The Point Behind Marketing with Content

The Point Behind Marketing with Content

Marketing with content has become an accepted and popular business marketing strategy for many compelling reasons! Back in the day hard or pushy sales tactics were the norm but not anymore! Today consumers are much more curious and cagey and they DEMAND information they can use to make purchasing decisions! The role of content in marketing today is to offer information people are looking for and to do so freely! In time you will even become an authority in the eyes of the folks who read what you wrote and with this comes great influence! So how exactly does this strategy work?

Below let’s now discuss the 7 steps your content must offer and/or achieve to make it such an effective online marketing strategy!

Gain Attention

Topic selection is always key to how popular what you’ve created will be with readers! The idea here is to focus on a subject that is currently relevant and hopefully of great interest to your target audience! Once you’ve gained the attention of readers, provided the context of what you wrote is helpful and/or otherwise informative, these people will either subscribe to your list or at least look for more from you! Remember, after you’ve taken the time to research and compose your content, focus on crafting a catchy headline that will compel people to take the time to read more!

Gain Trust

Most of the information you are circulating online as part of your business marketing strategy should first and foremost hold relevance to your field! Secondly but no less important, the role of content you are offering should be helpful to viewers and should NOT be peppered with product offers or other more aggressive sales tactics! Your purpose is to HELP others and freely so that they come to trust you and even look to you for further advice, tips and/or suggestions!

Increase Influence

After trust is built and viewers have found the information you have given them to be helpful, you as the author tend to become an authority in their eyes! Having credibility like this makes you more influential with readers as they become increasingly more comfortable with you and it is this part of the relationship building process that is so critical! Gaining influence in this way is why this business marketing strategy works so well!

Offer Solution

Most people are searching for information online to help them solve a problem or learn something new!As we mentioned above the content you offer should be of relevance to your field, niche or industry and since people are looking for information in YOUR field, you’re in the perfect position to help! It is only natural to seek out someone with expertise in a particular field if you’re looking for answers or advice! Guess what since you’ve already become an authority, at least in the eyes of your readers, by circulating so much good information, you’re the expert they’re likely to rely upon! Whether it is a product specifically designed to address your readers problems and/or questions or perhaps it may be further information you can supply, always try to help your readers solve their problems!

Help Others

The main intention or role of content is primarily to help others in some way, be it through laughter, useful information or thought provoking comments or ideas! This is the HOOK you use to gain trust and influence with readers and the biggest reason this business marketing strategy works so well! Always look for ways to be helpful and people will flock to you like the Pied Piper!

Increase Marketing Effectiveness

As a businessperson, at some point you’ll want to make some product offers because, in the end, you need to make sales! Now that you’ve got the trust of others coupled with the influence you’ve earned, people will be much more comfortable and receptive to your suggestions or offers! In fact persuasive sales tactics are not typically needed with influence like yours and in many cases sales can be made by simply ‘suggesting’ or recommending a product! You gotta like that, especially if asking for the sale makes you uncomfortable!

Establish a Following

For anybody working online, it is ALWAYS easier to build a business and of course make sales if you have a following! Whether people subscribe to your blog or list, you now have direct access to folks who have shown an interest in what you do or promote! Although the role of content has grown tremendously with marketers and the search engines over recent years, NEVER overlook the importance of having followers or a list…or both!

What It Takes to Become an Authority According to Google

What It Takes to Become an Authority According to Google

If you want to become an authority online, at least in the eyes of Google, being popular is NOT necessarily what it takes! Google has done away with keyword use as a means to award higher rankings to content creators but instead has placed a greater emphasis on helping other people with what you create and distribute online! By supplying people with relevant and useful information, in all forms, Google feels this makes you more influential to others and therefore more worthy of a higher ranking!

So how exactly does Google differentiate between someone being merely popular as opposed to being a more influential and authoritative contributor of online content? Let’s listen to Matt Cutts address this issue in the video below!

In order to become an authority and therefore get higher rankings with Google, as a content creator your main focus needs to be on helping other people with what you publish! Although socially interacting may be a great way to become popular and develop a following, it does NOT always translate into you becoming more influential with those who view what you publish! As you can guess, Google has developed ‘criteria’ they use for assessing all types of content, as explained above, to determine whether it is truly useful and relevant or merely enjoys a higher online profile due to the popularity of the creator! In the end it simply comes down to focusing more on serving others with the content you dish up and thus increasing your popularity due to the subsequent growth of your credibility online!

3 Ways to Become an Authority Online

In order to gain a competitive edge within your own niche it’s critical that you become an authority figure to those who comprise your target audience! Your reputation or that of your business can make or break you in terms of the amount of marketing success you experience! The point of building a reputation that shouts’ you’re the ‘go to’ person within your niche is to help give you more influence thus making your marketing efforts more effective!

Let’s discuss 3 relatively simple ways to gain more influence within your own niche by building a reputation of one who is a trusted authority in the field!

Crank Out the Content

The more you create and publish information that is relevant and useful to people who have an interest in the niche you work, the more influence you’ll gain! What you’re in fact accomplishing is ‘conditioning’ people to turn to you to stay current and informed about what is going on in your target market! This strategy is very effective for building your reputation as the ‘go to’ person to get answers to nagging questions or to simply keep readers informed of any new developments! Of course it doesn’t hurt to receive additional exposure around the internet which typically translates into more traffic! The success of your efforts in this area however are authority 1contingent upon publishing content that’s consistently accurate as well as helpful to readers!

Connect with Thought Leaders

Google has made it very clear that your social media activity is a huge factor in judging how popular you or your content may be online! Another strategy you can use when using social sites for building more ‘authority’ online is to connect with thought leaders in your niche! These are the people that everybody listens to when they make recommendations or even simple comments! It goes without saying that these people have HUGE followings so if you can catch their attention and ‘connect’ with them in some way, your reputation will certainly benefit! Success by association!

Brand Your Business

Branding is a proven and strategically sound way to boost the image of your business or products while also making both more recognizable online! The internet is virtually swarming with businesses both large and small that are constantly vying for the attention of people and branding is a terrific way to get noticed! If authority 2done right, the brand you establish will help to build not only your reputation and authority, but your business as well!

Taking measures to become an authority or at least create the perception that you are within your niche is a powerful way to gain more influence online! In order to experience any degree of marketing success it’s vital that your reputation is an authoritative one that also reflects honesty and sincerity! If people don’t trust you or feel they can view you as a reliable source of knowledge, it’s unlikely they’re going to make any purchases with you! The discussion above reviews 3 simple ways you can build your reputation online as a knowledgeable and trustworthy figure within your field! Keep in mind however this is an ‘ongoing’ process’ that must be maintained if long term marketing success is your goal! All that is really needed is persistence, consistency and patience on your behalf to make these simple strategies work!

Marketing With Articles and How To Get Great Results

Marketing with articles not only is a great way to increase your exposure online but to also help you become an authority in your field! By repeatedly offering readers useful information pertaining to a particular topic you’re able to gain their trust and build your own credibility! Being this strategy does takes time and effort however you want to take certain measures to maximize your results!

Here are 5 simple details you don’t want to overlook when creating and distributing useful information for the purpose of increasing your exposure online!


Whatever it may be that you are writing about always be sure when presenting ‘facts and figures’ that what people view is accurate! Useful information is something readers can count on as being not only informative but based on fact as well! Always research your topic to insure accuracy since failure to do so will result in a loss of credibility for you!


The title or headline along with the opening paragraph are critical in terms of capturing the attention of readers and encouraging them to read further! To become an authority by distributing content of any type you must first get people to read what you wrote otherwise your efforts are in vain! Whether you use shock, insult or even humor you must create an interest or curiosity to compel people to view the entire body of your content!


Regarding the importance of getting people to read what you’ve published you can’t expect to get a lot of viewers if your content is not made available for their viewing! It’s all about making people aware of the existence of your content! Enlisting the ‘help’ of search engines is one of the best ways to achieve this objective therefore simple keyword optimization is a must! The proper selection and placement of relevant keywords and phrases is what you need to achieve this goal and is something you should never overlook! When done correctly it can and will significantly increase your exposure online and all you had to do was optimize your content just that one time! It’s too damn easy to do NOT to do!


If you are targeting a specific audience, and in most cases you will be, you need to keep your topics relevant to their interests! Since your marketing with articles 2interests and those of readers are typically the same, determining relevance should be relatively easy to do! The only danger you may have of veering off track is when you’re struggling for ideas to write about and therefore become more motivated to simply publish anything! Although by doing this you may not hurt your credibility and may even still supply useful information, it won’t necessarily help your overall cause!

Distribution Channels

You’ll want to give your writing efforts as many opportunities as possible to be seen and the best way is by using multiple distribution channels! Publishing your article on a blog and leaving links at social media sites along with using article submission channels is recommended! Now you’re not limited to just these suggestions since you can also place the same content in slideshows and even post a descriptive video as well! In this way you’re finding multiple uses for the same article and by virtue of the fact your using different channels your exposure online is also being increased!

Even with all the search engine algorithm changes marketing with articles still proves to be a great way to build and increase exposure online! As the discussion above emphasizes any useful information you create must address certain criteria as reviewed here today so it’s found and viewed by your intended audience! Of course the more you supply these people with useful information the easier it is for you to become an authority in your field! With this authority comes trust and loyalty which of course if nurtured correctly will make any promotional efforts all the more effective and that’s is your objective!

Why and How to Become an Authority in Your Niche

One of the best ways to enjoy business success online is to become an authority in your field which starts by being recognized as a trusted source to others! This is why becoming one of the thought leaders in your industry makes so much sense simply because if people trust you this will have a tremendous impact on your marketing effectiveness!

Firstly let’s address what it takes to become a trusted source to others who share your field of interest!

The Components of Being a Thought Leader

Being a thought leader online is like being the keynote speaker for a conference that is held in cyberspace. When people use the An online thought leader creates a persona for himself/herself that contains the following components. Quality Content. Your online There is always room for improvement, and with the necessary statistics and analytics at your finger tips, there is no reason improvement should be anything but a constant. Trackback from your site.

Become a Thought Leader

Resource dedicated to ensuring your online reputation is protected Become a Thought Leader. April 9th, 2013 – Bill Fish. Taking the time and energy to begin researching fields you may be interested in and writing small pieces about your chosen field on your blog will begin to create the footing for a While it may seem daunting to feel you have the ability to go out and create copy that would be seen as ‘useful’ to people in your field, here are some tips to help get you started.

Since content is a proven and effective way to communicate thoughts and ideas online let’s explore how to ‘leverage’ information you create to become a more trusted source to others! By doing so you are able to re-purpose your writing efforts to achieve so much more!

Become a Thought Leader with Content Marketing

Become a Thought Leader with Content Marketing. by: Sawyer Hildebrandt ยท Content Marketing Strategy Ask anyone with a little SEO know-how, and they’ll tell you that creating new content regularly isn’t just important for moving up the

Now pulling this all together and reviewing the strategy behind becoming a leader in your industry here are 4 simple tips for your viewing pleasure…

Learning how to become an authority within your chosen niche online is one of the very best ways to increased your marketing effectiveness and therefore your sales! When others view you as a trusted source they tend to listen closely to what you say and this is how many thought leaders achieve their level of success! Understanding what it takes to first become trusted by others and than how to leverage their confidence in you to increase sales is an invaluable strategy that can bring you success that much faster and with less effort!