Addressing Some Common Concerns About Affiliate Marketing

Addressing Some Common Concerns About Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very popular online business model and for plenty of good reasons! Affiliates are not ‘burdened’ with developing products or customer care but rather they are able to devote their focus and energies on just promoting products and collecting commissions! However there are some very common misconceptions people have about this particular online business model that tends to hold them back from being more successful than they already are! In some cases folks are even discouraged from joining the ranks of online affiliates at all due to these misconceptions!

Let’s first address some common ‘myths’ held by many about affiliate businesses as well as some tips on how to sell these products even in a highly competitive field!

Affiliate Marketing Myths Debunked

We believe that everyone with an online presence can benefit from Affiliate Marketing so we’ve put together some of the most common myths associated with Affiliate Marketing and debunked them.

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Now that some myths concerning what affiliates can expect once they enter the industry have been clarified, let’s talk about earning money! The following video from Sam Reilly discusses a proven 3 step system you can duplicate to maximize your sales and income as an online affiliate!

Affiliate marketing has proven to be a very effective online business model for people looking to make money quickly! Having said that there still remains certain common misconceptions that either discourage people from joing the ranks of internet affiliates altogether or severely hinder their efforts from earning a decent income! These ‘myths’ are addressed above along with some very effective tips on how to sell affiliate products! With all the positive facts and information circulating around about making money as an affiliate, it would seem to me that the only way to fail with this PROVEN online business model is by not trying at all!

Affiliate Marketing – Learning from Your Mistakes!

Affiliate marketing is widely recognize as one of the quickest ways to get involved in online marketing and turn a profit. By promoting already established products complete with their own professional sales page a novice to online marketing can learn the ropes and turn a profit relatively easily. Understanding that many affiliates are new to marketing online it is also no surprise that they may be prone to mistakes.

Here are 3 common mistakes that many people make in the early stages of their affiliate business.

Weak SEO Efforts

Little or no effort is put into search engine optimization. It is understandable perhaps expected when first starting that many sites may be poorly optimized. Efforts however will have to be made to gain a basic understanding of the importance of search engine optimization. Ignoring organic traffic likes this can really put the squeeze on any site needing targeted traffic, which is just about every site on the internet.

Rely Too Much on Adsense

Adsense can be very tempting for newcomers to the internet since little need for learning how to convert traffic to buyers is needed. A common occurrence however is that many novice marketers place too many ads on their site distracting visitors from their sales copy. In fact too many ads can actually drive away visitors who’ll never return. Adsense ads should be used in moderation if they are to be effective.

Neglecting Multiple Streams of Income

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket when marketing affiliate products. Always try to be promoting multiple products at the same time. This cross section type of promoting allows your stronger selling products to pick up the sales slack for those with a weaker demand.

On the other hand don’t spread yourself too thin by promoting more products than you can realistically manage. You’ll want your efforts to be targeted enough where you can effectively promote what it is you’re selling.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn an income while learning the finer intricacies of online marketing and building a successful business. It is up to you to continue your learning since it will be ongoing and quickly address those mistakes you make early on. This learning process will definitely pay you dividends well into your online future.

How Taxing Affiliate Commissions Compares to Reinstating Michael Vick

Recent passage of a state sales tax being placed on affiliate commissions in both Rhode Island and North Carolina has raised many eyebrows. Similarly the recent reinstatement and signing of Michael Vick back into the NFL has drawn a lot of heat from both NFL fans and the media.

How do these two mutually exclusive and unrelated events come to being compared? The comparisons here are based upon the motives behind the decision makers and their eventual effects upon the innocent people that they are supposed to be serving.

Here are 3 dubious comparisons between placing a state sales tax on any online affiliate business and the reinstatement of Michael Vick:

Industry Threats

The so called Amazon tax is a threat to the affiliate marketing industry as affiliate programs such as Amazon and Overstock discontinue offering their programs in states where these bills have passed.

The outcome of this current surge in rewriting/reinterpreting the constitution if it is to spread to other states is frightening. What will be next as lawmakers rewrite laws as they see fit to suit their needs.

Michael Vick is threatening the very foundation of the NFL by being allowed to play once again in the league. This changes everything as far as the character limitations of the players allowed to participate. Right or wrong these wealthy and highly publicized athletes are understandably viewed as role models. Is this the direction we want our society to go having our kids emulate individuals of such character?

Greed and Power

The Amazon tax is based upon state lawmakers questionably reaching beyond their constitutionally prescribed limits to impose taxes as a means to resolve state deficits. Feeling assured that they can alter the interpretation of the constitution itself state lawmakers plowed forward to pass these bills in Rhode Island and North Carolina.

Vick’s reinstatement into the NFL is based upon the leagues greed to put people in the stands. The attitude that the heinous acts committed by Vick will be quickly forgotten is itself both arrogant and condescending. This is a slap in the face to the NFL fan. Controversy good or bad will draw people but ultimately these same people will be footing the bill for Vick’s salary

Wrongful Intentions

States misguided intentions are implemented despite knowing it will effectively eliminate the typical affiliate business. Knowing that affiliate programs WILL cancel their state programs, what exactly is the point to such bills being passed? EVERYBODY loses! The online affiliate loses their income and the state will lose a portion of their already existing tax base. The net effect is a LOSS of state revenue due to these questionable taxes being imposed upon the affiliate marketing industry of that state.

Vick’s misguided intentions were implemented for entertainment. ENTERTAINMENT! Innocent animals were mistreated, brutalized and then viciously killed with Vick participating ‘hands on’ in these killings. The acts were premeditated and repeated SEVERAL times over an extended period of time.

In both cases it is a fundamental wrong being committed against the innocent. In one case it is the very people whose tax dollars support the state and in the other, a more brutal and glaring example, it is defenseless animals yearning to be unconditionally loyal domestic pets. Inexcusable in either case! As both fans and tax payers we need to take a more active role in monitoring where our money goes and why! It is both our right and responsibility to question and oppose such actions

As we’ve seen placing a state sales tax on affiliate commissions results in only a negative impact to both individual and state revenue. These bills also stir questions as to their constitutionality. On the surface one would be hard pressed to see any positive effects such bills would have. Questions also arise as to why a very popular and family oriented sporting league such as the NFL would admit players with such questionable character. If there’s any positive to be gained by letting Michael Vick back into the league it is only short lived. The detrimental effects will be longer lasting by the precedent being set thereby allowing a potential flood of undesirables to play in the league and serve as role models to the next generation.

How to Make Some Quick Affiliate Income

Earning an affiliate income is one of the quickest ways to make money online today. Breaking into online marketing can be overwhelming and somewhat discouraging if you don’t know what you’re doing. Laboring endlessly online without making money can make even the most determined want to quit. Affiliate marketing however offers you the chance to learn how to market online while also earning an affiliate commission by selling other peoples products.

Let’s discuss the quickest way to get your affiliate business up and running so that you can quickly earn money online. Here are 5 simple steps that you can take to start earning an income very quickly.

Locate a Hot Topic

Find some hot topics by searching current trends on google, Amazon, dogpile spysearch, or even the social network site Twitter. Once you’ve compiled a list of topics visit some related forums related to see what type problems people seem to have relative to these topics. You want to provide a solution to the problems these people are talking about so now with that said on to the next step.

Locate an Affiliate Product

By doing s simple internet search for affiliate programs or just going to Clickbank locate some products related to the topic you’ve chosen. You’ll want the product to provide a solution to the problem you found people talking about on your forum search. Online affiliate programs offer in the tens of thousands of various products so finding one to suit your purposes shouldn’t be difficult.

Submit a Few Keyword Rich Articles

Now you want to develop a list of keywords related to your product. Using any of the free keyword search tools online (Google’s is probably the best) build your list of keywords.

Narrow this list to 4 or 5 longtail keyword phrases since these types of keywords will yield you the best results.

Anybody searching on a longtail keyword phrase is super focused thereby increasing your chances of converting them into buyers.

Next write 3 to 4 articles centered around your selected keyword phrases and submit these articles to high ranking article directories.

Start with just one directory at first but choose the highest ranking and most popular one you can find. We’ll call this your favorite directory.

The reasoning here is that this directory with its high ranking will, by far, attract the most attention for your article. Your purpose is now to direct all traffic thru this high ranking web site to maximize your exposure.

Broaden Your Online Presence

Now you want to create a blog using your selected keyword phrases in the title and description if possible. Now take the article you’ve already submitted to your favorite article directory and post it on your post. Do this only after it has already been published. Include a reference in your post stating the article was originally published at and name the directory.

You can duplicate this same process at Squidoo after you’ve posted the article to your blog. Be sure to remember to reference that the article was originally published at whatever article directory you submitted it to first.

Distribute Your Articles to the Best of the Rest

At this point you now want to distribute your articles to as many high ranking article directories as possible. You just want to be sure to include that reference in your article indicating it was originally published on your favorite directory.

By following the 5 steps we reviewed above you can earn an affiliate income while learning the intricacies of online marketing. Getting a fast start and making money will allow you to breathe easier as you develop your affiliate business. Learning to market online while earning an income is one of the benefits of affiliate marketing and what makes it so popular. The 5 simple steps we’ve discussed here are simple to implement and if done consistently will help you make money online in a short period of time. As you begin to rack up each and every affiliate commission your confidence and motivation will soar. This type of positive feedback is exactly what you will need to propel you to even higher levels of the online income you seek. Just stick with it!

Affiliate Marketing and the Effects of State Taxation

The effect of proposed state sales tax on the affiliate marketing industry has captured headlines across the nation recently. These proposals by some lawmakers are no doubt in response to a poor economy.

The idea to impose a sales tax on the affiliate commissions to generate additional state revenue has sparked a HUGE debate.

Sidestepping the issue that would be the yearning to recreate the constitution by state officials, the purpose of this article is to merely discuss the effects of such proposed taxes on an affiliate business.

Here are 3 of the most immediate consequences resulting from imposing a state sales tax on affiliate commissions:

Cancellation of State Affiliate Programs

Online retailers such as Amazon have already stated their intentions to cancel affiliate programs as opposed to collecting sales taxes from affiliates. Other programs have indicated similar responses and in fact cancellations have already been made in a few states.

The contention here is that it is unfair and illegal to impose sales taxes on a retail entity that has no physical presence in the state to begin with.

Arguments, debates, and petitions have ensued with the question of constitutional violations being the core issue. You can bet now that this Pandora’s box has been opened that this subject will get plenty of national attention until it is resolved.

State Loss of Affiliate Income Tax

This is where reality ‘collides’ with the ‘yearnings’ of state lawmakers. The intention of state sales taxes is to help reduce deficits by generating additional revenue. The reality as it seems is this plan has backfired on lawmakers. Instead of the ‘additional’ revenue they have succeeded in having eliminating an existing stream of revenue: income tax on affiliate earnings. When you consider the many ‘healthy’ incomes made by affiliates these tax losses will likely be felt at the state level.

Stolen Income Opportunities from Affiliate Marketers

Another unfortunate by-product of what appears to be an ill conceived tax plan is the potential loss of income for affiliates affected by these proposals.

Affiliate marketing offers the potential for significant earning and to have this income threaten by newly proposed laws will not be well received.

As simplistic as it seems you would feel that lawmakers would be particularly sensitive to an individual’s income and especially during rough economic times. Sadly this does not appear to be the case.

As it is, the brunt of the potential economic loss will ultimately be felt by states thru less income tax collected. Affiliates can and will make maneuvers if need be to stay in business, but this will not return to the states the income tax they stand to lose.

The identification of the affiliate marketing industry as target for taxation is an unspoken testimony to the growth, popularity and financial enormity this industry represents. As states tread gingerly into this terrain questions of unconstitutional taxation will undoubtedly continue to arise.

If juggling attempts with the constitution continue, the cancellation of additional affiliate programs may occur and the loss of affiliate income taxes will be felt. At this point it is hoped that corrective measures will be taken and the norm will be re-established. For the time being the states desperation to shrink their deficits may continue to tempt them to uncover taxation opportunities that sometimes don’t really exist. The affiliate marketing industry on the other hand will still thrive and grow as new programs develop and thus continue to prove to be a great way to earn money online.