Learn to Stop Procrastinating By Understanding Why You Do!

A very big key to having a fuller life is to stop procrastinating whenever you have a decision to make or a project to undertake! Is constantly putting things off holding you back from being more productive or simply enjoying the peace of mind you experience knowing you’ve successfully accomplished a task, completed a project or overcome a challenge? Well you are not alone because procrastination is a common obstacle many face and if not addressed it will continue holding you back from accomplishing more or living with a strong sense of satisfaction! When working online this is especially true because internet marketing is a fast paced business that allows nobody the time to rest on their laurels!

Let’s have a look at why we tend to put things off and what we can do to correct or even eliminate this nasty habit thus enabling ourselves to get more done and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being productive with our time!

Why do we Procrastinate?

How do I get over my habit of procrastinating? is among the very top questions on Quora, “a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users#.” When we …

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Of course we all like to feel we’re productive and possess a take charge attitude but sometimes self-perception can differ (dramatically) from reality! Many may think they are NOT guilty of chronically putting things off and this denial can only lead to reinforcing bad habits and missed opportunities… are you one of them? Take the short test below to see if you’re a habitual procrastinator that could benefit from some of the suggestions offered above!


Learning how to stop procrastinating first comes with identifying that you are indeed guilty of continuously putting things off which is holding you back from being more productive! Many suffer from a false perception of themselves in terms of how well they use their time or tackle any challenges they encounter! This only succeeds in giving you a false sense of security that you’re doing what it takes to get more done in your busy life or perhaps your internet business! The discussion(s) above focus on why we tend to procrastinate as well as a short test you can take to see if you too are also guilty of this non-productive and time wasting habit! In most cases we ALL can benefit from the tips and suggestions offered above to help us get more done, consistently, no matter how unattractive or challenging any tasks or project may be so get off your hind-quarters and just do it, whatever it may be!

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