Introducing Google Inbox the Next Generation Gmail

Introducing Google Inbox the Next Generation Gmail

For those who haven’t heard the Google Inbox app has been ‘rolled-out’ to a select audience in early fall and is designed for giving you more control over how you view or manage your email messages! The intent of this new app offered by Google is to bring more ‘sense’ and ‘calm’ to an inbox that may otherwise leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated!

Check out more about this new Google app for managing and viewing your email messages and to see, in your opinion, whether it delivers on the hype by clicking on the video found immediately below…

The new Google inbox app is a radically different approach to the way you currently manage and view email messages! The above video shares with you several features and benefits this clever app offers along with a few customization tips for good measure! In the end it’s all about taking control of that sometimes ‘intimidating’ inbox simply because who needs and/or wants to be feeling overwhelmed every time they check their email messages?

Managing Time to Maximize Your Online Income


Managing time to be more productive when working online is a crucial issue that tends to get overlooked! The talk is all about social media today and how it can help grow your business, website design, content marketing and of course seo! The fact is without learning how to put your time to good use in a very distracting environment you stand little chance of being successful!

Let’s take a closer look how to best manage your work schedule to be more productive and of course profitable on the web!

Diving right in let’s first look at one of the most popular strategies for generating traffic where proper time use can be an issue…

Create a social media toolkit for better time management

If I need to flip over and get something from my personal account during the day, I can, but my work computer is set to my professional Chrome account, which makes it easier to manage my work tools. The flip scenario is also good — I keep my home computer set to my generates a report letting you know the best times to post to Twitter. This is the type of tool that you can check in with occasionally, doesn’t take time to master, and helps you optimize your time online.

Time Management Tips for Content Marketers

Clock Online marketers face special challenges when it comes to staying focused. Our bread and butter revolves around social interaction. Twitter, Facebook, instant messages, text messages, blogs and a vast array of other

One of the most popular and widely used platforms for marketers online is a blog! Of course to properly maintain it can easily burn many hours daily if you don’t take the proper measures to organize your efforts…

Blog Time Management: Lessons From Mom

Blog time management helps you to create a structure and schedule to ensure your blog becomes part of your regular routine. Here are three steps to blog time management. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

Now onto a quick video wrap-up for all you internet marketers wanting to get more done in less time…

Managing time in order to be more productive as an internet marketer is an absolute necessity! The fact is if entrepreneurs don’t master this aspect of their online business they will be working harder and longer hours! In addition social media today has proven to be an important source of traffic and this can really burn the time! Having only 24 hrs in each day therefore demands that marketers focus more keenly on finding or developing strategies to make each day more productive! This is exactly why the above suggestions, tips and strategies have been presented to you here today! Now put these suggestions to work so that you can make some money in the most efficient manner possible!

The Value of Time to Online Entrepreneurs

The value of time can not be overstated when it comes to what it represents to any internet marketer! For many people improving the quality of their lives is the single biggest motivational factor involved in their pursuit of an internet income! As coincidental as it seems it is time that is required to build a profitable business and also the same ‘commodity’ that people want more of in their personal lives to enjoy leisurely! Thus we’re looking at the resource of time playing a significant role in both the success of the internet marketer and also their reason for wanting to succeed so they can enjoy more of it in their personal lives!

Here’s a quick look at why time, or as we’ll refer to it as, the commodity, is so valuable in terms of earning an internet income!

It Is NOT Renewable

For this reason alone it MUST be cherished and used wisely since it is not a ‘right’ but rather a ‘gift’ to you! This is regardless as to whether you consider its use for building an internet income or how you want to spend it with family, friends or other personal reasons! When you only have a limited amount of any type of resource that is of such great value you must learn to use it and appreciate it the very best you can! Make no mistake, building a profitable business online will required plenty of this valuable resource along with plenty of patience which only YOU can supply!

It Increases Your Effectiveness

Delivering the right message, product or service at the right time can be the difference between HUGE success or dismal business failure! It is and will be the timely delivery of your promotional campaigns or product presentations that can be the difference as to how successful you actually become working online! Catching trends or even people in a timely fashion is what makes any internet marketer more successful!

It Is Your Why

Working online you are likely looking for more free time and to improve the quality of your life as mentioned above! Well this is a pretty big source of motivation for any internet marketer and if you can’t get motivated and stay that way you stand little chance of building a profitable business! Now you’re not only using this commodity as a working and functional resource for building your success but also as a source of motivation!

Hopefully our discussion above has brought to light or at least made clearer, the value of time can not and must not be overlooked! This commodity is very much needed to build a profitable business if that is your motivation as an internet marketer as well as enjoying the lives we’re meant to live! Earning an internet income allows for greater independence which is what every entrepreneur seeks and the primary reason behind this motivation is using time as you see fit! Use it wisely and cherish it always!

3 Areas That Consume Time Working Online

There will be many things that will consume time on you as an internet marketer but certain areas will do so more than others! Firstly let’s understand that  building a money making business online will not be something that happens overnight! Secondly there will be many distractions therefore you must exercise discipline if you want to become successful as quickly as possible!

Having said all that here are 3 areas you can and should expect to consume much of each of your work days as an internet marketer!


No matter what field you’re in,  to maintain a competitive edge as an internet marketer you MUST continue your education! This of course requires doing research and not just for learning but also for developing content you can use in your marketing strategy! Remember in order to become successful you must grow both personally and professionally if you expect your business to do the same! This requires continuing your own education within your chosen field!

Increasing Your Exposing

Attracting visitors to your site will always consume a good amount of your efforts since traffic is the key to any money making business online! There are numerous strategies you can use to market your business and many will be revealed to you through your ongoing research as mentioned above, but focus on those that best suit your needs! For the most part, traffic generation typically consumes a large percentage of time and is something every internet marketer must do and be good at, to develop successful businesses online!

Opportunity ‘Seeking’

As a result of your exposure to the flow of information online you will inevitably encounter new ‘opportunities’ or strategies to investigate! In the case of discovering more efficient and effective strategies this time is well spent but chasing after every new income opportunity will ultimately prove to be a waste of energy! This cycle tends to divert your focus and sometimes even results in you walking away from already invested efforts to pursue something new, yet again, much like a hamster on a wheel! It is critically important to understand that if you intend to build yourself a money making business you MUST maintain your focus and give your efforts a chance to bear fruit! Chasing after every new opportunity will get you nothing but frustrated!

When working online there are many things that can easily consume time but aren’t necessarily going to help you build a money making business! As an internet marketer your best chances to become successful will require your discipline in avoiding those activities that waste your efforts and day! Our discussion above focuses on 3 areas that any internet marketer can understandably expect and plan on spending much time and effort! Knowing in advance what is expected and therefore what to avoid serves to help you become successful more quickly as an internet marketer by focusing on the most productive activities!

How Managing Time Limits Online Business Growth

Managing time when working online is very important from the standpoint that many operate out of their home and work alone. Time therefore is more a challenge than it is a luxury and needs to be managed correctly when growing a business online! On the other hand maintaining an overly regimented work schedule can actually be counter-productive and disrupt business growth!

Here are just 3 examples as to how too much of a strict adherence to a preset work schedule can limit you when growing a business online!

Missed Opportunities

The point of scheduling your day in advance is that it helps you focus on tasks determined to be important towards growing a business. Now do not get me wrong, focus is a great way to get the most out of your efforts. On the other hand by keeping yourself ‘so’ busy and focused on the task at hand also makes it easier to miss opportunities that may present greater potential for business growth! It may simply be a new strategy or even a change made by search engines that could significantly impact your efforts! It is important to keep your ‘ears to the ground’ and your ‘eyes peeled’ when working online to take advantage of anything that can make your efforts more effective!

Discourages Exploration

It is always a good idea to be receptive to pioneering for new ideas or strategies as opposed to stumbling over them. Maintaining a rigid work schedule discourages this practice since visiting forums, blogs or social sites for new ideas can really burn the clock. When growing a business you need to try and remain as close to the ‘cutting edge‘ as possible. Keeping your head stuck in a predetermined schedule does not allow for the opportunity to seek out new techniques or tools that can benefit you!

Burn Out

Regimentation can wear you down! Performing the same tasks over and again, without change, will bore anybody, and working online this could even kill your motivation! Growing a business takes plenty of energy and motivation and by lacking either you will NEVER succeed! As the saying goes, ‘variety is the spice of life’ and it is this spice that you want and need to keep you motivated and moving forward! We all need the challenge, excitement and anticipation that comes with any new ‘discovery’ that may help us to continue growing personally and professionally!

Managing time although very much required when working online also needs to be done so within reason. As the discussion above has shown being overly regimented when scheduling your day can actually limit you in terms growing a business on the internet. By allowing yourself the leniency to break from your schedule to freely explore, other options and opportunities for business growth can be gathered and used!