5 Ways to Use What You Learn When Researching Content Ideas

5 Ways to Use What You Learn When Researching Content Ideas

How do you use what you learn after doing a lot of research for ideas to create new and exciting content? What we’re NOT talking about is simply putting this information to use for writing your next great piece of content you can publish! What we ARE referring to is how to use the new found knowledge your research uncovered so that it will benefit you in ways other than for content you can publish! Let’s face it as a content marketer you WILL be doing a lot of research so let’s discuss 5 different ways you can use what you’ve found to your advantage other than publishing it to the web!


The MOST obvious thing you can do with any new found knowledge you may come across is to put it into action by applying it! The biggest problem doing research on the internet is you WILL find plenty of information about your topic but it may be much more than you expected creating a feeling of overwhelm! When this occurs many people simply take NO action and just move on without using much of what they found! Avoid this feeling by saving what you don’t use for writing content so you can apply it in other ways that will benefit you!

Problem Solving

When you’re doing a lot of research you’re accumulating and reviewing quite a bit of information! Although not every piece of new found knowledge will be something you can use for the type content you’re developing it is knowledge nonetheless! Often times this information can help you solve existing problems even though these problems may NOT have been the focus of your recent research! It simply a matter of keeping your mind open to how you can use what you’ve found in ways other than creating something interesting to read! You took the time to do the research so don’t overlook the results of your efforts since it could be very useful elsewhere!


Thru use and/or inspection, the info you found may prove to have a few flaws, can you fix them? Taking the time and energy to improve any new found knowledge you come across now gives you something you can use for writing content you can share that’s been updated and is more accurate! By doing this both you and your readers benefit since you’ve learned something new and they have been kept in the ‘loop’ with your findings!

Boost Credibility

As discussed above, if you can improve and then pass along your ‘findings’ for the benefit of others, terrific, you are a generous person! The recipients of your ‘corrected’ findings now hold you in higher regard due to your efforts of correcting any flaws your research has uncovered! Anybody can publish content but it is a rare few who will take the initiative to ‘vet’ out their research and resources and follow this up with making the necessary corrections before publishing it! Your knowledge is to be admired but no more than the selflessness it took to correct and share your findings!


Of course the info you’ve acquired could be total crap but accepted as the truth, and in that case, you can expose it! By showing proof how this information is inaccurate and thereby worthless, this gives you positive exposure, increases your credibility and builds a wall of trust for your selfless efforts and honesty! Gaining trust like his is HUGE on the internet and helps you stand out, grow a larger following and also boosts your marketing effectiveness, because people TRUST you!

It simply makes sense to use what you learn when doing a lot of research because why else accumulate all that new found knowledge! Sure you’re looking for information or inspiration upon which you can base any content you want to publish, but to NOT utilize any your ‘unused’ research in some way is just a shame! Think of it as ‘repurposing’ your own research to help make your life better in addition to creating something interesting for others to read or view! Remember, waste not want not!