Does Your Social Media Use Have You Overwhelmed?

Does Your Social Media Use Have You Overwhelmed?

Remember when your social media use was limited to just a few sites such as Twitter and Facebook? Knowing where to go to connect with others was NOT so confusing simply because your selections were a heck of a lot less than is the case today! Now these sites and channels are also heavily used by businesses both large and small thereby adding to the congestion (and confusion) of people you can find at these communities! Additionally the available number of communities you can use for business has absolutely EXPLODED in terms of growth leaving marketers feeling overwhelmed! The primary purpose behind marketing on social sites of all types is to redirect traffic to YOUR place of business and the best way to do so is by building relationships, but this takes time! What is an entrepreneur to do since there is only 24 hours in a day and you have a business to run? It all comes down to keeping your expectations realistic along with a bit of planning…

The following short video featuring Kimberly Ann Jimenez discusses 3 simple things you can do to minimize the confusion, stress and time typically associated with social marketing!


As an entrepreneur your social media use is a great way to be seen online thus giving you and your business additional exposure as well as traffic! The challenge is there now exist SO many channels and sites to choose from that it leaves many marketers feeling overwhelmed due to their confusion over which sites to use, finding the time to do so and dealing with all the constant changes! Remember, the internet is a very dynamic environment that continues to evolve leaving online citizens to cope with these changes! The above video does a fanciful job of offering just 3 simple suggestions to help bring more sense and control to where and how you market your business on social channels! Thank you Kimmy Ann for your help, suggestions and of course, expertise!

Developing a Social Media Strategy with Efficiency In Mind

Developing a Social Media Strategy with Efficiency In Mind

Would you consider your current social media strategy to be more an asset or a time ‘guzzling’ liability you simply stick with because you’re told it’s the best way to be seen online? The fact is many of us use various online media platforms to promote ourselves and/or our business because this is where a lot of the traffic found online tends to congregate! What we are going to address here today is how to best establish a plan for using social media that will allow you to manage your time more efficiently while also getting the type of results you need or want!

The video immediately following offers you a 7 simple step plan that will help you target those social platforms that best serve your purpose and how to do so in a time efficient manner!


Having a social media strategy does NOT simply mean periodically posting something new to one of your accounts just to be seen online! Your interactions to be more effective must first have deliberate intentions such as meeting new people, building relationships or promoting yourself or your business! Not only should your plans be specific but they should also target ONLY those social platforms that best fits your needs so you can better manage your time thus freeing you up to focus on other things! The video above serves as ‘blueprint’ you can use to develop the most time efficient yet effective approach to leveraging social platforms online for increasing your exposure as well as traffic!

Marketing Your Business in 2016 – Trends to Watch

Marketing Your Business in 2016 - Trends to Watch

When marketing your business in 2016 there are definite trends one must consider just in order to be seen online as both the population and activity of the internet continues to rapidly expand! Getting your message seen or heard above the noise of the internet is continually getting tougher and is a MAJOR issue that must be addressed if you have any plans to continue to grow your business! The increase use of social media as well as the number of businesses both large and small that have taken to the internet have significantly contributed to the increased congestion found on the web! Of course we all know of the dynamic nature of the internet itself therefore if you expect to make effective use of it you must be willing to adapt to these changes!

For an closer look at trends that will change how you grow your business in 2016 take a peek at the brief video following immediately below!


Marketing your business online has become increasingly competitive over recent years due to the ever growing congestion of both casual users as well as the continued influx of businesses both big and small! With all those ‘distractions’ it has become increasingly tougher just to be seen online and when you consider the different ways in which people even access the web, well you have a hell of a lot of change and challenges to address if you want to grow your business into the future! The above video discusses some trends that will definitely have an influence on how you do decide to continue doing business using the net! These trends and changes will have an profound effect on not only your ability to simply be seen online but the strategies that will prove to be the most effective when trying to grow your business! It’s time for you to take the necessary steps to adapt to the ever changing internet environment and the video discussion above serves to help you identify exactly where you’ll need to focus to do so if you expect 2016 to be another profitable year for you!

Taking Your Affiliate Business to the Next Level

Taking Your Affiliate Business to the Next Level

When building your affiliate business there are certain fundamental measures it is recommended for you to take to give you more of a competitive edge! The field of affiliate marketing is a congested one due to the low barriers of entry, little or no investment to start out as well as no need to develop your own products! The biggest obstacle most affiliates face is to simply be seen online in such a crowded field of marketers, many hawking the same products as you!

To gain the competitive edge you’ll need to succeed as an affiliate let’s discuss some tips and strategies that will take YOUR business to the next level…

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To gain even more of a competitive edge and to stand out from the crowd, here are a few more ‘practical’ suggestions you can and should use…

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Becoming successful online starts with getting people to notice you or your business, it’s all about exposure! The following brief video reviews 3 simple strategies you can start using TODAY to give you more exposure and increase your sales…


Starting an affiliate business is relatively simple to do which is why it is such a competitive field! The difficulty lies in trying to be seen online in a vast sea of other affiliates which is why we discussed the tips and strategies above that you can use to gain a competitive edge in your niche! Gone are the days where all any affiliates have to do is make product offers in order to earn a commission! You must literally ‘carve’ out your own piece of internet ‘real estate’ and promote it thoroughly to get noticed and make sales which is what we discussed, for your benefit, above here today!

Reddit Marketing – Your Traffic Goldmine

Reddit Marketing - Your Traffic Goldmine

Reddit marketing offers a bit of a twist not found on many of the other popular social sites marketers use! Even though Reddit is structured to focus more on communities and NOT the individual, it is still a great place to be seen online! The additional exposure on a site such as this can only lead to getting more visitors to your site provided you know how to effectively promote yourself or business to other users!

Want to get more visitors to your site but not quite sure how to do so with Reddit? Well let’s start with how to best use this ‘anything goes’ social site for marketing!

The Six Cardinal Sins of Reddit Marketing

Last month, had over 7 billion page views. Numbers like that can’t be ignored. The problem is that many marketers approach Reddit the wrong way.

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Convinced or mildly interested Reddit may be one of the best places to be, at least for now due to their recent notoriety, to make an impression or more? The following short video offers a fairly comprehensive demographic overview of the users…¬†


Your Reddit marketing efforts should be more effective now that you have a better understanding of how the site works! Although it seems to put more emphasis on communities than individuals, Reddit is still a great way to be seen online! The exposure you can get by navigating the site correctly, as explained above, should lead to getting more visitors to your site! Due to the recent user revolt and policy changes, Reddit is in the spotlight therefore making it a very good place to be seen online and promote your business with all the attention it’s getting!