Learn to Be More Productive With a Daily Plan

If you want to be more productive, in any aspect of your life, you’ll need to learn how to better manage your time! Yes I know we’ve all heard this before but today what we’re going to discuss is how to plan your day so your efforts will be more focused giving you quality results without additional frustration and stress! One thing we all seem to have in common when scheduling our days is that we tend to overload our ‘to do lists’ and although this ambition is to be admired, it is unrealistic to think you can accomplish all you’ve schedule for that particular day! This leads to a lack of focus due to your pre-occupation with all the things you’ve originally set out to complete which tends to result in more errors along with an increase in both your stress and frustration! The bottom line is when you do plan your day, do so with realistic expectations so you allow yourself the time needed to complete each task in a satisfactory manner!

Let’s now have a look, in the brief video below, at the scientific reasons behind the benefits of planning as a means to better manage your time!


In order to be more productive with your days it is always wise to establish what you intend to accomplish in advance! Making use of calendars, as suggested in the above video, or simply using some type of journal or list when you plan your day is a very effective tactic to help you manage your time! By simply prioritizing and recording what needs to be done each and every day allows you to focus on nothing but what is on your list! This is extremely important since it clears your mind of everything but what you’ve scheduled for any given day! This will insure the efforts you do invest are of good quality because your focus is on nothing other than what you’ve planned for the day! It is critical to remember however, if you do get a bit too ambitious by overloading your ‘to do list’ with unrealistic expectations, your efforts will likely be sloppy while your focus will be all over the place making for NOT a good plan! Plan your day, every day, and you will find your efforts will be more focused as well as productive!

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