How to Use Twitter – Saying More in Fewer Words

Learning how to use Twitter with the 140 character limitation can be a challenge to those who have a lot to say. People on Twitter are required to keep their messages relatively brief using no more than 140 characters in length. Twitter users as a result have learned to become resourceful in how they use their characters for both personal and business purposes. In spite of these ‘limitations’ Twitter however is still recognized as one of the top social networking sites online.

Approaching these character limitations using a little common sense Twitter users have adopted a style of communication that works quite well.

Here are 3 approaches many people on twitter have learned to use to help them say more in the fewer words allowed.

Shorthand Codes and Abbreviations

Aided by their experience at cell phone texting and instant messaging many twitter users have reverted to the use of shorthand coding. Also used quite prevalently are acronyms and abbreviations in posting messages. In fact these shortcuts have become so ingrained into the posting habits of many of the people on twitter that they are used regardless of whether the actual need even exist.

Consolidating Thoughts

The tendency to ramble when writing down your thoughts has been dramatically reduced since needless words only use up your character allotment. People are learning, and quickly, to better consolidate their thoughts and write them down in a more clear and concise manner.

Trying to use bigger and more ‘impressive’ words that may display your vocabulary is now something people tend to gravitate away from. Instead the popular choice is words that are shorter and also easier for many to understand.

If nothing more the character limitations imposed on twitter have resulted in many becoming better writers!twitter feature

URL Shortening Services

It is very common for people on twitter to reference various URL’s in their conversations and often times this could use up all your characters. Instead people have quickly learned to routinely utilize any of the various URL services available on the internet. In fact it would be safe to say that without these services the majority of messages posted on Twitter would not be allowed.

As you can see learning how to use Twitter involves a combination of changing old habits of rambling along with shorthand texting. People on Twitter seem to have adapted to the imposed character limitations in their messages by using the approaches we spoke of above. In fact Twitter users as a result are learning how to communicate in a more efficient manner. Being one of the top social networking sites online it appears that restricting the length of messages posted by site members has not affected Twitters popularity. In the end it seems that the character limitations on Twitter is teaching us all how to say more in fewer words.

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