Finding and Creating Content from Current Trends!

Creating content is a very important aspect of marketing on the internet. Online marketers have an ongoing need to build websites, post to blogs or even circulate information to maintain a viable business. It is therefore almost mandatory that some sort of content creation strategy is developed in order to be successful online.

Current news and trends is a terrific source of quality information that is very popular with people online. It therefore stands to reason that finding and developing ‘trending’ news can be quite effective for promotional purposes.

By tailoring or adapting any news or trends that is current and/or popular to your individual marketing needs you can attract a tremendous amount of attention. Of course you will need to establish some sort of relevance but before you can even do that you must FIRST uncover these trends.

Here are 5 ways you can keep a pulse on any news or trends that can be used in a content creation strategy for your online business.

Google Trends

This tool allows you to keep up with the most current and popular searches conducted on Google. Being Google is by far the most dominant search engine online the trends found here pretty much reflect the entire internet audience.


This site is one of the top social bookmarking sites online and contains all kinds of relevant and up to date information. You can spend literally hours combing through all the information you will need and can use for your content creation purposes online.


Another social bookmark site Digg allows readers to even rate the content you find so that it is easy to establish what is popular.


On of the fastest growing social network sites online Twitter is a great source for ‘real time’ searches. By ‘plugging’ into their trending topics you can instantly see what has got captured the attention of people at that particular point in time. Using this information wisely and in a timely fashion can really help to boost the efforts of online marketers.


With all the great social network and bookmark sites found online it is understandable that blogs, the originator of all that is web 2.0 can be overlooked.

When using this tool you can pinpoint your search by using specific keywords or topics to locate blogs that contain information that is relevant to what you are looking for.

Creating content is an ongoing need for any online marketers who build websites, post to blogs or circulate information for business exposure. In a nutshell pretty much everybody marketing on the internet is in need of some sort of content creation strategy for their business needs. By capitalizing on the popularity of current trends or news a business can attract a tremendous amount of attention. After establishing some sort of relevance this information can be adapted and introduced into any marketing strategy. Locating this type quality information of course is essential and the 5 sources mentioned above will do just that for you. Now having a way to keep an updated pulse on what is hot with people gives you the chance to develop and utilize this content to your advantage.

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