Using Your Focus and Concentration to Achieve More

Using Your Focus and Concentration to Achieve More

The amount of focus and concentration you bring to any task is typically in direct proportion to how successful you are in terms of completing it! Whether it’s your personal or professional life, the fact is you will experience more success and happiness by staying firmly focused on both your actions and the results you get! Your attention to detail will insure that the efforts you do invest are of good quality which which also means the time you invest will be more productive as well! As we ‘drift’ deeper into the summer months many of us may find it increasingly more difficult to maintain our focus due to all the distractions typically associated with the warm weather! Social gatherings with family and friends usually increase this time of year however, for most everybody, there is still work to be done!

Let’s further explore immediately below how to bring better focus to your personal and professional life so that you can be more productive and enjoy greater success and happiness!

The Art of Focus: 10 Zen-Based Habits To Motivate You

Nov 17, 2015 … Applying zen to your life can bring about a radical change in your focus, dedication and positivity. Here are 10 ways to make work for you.

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The 10 zen-based habits discussed immediately above are meant to help you develop a more positive attitude as well as to improve your creativity and strenthen your motivation! With a healthy mindset like this it becomes much easier to establish and maintain a laser like focus that will enable you to reach your goals and maximize your potential! Now let’s see in the brief video below, how your focus and concentration along with you taking the proper actions can bring you the success you seek!

Ever notice how the more focus and concentration you bring to any task, the better the results you get? Well the discussion above serves to offer you 10 habits you can develop that will help you to be more productive along with a brief video explaining the role your own ability to focus plays in your success and happiness! With the upcoming challenges the warmer weather is sure to bring to keeping yourself focused and productive in your professional life, establishing the right mindset by developing the proper habits will go a long way towards helping you maintain the focus you need to reach your goals! In closing always remember to include your own happiness as one of your chief goals for a well rounded life and the peace of mind that goes with it!

Ways to Be More Productive in the Digital Age

Ways to Be More Productive in the Digital Age

Finding ways to be more productive in our hyper-busy lives has actually become a bit easier due to technological advances! Staying connected with family, friends or the internet has fueled our growing dependency on both the internet and mobile devices! Of course this dependency has ushered in the need and/or demand for apps which are self-contained programs or a piece of software that fills specific needs! Having direct access to a particular program or function, which is what an app gives you, makes thing easier and as a result, helps you better manage your time! Since time management plays a large part in how productive you are let’s discuss some particular apps you can and should be using to manage your day and boost your productivity!

10 productivity apps you should use daily

10 apps you should use every day to be more productive … Thousands of companies — including Business Insider — use Slack to …

Since the ‘free’ Windows 10 offer is to be withdrawn this summer (July 29th) it’s likely many, including myself, will download this new operating system! Let’s quickly look at a 5 tips you can use to set up your own version of Windows 10 so you can easily navigate this new operating system saving you time and increasing your productivity thus allowing you more time to enjoy the summer months!

Using the right apps, as discussed above, is a great way to be more productive and better manage your time! Although using apps will certainly help you get more done, so does learning how to better utilize the operating system on your computers and/or mobile devices, such as the new Windows 10! Look, the software being developed today serves to make things easier for people whether they are on a computer or a mobile device, so it only stands to reason, the more you leverage these things the easier it will be to manage your time and boost your productivity!

Working From Home While Staying Productive

Working From Home While Staying Productive

Working from home can either be a blessing for the convenience it offers you or perhaps your worst nightmare in terms of your own productivity! With the dawning of the ‘digital’ era running a small business from your home has become more a reality and less a whimsical dream but be warned, it is NOT for everybody! The home environment is typically a cozy and familiar place that people associate with family, friends and relaxation and this mindset can be difficult to change! When you use your home as a place to work from it can be challenging for anyone to maintain the discipline needed to remain focused on what you need to do!

Let’s discuss how you can set up a home office and establish the right mindset that will enable you to stay focused and be more productive when your home is also your place of work!

How to Get Work Done in a Home Office: 11 Steps

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Understanding that the friendly environment of your home can also be a distraction and learning to manage these distractions is a great start! Now let’s discuss the essentials in terms of ‘equipment’ your office needs to keep you productive as you grow your business…

Things to make your home office legit

How much effort did you put into picking out the desk for your home office? Your chair? Wait—are you just using your laptop on a card table?

For more tips about staying motivated, organized and establishing the proper mindset to remain productive working at home, let’s listen to what Ingrid Nilsin has to say immediately below…

Working from home is something that many people have chosen to do because modern technology has made it much easier to be able to do so! Running a small business from home typically requires nothing more than an internet access and lots of discipline due to the temptations and distractions usually associated with the home environment! Our discussion(s) above focus on not only how best to set up an office but also how to establish and maintain the proper mindset you’ll need to be more productive! As mentioned above, working in the friendly confines of your own home is NOT for everybody, however with the right amount of focus and discipline along with the proper equipment, you are a prime candidate to become a successful home-based entrepreneur!

Get More Done Using These 10 Incredible Online Tools

Get More Done Using These 10 Incredible Online Tools

Developing strategies or tactics that will help you get more done as an internet entrepreneur is crucial to your success! When working alone, as most entrepreneurs online find themselves doing, time is likely one of your most valuable assets being it is a non-renewable resource so therefore you’ll want to use it wisely! Fortunately the internet has made available some of the most cutting-edge tools you can find to help you be more productive which is something that would be of great benefit to any internet entrepreneur!
If getting more done in a shorter period of time is something of interest to you whether you’re a business owner, blogger or both, than here are 10 tools that will definitely help you to be more productive!


Are you looking for ways to get more done and in less time regardless of whether you blog or run a web-based business? Work efficiency and time management are two things every internet entrepreneur needs to master if they want to be successful and fortunately there are tools and software found online that can and will help anybody be more productive! The above video from our friends over at iHow Tutorials feature 10 tools in particular that will help you boost your productivity and therefore better manage your time which is something any blogger or business owner wants and needs to achieve any degree of success! One final note is that these tools are NOT a guarantee that you’ll be more productive, nor are they intended to be a substitute for your own efforts, but when used the way they were designed to be used, you’ll find you get a lot more done and in less time!

How to Focus Better to Improve Your Results

How to Focus Better to Improve Your Results

Learning how to focus better so that you can be more productive in every aspect of your life sometimes starts with learning how to relinquish control! The fact is the more responsibilities you take on the weaker your focus and concentration will likely be since you have also ‘assumed’ more distractions which makes focusing on any one thing that much more of a challenge! Aside from that thought, are we really even focusing on the right things when we take on a challenge or goal to help us achieve what we’ve set out to achieve with the best results possible?

Let’s explore the best ways to ‘dismiss’ many needless distractions that can impede our focus while also tossing conventional wisdom aside as to where we need to direct our focus and concentration when in pursuit of any goals!

4 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Delegate Tasks and Focus Better

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Delegating many trivial tasks will help you concentrate more on things of greater importance of this there is no doubt! The question is where should you focus your energies and attention in order to get the best results possible? For more on this listen to what our friend George Kao has to say in the brief video below…


Learning how to focus better so you can be more productive in your quest to reach any goals or objectives starts with delegating many responsibilities in order to minimize your distractions! Additionally where you direct your focus and concentration to get the best results may not agree with conventional wisdom and these points have been discussed and explained above here today! The bottom line is to focus better, you must do what you can to minimize or even eliminate any distractions by allowing others to assume the responsibility of completing any of your least important tasks! One final note is when you are putting forth the effort to reach any goals or objectives you may have, you must concentrate on each task and NOT your end goal because your final results will simply reflect how well each task was completed! In other words every goal you achieve is merely the summation of every task you’ve completely successfully, so focus on the process, NOT the end results!