Adding the Human Element to Your Social Media Marketing

Adding the Human Element to Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to get noticed for any person or business that uses the internet platform for personal or professional reasons! The key to making this strategy really work however is taking the time needed for building relationships with those you intend to target your message be it for profit or cause! It is important to remember the people you encounter on any social site are there to make ‘friends’ and participate in conversions they find of interest and NOT to be exposed to relentless sales tactics from virtual strangers!

Let’s dive into a conversation (below) about why it’s critical to focus on building relationships within social communities and how to do so, especially if you intend to persuade others to join your cause or make a purchase…

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Now that you understand the importance of using a more ‘human’ voice when conducting business within online social communities, let’s discuss a few tactics you can actually use to better connect with others!

How To Humanize Your Brand Voice On Social Media

Tips and strategies on how to humanize your brand on Facebook and other channels through authentic social media marketing.

Once you’ve captured the attention (and trust) of others on social media by NOT constantly hammering them with sales pitches, how do you convert their trust into sales? The next article discusses ‘subtle’ marketing tactics you can use that won’t put people off or compromise their trust in you but rather will help increase your sales!

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Humanizing your approach on social media tends to be ALL about ‘reaching out’ to members in a way where you focus more on relationships and less on making sales! As an affiliate, even though you may feel being more aggressive is the way to make sales, when it comes to online social communities, tread lightly until you’ve establish a trust and familiarity with others! For more about building relationships and making sales using social media, let’s listen to what Dan Brock the successful ‘deadbeat affiliate’ has to say in the video below…

Social media marketing is very popular because these communities already have a significant and steady flow of traffic you can use to promote your business or cause! This allows you to skip the grueling and time consuming process of generating your own traffic, however you will need to focus on building relationships with others, as discussed above, if you intend to become more persuasive within the community for business or personal reasons! By being personable, sincere and helpful, in any way, you are than able to build trust and acceptance which is one of the best ways to get noticed within these social circles! In the end it is all about making friends and influencing people and that requires for you to be more human and not push people away by agressively promoting any business or cause!

Developing a Content Strategy That Engages Viewers

Developing a Content Strategy That Engages Viewers

Developing a content strategy is a core necessity for anyone wanting to attract and engage people online for an expressed purpose, be it personal or professional! The point behind marketing with content is it is intended to deliver valuable, relevant and timely information to people they can use to better themselves and/or their situation! When you are able to engage people in this way they tend to look for more of the same from you in terms of additional and similar content which makes building relationships with these folks much easier! What you’re doing is establishing trust since you are helping people freely and the more you are able to supply useful information to these people, the more credibility you have with them as well! Here’s the problem however, many use this strategy far too often for establishing a ‘forum’ if you will, in which to deliver product offers, and this turns viewers off and drives them away rendering this tactic nearly useless! Marketing with content takes time and effort therefore the last thing you want to do is sabotage your efforts by using this strategy as another way to make sales pitches!

If you’re currently marketing with content and not seeing the results you expect in terms of traffic and loyalty, than the following brief video may be EXACTLY what you need to improve your results!


Establishing a content strategy that attracts and engages others is not difficult to do as long as you resist the temptation to continually annoy people with constant sales pitches! Remember, marketing with content is all about building relationships with people to earn their trust and build your credibility and not to be used to pressure viewers into making a purchase with you! Finding information that is truly relevant, useful and timely is something folks really appreciate and value which is why they will continue to look for more of the same from you! On the other hand, using this strategy as another chance to swamp others with more promotional gibberish will only prove to be a waste of your time and since time is money, this is something you don’t want to do! When marketing with content always try to deliver consistent value to your viewers and when you do so, you’ll find these same folks will be MUCH more receptive to your future sales pitches and product offers!

Why Content Marketing is Now BIG Business

Why Content Marketing is Now BIG Business

Why Content Marketing is Now BIG BusinessContent marketing as it seems is now THE most effective marketing strategy used by not only small but BIG business as well! Although recent years have shown this particular strategy to be one of the most accepted ways to do business online, the recent ‘endorsement’ of Google’s Hummingbird update has solidified its position! It’s all about building relationships that lead to trust which is why this tactic is possibly the best sales and marketing strategy you’ll find on or off the internet!

Let’s look at 5 reasons why BIG business can NOT afford to overlook the importance of using content and the internet in their sales and marketing strategy!

Easy Strategy to Implement and Maintain

This is a HUGE attraction that results in tempting more people to actually take action on this particular sales and marketing strategy! Businesses can circulate informative and/or promotional material even without a website calling attention to what they do and how to contact them!

Cost Efficient

Cost efficiency is always a concern as well as an added ‘attraction’ when considering ways to promote your business! Not only is the use of ‘helpful’ content a very effective marketing strategy but it is also a very economical way to increase your exposure! Additionally, when building relationships in this way with potential customers, you’re also building trust which will make any promotional efforts much more effective! Ya gotta love that, I know big businesses do!

Scope of Reach

The bigger the audience the more effective, and of course profitable, any sales and marketing strategy will be and it’s as simple as that! Well the internet offers marketers an audience that is global in scope and that’s about as big as you can ask for and this is something BIG business recognizes! Even if their promotional efforts may not ‘pinpoint’ the exact audience they need to target, the sheer magnitude of people they can reach online should prove to be VERY profitable!

Easy to Track Results

Tracking results from any advertising effort only makes good business sense and this is something NOT lost on large corporations! Investing company time and resources, which can be vast, also demands a means of monitoring your results! Are there adjustments that may be needed and if so where? What about your current sales and marketing strategy, is it even taking you in the direction you want to go? These are determinations that need to be made and the internet makes this simple-easy and inexpensive to do!

Impact to the Bottom Line

The bottom line is this for BIG business, increase profit margins and as inexpensively as possible! Enter the internet and using content as a significant part of your sales and marketing strategy! As discussed above the internet offers a global audience as well as the means to access them very effectively, efficiently and inexpensively! I see NO downside, do you?

Content marketing has become the most widely accepted sales and marketing strategy used on the internet today! Consumers are no longer receptive to hype or aggressive sales pitches and BIG business has taken note while firmly taking aim on the global scope found online! Of course if you’re to tap into the huge potential the internet audience offers , it only makes sense to use the most effective marketing strategy available for building relationships as well as trust to do so! In the end, isn’t this how BIG business became what they are today, using the most effective promotional strategies available and implementing them in an arena that will yield BIG results? Of course it is!

Marketing Your Business – 5 Important Steps

When marketing your business on the internet you must learn to think in terms of connecting with people by building relationships! Yeah I know the internet is a technically advanced environment however your success online requires you focus on those you promote to and not the latest and greatest software, scripts and/or codes! Remember you’re a marketer and not a web designer so think like one and this starts with building trust and credibility with others! If people don’t respect you for what you know or how you treat them, they’ll pay little attention to what you offer, plain and simple!

Here are 5 rock solid and simple strategies you’ll need to apply if you’ve got any notions of experiencing business success online!

Be Seen

Sharing links to your website or blog is a great way to increase your exposure! Using social media and submitting articles are both very effective strategies to accomplish this objective! There are many other ways you can use but the point here is without getting out in ‘front’ of people your success online will be limited!

Be Heard

Yes you’ve got a voice so use it at any of the many available social network sites found on the internet! These sites present great opportunities for building relationships with those interested in what you offer! These communities allow for give and take with those you come in contact with so take advantage and keep it casual! Another great way to share your views or insights is by blogging! These platforms offer a very effective way for you to interact with customers or your target audience! Let your hair down, so to speak, and allow for your personality to shine through since this alone will help you stand out! One other very important point here is to ALWAYS be honest with others since deceit will only serve to undermine any efforts you may invest in building trust with them!

Be Helpful

Nowadays it is most effective to first get the attention of others by being helpful or supplying them with useful information! This in turn makes building trust with them all the more easier which tends to lower their resistance to your sales pitches thereby increasing your marketing effectiveness! Here too this is a process that takes time and a CONSISTENT effort on your part so don’t expect overnight results!

Be Trusted

As mentioned above the more you display the willingness to help others without the expectation of compensation, the easier building trust with them becomes! The importance of developing a trusting relationship with people can NOT be over emphasized since without it you’ll have little credibility and will simply be ignored! Another fact of life to recognize here is, unfortunately, people tend to remember bad experiences much more than good ones! To avoid negative labels simply avoid any actions that put your credibility at risk! If it’s not true or you can’t back up a promise than simply walk away since one ‘white lie’ can undermine your attempts at business success online!tips

Be Consistent

Whether reinforcing your brand or following up on promises or requests, you must consistently display a willingness to be helpful! Along those same lines, claims you make or actions you take must display a consistency with any actions or claims taken or made in the past! The slightest inconsistency will cause folks to doubt you thus rendering all your efforts at building relationships and trust useless! Whenever there is money involved, trust is a must or you can forget about making any sales whatsoever!

Marketing your business on the internet requires a hell of a lot more than simply slapping up a website and calling it a day! You’re promoting to people therefore you’ll want to focus on building trust with them to simply get their attention! Building relationships is the first step and this is a process that will take time and plenty of patience! The key to your business success online will ultimately come from the patience and consistency you invest in connecting with others and NOT your superior technical skills, which really aren’t required! In the end the 5 simple strategies discussed here today will be all you’ll need, along with good product offers, to taste success online! Not get busy, make friends by applying simple people skills and the money will come! It really is that simple provided you supply the patience and time!

5 Advantages Building Relationships Offers Online Businesses

For people working online building relationships is often the farthest thing from their mind! What many focus on, at least initially, is increasing sales and they want results TODAY! The problem with this approach however is in order to build sales you must first build trust and this only occurs by focusing on relationships!

Let’s quickly examine 5 advantages marketers typically experience by taking the time to first build trust with those they consider potential customers!

Builds Curiosity (Traffic)

By avoiding pushy or aggressive marketing tactics and choosing to focus on the needs or interests of others, people are more inclined to pay you attention! As you tactfully share with them, through a gradual process, what you do, they’re more likely visit your site out of curiosity! Remember the best way for increasing sales online is to ‘allow’ people to feel as if they made their own decision and were not ‘forced’ or ‘conned’ into one!

Free of Cost

Except for the time you’ve invested to develop trust with those you feel are potential customers, developing relationships costs nothing! Anybody with a marketing budget, which of course is everyone, can appreciate this! 🙂

Results Are Fast

Although relationships take a bit of time to develop, once you build trust with people they are a lot more receptive to your sales offers! The point here is at this stage you already know these people have an interest in what you do! Just about any other strategy, except paying for traffic, will take as much time or more and often with lesser results!

Loyal Following

When relationships are forged a certain loyalty is established and provided it is not compromised, you now have a following! Not only does this help you build sales but also allows you to make additional product offers to these same people down the line! That’s one hell of a strong relationshipsbusiness foundation to have online!

Referrals Are a Bonus

When people feel comfortable with you and are satisfied with what you offer, they tend to tell their associates, family and friends! There is NO better or easier way to build sales online than through the recommendation of others! The traffic you get this way is already ‘qualified’ and you did NOT have to invest the time or effort to generate it!

Although building relationships may seem to be an agonizingly slow strategy for increasing sales online it is the most effective approach for long term success! Understandably people want to build sales as quickly as possible but unless you first build trust any success you do achieve will be short lived! The 5 advantages discussed above that marketers such as you can expect to experience when focusing on developing relationships will make your efforts to build sales so much easier!