Is Your Level of Success Determined By Sleeping Habits?

Is Your Level of Success Determined By Sleeping Habits?

Common opinion is your level of success is significantly increased by being an early riser but for internet marketers in particular, is this REALLY the case? The implications of this assumption are that people who rise at the crack of dawn are more willing to work than those who prefer sleeping later and what we’re exploring here is does success ONLY come to the seemingly more ‘ambitious’ early birds as opposed to night owls?

The following short video may surprise you with studies that indicate your focus is much more important than what time you tend to awaken when it comes to how much success you experience professionally or otherwise!

Despite what many may ‘assume’ scientific research has uncovered that your level of success is NOT necessarily determined by your sleeping habits! Early risers have long been regarded as being more determined and thus willing to work compared to those who prefer to sleep later! The short video you’ve just seen has introduced some compelling perspectives/finding and/or researched facts that find how successful you become, in whatever field, is based more on your focus and NOT how often to tend to hit the snooze button on your alarm! This is simply a wake-up call for those of you who feel being a night owl is detrimental to how much success you can expect to experience…simply by keeping your focus on the goals important to YOU is all that’s needed to be successful! Just keep your eyes on your objective(s) and ALWAYS use your time wisely, be it day or night, to chip away at whatever obstacles separates you from ULTIMATE goal!

Using Social Media and Time More Efficiently

Using Social Media and Time More Efficiently

Although using social media for personal reasons can be a lot of fun, when used to generate traffic for business building purposes it takes a lot of time and patience! Social media today has become very much a part of the ‘mainstream’ internet where a vast majority of people spend their time when they go online! As a source for keeping up with friends or getting ‘breaking’ news, surfing the social links is the way to, go but for business purposes, your use MUST be more structured and efficient being you do have a business to run! There’s little debate that social media today plays a HUGE role in how marketers grow their businesses however they can NOT afford to linger any longer at these sites then needed since in the end time is money!

Let’s explore further a few tips and suggestions you can use to increase how efficiently you use social communities for business purposes along with the best tools available to help you manage your use!

How To NOT Waste Time on Social Media

Social media is not going anywhere. If you’re a freelancer or entrepreneur, you can’t afford not to be on social media. And yet you can’t afford to waste your precious time tweeting, ‘gamming, and liking into the vast ether with …

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The biggest advantage to using the internet is all the software available for automating your efforts and thus saving you time! Here’s Ian Anderson Gray to share with us what he feels are the best tools available for managing your social media use…

Using social media for business purposes requires your time and patience along with a plan so that your efforts are more focused and will therefore produce better results! One of the biggest drawbacks to how marketers use social media today however is the time factor which MUST be managed better to get the most out of this strategy! The tips and advice offered above hopefully serve make your marketing efforts withing these social communities, more efficient and productive so you can spend more time on other aspects of your online empire!

Introducing Google Inbox the Next Generation Gmail

Introducing Google Inbox the Next Generation Gmail

For those who haven’t heard the Google Inbox app has been ‘rolled-out’ to a select audience in early fall and is designed for giving you more control over how you view or manage your email messages! The intent of this new app offered by Google is to bring more ‘sense’ and ‘calm’ to an inbox that may otherwise leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated!

Check out more about this new Google app for managing and viewing your email messages and to see, in your opinion, whether it delivers on the hype by clicking on the video found immediately below…

The new Google inbox app is a radically different approach to the way you currently manage and view email messages! The above video shares with you several features and benefits this clever app offers along with a few customization tips for good measure! In the end it’s all about taking control of that sometimes ‘intimidating’ inbox simply because who needs and/or wants to be feeling overwhelmed every time they check their email messages?

Managing Time to Maximize Your Online Income


Managing time to be more productive when working online is a crucial issue that tends to get overlooked! The talk is all about social media today and how it can help grow your business, website design, content marketing and of course seo! The fact is without learning how to put your time to good use in a very distracting environment you stand little chance of being successful!

Let’s take a closer look how to best manage your work schedule to be more productive and of course profitable on the web!

Diving right in let’s first look at one of the most popular strategies for generating traffic where proper time use can be an issue…

Create a social media toolkit for better time management

If I need to flip over and get something from my personal account during the day, I can, but my work computer is set to my professional Chrome account, which makes it easier to manage my work tools. The flip scenario is also good — I keep my home computer set to my generates a report letting you know the best times to post to Twitter. This is the type of tool that you can check in with occasionally, doesn’t take time to master, and helps you optimize your time online.

Time Management Tips for Content Marketers

Clock Online marketers face special challenges when it comes to staying focused. Our bread and butter revolves around social interaction. Twitter, Facebook, instant messages, text messages, blogs and a vast array of other

One of the most popular and widely used platforms for marketers online is a blog! Of course to properly maintain it can easily burn many hours daily if you don’t take the proper measures to organize your efforts…

Blog Time Management: Lessons From Mom

Blog time management helps you to create a structure and schedule to ensure your blog becomes part of your regular routine. Here are three steps to blog time management. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

Now onto a quick video wrap-up for all you internet marketers wanting to get more done in less time…

Managing time in order to be more productive as an internet marketer is an absolute necessity! The fact is if entrepreneurs don’t master this aspect of their online business they will be working harder and longer hours! In addition social media today has proven to be an important source of traffic and this can really burn the time! Having only 24 hrs in each day therefore demands that marketers focus more keenly on finding or developing strategies to make each day more productive! This is exactly why the above suggestions, tips and strategies have been presented to you here today! Now put these suggestions to work so that you can make some money in the most efficient manner possible!

The Value of Time to Online Entrepreneurs

The value of time can not be overstated when it comes to what it represents to any internet marketer! For many people improving the quality of their lives is the single biggest motivational factor involved in their pursuit of an internet income! As coincidental as it seems it is time that is required to build a profitable business and also the same ‘commodity’ that people want more of in their personal lives to enjoy leisurely! Thus we’re looking at the resource of time playing a significant role in both the success of the internet marketer and also their reason for wanting to succeed so they can enjoy more of it in their personal lives!

Here’s a quick look at why time, or as we’ll refer to it as, the commodity, is so valuable in terms of earning an internet income!

It Is NOT Renewable

For this reason alone it MUST be cherished and used wisely since it is not a ‘right’ but rather a ‘gift’ to you! This is regardless as to whether you consider its use for building an internet income or how you want to spend it with family, friends or other personal reasons! When you only have a limited amount of any type of resource that is of such great value you must learn to use it and appreciate it the very best you can! Make no mistake, building a profitable business online will required plenty of this valuable resource along with plenty of patience which only YOU can supply!

It Increases Your Effectiveness

Delivering the right message, product or service at the right time can be the difference between HUGE success or dismal business failure! It is and will be the timely delivery of your promotional campaigns or product presentations that can be the difference as to how successful you actually become working online! Catching trends or even people in a timely fashion is what makes any internet marketer more successful!

It Is Your Why

Working online you are likely looking for more free time and to improve the quality of your life as mentioned above! Well this is a pretty big source of motivation for any internet marketer and if you can’t get motivated and stay that way you stand little chance of building a profitable business! Now you’re not only using this commodity as a working and functional resource for building your success but also as a source of motivation!

Hopefully our discussion above has brought to light or at least made clearer, the value of time can not and must not be overlooked! This commodity is very much needed to build a profitable business if that is your motivation as an internet marketer as well as enjoying the lives we’re meant to live! Earning an internet income allows for greater independence which is what every entrepreneur seeks and the primary reason behind this motivation is using time as you see fit! Use it wisely and cherish it always!