Creating Content and Getting it Seen Online

Creating content for distribution is the mainstream strategy used by most businesses large and small on the internet and has proven to be a very effective way to get visitors to your site! Although much discussion seems to focus on the creation portion of this process you must be aware your job is not done until you find effective ways to share your content so your creative efforts will succeed in getting visitors to your site, after all, isn’t this your ultimate goal?

As the holidays approach, here are some great tips and ideas you can use to not only create but also share your content so that your goals of getting visitors to your site are realized!

5 Content Marketing Ideas for November 2015

National holidays, a James Bond movie, creative writing, and cancer prevention might all be topics for your content marketing this November. Content marketing seeks to attract, …

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Now that you’ve created a bunch of great content to share, let’s discuss a very effective tool you can use, for free, to do so! The following brief video demonstrates how to use this free ‘link sharing’ tool that comes with other benefits as well…


Creating content to use online is or should be the ‘center-point’ strategy for all marketers since it tends to be very effective at getting visitors to your site! What many marketers sometimes over-look is the importance of also establishing workable strategies and/or tactics you can use to share your content as well simply because if nobody sees what you created, you may as well have not even invested the effort! The discussions and video above were presented today to share with you some tips and tools you can use to keep your content marketing efforts at a high level so that you’ll never be without a steady stream of visitors to your site!

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