Conquering Writers Block – The Subtle Art

When you write an article have you ever encounter those ‘lapses’ where you just can’t think of anything to write or how to write it?
Writers block is a common nemesis thats strikes just about everybody at some point in time but the good news is that it can be defeated!
Read further to discover some simple strategies and writing tips you can use to overcome these periodic and frustrating brain freezes when they strike you!

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Increasing Sales with Your Sales Page

If you’re looking to increase the sales conversion of your online business, and who isn’t, then you’ll want to start with your sales page.
This page is where any visitor to your site not only makes their buying decision but also the actual purchase as well.
Read more to see what you can do to ‘fine tune’ your sales page in order to maximize both your marketing efforts and your income.

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Twitter Holds Many Opportunities

Been toying around on that popular social networking site twitter today. Man has it gotten some publicity lately. The ‘duel’ between Ashton Kutcher and the news network CNN to see who could reach one million followers the quickest got loads of press. Ashton Kutcher won! Jeez it even attracted Oprah … Continue reading

Article Marketing as a Means to Attract Traffic

One way I use to generate traffic is article marketing. Many are put off by this since it involves a little work. Don’t be since it helps keep you more involved in your field. How is this the case you ask? Let’s quickly review some  benefits of article marketing. Article … Continue reading