competitive edge it is not always quite enough if your message is not engaging! You also want to ‘tease’ people with why they should want to buy from you since ultimately it is sales that build a profitable business!

Do Business & Branding Objectives Match

The message you promote through your online brand MUST be in alignment with your business marketing strategy and objectives! Inconsistencies here can and will render your branding efforts next to useless and since this strategy does take time to be effective, you don’t want to waste it! Remember time is also a resource you must consider when building any profitable business however it is the only resource this is NOT renewable! Having said that always be sure before embarking on any brand marketing campaign that it is in sync with your other business efforts and overall intentions! If this is not the case you’re merely working ‘against’ yourself!

The ‘Tag-Line’

Most every brand has a tag-line that reflects a relevancy to the message you are trying to convey. Is it catchy, original and does it clearly and quickly communicate the message you want in order to help pull your efforts together? Remember as we mentioned above a ‘snazzy’ brand is useless if it does NOT match your overall objectives or even tends to confuse people! In this case you may have a tag-line that is out of sync, unclear or possibly too ‘rambling’ to serve effectively as your jingle let alone giving you any type of competitive edge!

When working online establishing an internet brand is one of the best ways to gain a competitive edge in order to build a profitable business! Since this particular business marketing strategy takes a bit of time and effort to make it the most effective you want to be sure you’ll get the best results. The discussion above examines 3 ways and reasons your current branding efforts may not be as effective as you want! On the other hand by making sure your message is clear, concise and in alignment with your objectives, you will then stand to enjoy the competitive edge you need to succeed online!