Overcoming 5 Common Barriers to Achieving Success

Achieving success is a very fulfilling moment for anybody willing to endure the effort and sacrifice it took to accomplish goals they had set for themselves. The sad fact is however that many fail to ever meet their goals and objectives leaving them feeling empty and discontent. Whether it is success in life or success in business just about everybody has the desire to achieve one or the other or both. What is it that keeps people from gaining the inner happiness and contentment that is a natural by-product of this personal achievement?

Let’s have a look at 5 common barriers that either inhibit or stop people in their pursuit of any goals and objectives that they may have.

Lack of Direction

To set goals you first need to determine what it is that you want to accomplish. As strange as it may seem to goal oriented people there are those who are content to just ‘float’ along without any attempt to better themselves or their situation.

On the other hand there are those who do have goals but are unfamiliar with how to establish the proper plan or necessary steps needed to reach their objectives. This is often why many fail to achieve the success in business that they are looking for.

Negative Feedback

Receiving negative feedback from your peers is the quickest way to undermine your own self-confidence and thereby give up your goals or beliefs. The key here is to identify this ‘pitfall’ in advance and avoid these types of people. There is no better or quicker way to lose your enthusiasm, motivation, or positive energy then to have people like this drain you with their constant ‘negative’ reinforcement. Inspiration is what is needed to maintain motivation not criticism or ridicule!

Fear of Failure

As crazy as it seems it is ‘normal’ psychology for people to fear failure and as a result decide to not even try. The ‘reasoning’ is that if you do not try you can not fail. As ‘twisted’ as this may seem to some it is a ‘workable’ psychological defense for people afraid to fail.

Don’t Know How to Set Goals

Goal setting involves not only determining ‘exactly’ what it is you want but also evaluating whether your goals are realistic. Do you possess or have access to the needed skills and resources that are required to attain these goals.

Ambition is great but ‘blind’ ambition will only set you up for failure and frustration. Repeated failure and frustration will discourage any future goal setting by these same people therefore it is important to keep goals realistic. Anything other than that is a dream.

Lack of Motivation

Some people possess the mentality of ‘it was a good idea at the time’ and therefore quickly retreat when they are confronted with challenges in pursuit of their goals.

A strong inner desire is needed to achieve any goals worthy of note. A lack of motivation is probably the most common reason people ‘give up when chasing after any objectives they set for themselves.

Achieving success is something that anybody would welcome in their lives. The joy and fulfillment that comes when you accomplish goals you have set for yourself is a reward worth having all by itself. Unfortunately however there are certain common barriers that can block people from the success in business or even life they so deeply want. As we have identified above some barriers can even completely block any attempts at putting forth any effort whatsoever. By having a clearer understanding of what causes these barriers however we can place ourselves in a better position to avoid or break through them. The end result should be that many people will now experience the joy of personal achievement that at one time eluded them. This in turn will lead to a richer and more rewarding life.

3 Keys to Success for Marketing Online

There are certain keys to success that must be recognize by just about everyone who intends to earn a living marketing on the internet. It matters not who you are since all online entrepreneurs are exposed to an enormous amount of distractions. It is those who learn how to ‘manage’ these distractions that will likely become successful marketing online. Dealing with all the ‘information’ floating about on the internet can be distracting, confusing and even over-whelming.

Here are 3 rules that if applied correctly will help you become successful when marketing on the internet.

Choose the Right Business Model

The selection of the business model is extremely important since you do want it to match up well with your interests and skill sets. Another consideration is the investment of capital and this is normally a major factor in most everyone’s’ decision making process. Yet another point to consider is the amount of time it may take to break into profit and this often varies depending upon which business model you may be looking at.

Keep Your Focus

The internet has been appropriately dubbed the information super highway and there is a reason for that. There is so much information streaming around online pertaining to just about any subject you could possibly imagine. Breaking news, email, online games and so forth are all competing for your time and attention. This could be and is a major distraction if you do not maintain the focus needed to efficiently and effectively manage your business.

Another ‘aspect’ of this information addresses those ‘new’ ideas or methods related to conducting business online. There is ALWAYS a newer and better way of doing business or so it seems so avoid the temptation of jumping from opportunity to opportunity. By doing this all you will have to show for your frantic efforts is a string of ‘incomplete’ businesses you started up but never followed through on.

You will NEVER accomplish anything if you do not give it a chance to work first.

Too Much Info Can Be Bad

Now the saying goes that content is king and this is very true however if you do not handle the information properly it could also be disruptive or damaging.

Only deal with what you can handle or is applicable to your immediate needs at the time. Master what you are doing than learn and add new things as you go along. Rome was not built in a day nor will your online business be built overnight.

When marketing on the internet the keys to success will always be rooted in your ability to maintain focus. Online entrepreneurs contend everyday with an onslaught of information that can easily distract them and derail their business. No matter what degree of experience you may have online this information ‘firestorm’ can have an adverse effect on your efforts if you let it. The 3 rules we reviewed here are intended to help you determine your direction and than maintain your course. By establishing your path and maintaining your focus your chances to become successful online will increase DRAMATICALLY.

Your Online Success in Business Depends on 3 Things

Your online success in business will be dependent upon a number of factors over the span of time. Marketing on the internet is still a relatively new frontier that many are trying to figure out. Due to the dynamic nature of internet marketing online entrepreneurs are continuously grappling with new ‘wrinkles’ that affect their business. Regardless of any changes however there are few vital areas fundamental for business success that online entrepreneurs will always need to focus upon.

Market and Technical Knowledge

Like any business you must have a basics understanding of the demands and trends in the market you select. This is not to say you need to be an expert but the more you know the more effective your efforts will be and the more your business will flourish. Marketing on the internet does indeed present entry level opportunities people may not get in an off-line business but some knowledge is still required.

Working online will also require that you have a fundamental understanding of certain technical aspects involved in marketing on the internet. Whether it is building a website or promotional in nature unless you can afford to hire somebody to operate your business you will need to possess some ‘hands on’ knowledge.

Interpersonal Skills

Promoting on the internet will involve the use of some type of interpersonal skills since you will be attempting to persuade other to make purchases from you. Now the vast majority of contact you make will be through your promotional efforts thereby developing decent copy writing skills will be critical. You will need to know how to push the ’emotional triggers’ that will motivate prospects into making purchases. To do this obviously a basic understanding of how to interact with others will be needed.

Ethically Responsible

Dishonest or unethical business practices will not be tolerated any more on the internet then they are off-line. In fact just recently the FTC has tightened up their policies concerning online business practices and how they will monitor them.

If your goals are to achieve long term success you can not expect to do so by developing a reputation as being unethical in the way you conduct business or treat customers.

To attain success in business, online entrepreneurs will constantly need to be adapting to the changing landscape of internet marketing. Having the ability to manage a business in such a dynamic environment will help to determine the degree success you can expect marketing on the internet. The 3 fundamentals referred to above however are all unchanging and necessary requirements for business success. If any of these areas can not be adequately addressed a solid foundation for business success over the long term will never be established. It is therefore important to maintain your unwavering focus on any needed technical and people skills and to do all this in an acceptable manner.

How to Increase Personal Productivity While Working Online

Since the majority of online entrepreneurs work alone on the internet their success is dependent upon their own personal productivity. Most people starting an online business normally have a small budget to work with so it is up to them to do it all. Therefore increasing productivity is critical for the majority of people when marketing on the internet.

Let’s look at 5 different ways in which online entrepreneurs can save time and energy while increasing productivity.

Leverage Your Own Efforts

Learning to ‘multi-purpose’ previous articles, sales copy or blog post can save you a lot of time and effort. Take some of your older blog post and use them as outlines for new articles you can submit. Along the same lines by scaling down some of your older articles you can use them as blog posts. These are great ways for increasing productivity without much additional effort.

Do not discard any old sales copy but instead use it as a ‘template’ that you can put back to work for any other product or project that may be applicable.

Walk Away When Feeling Unproductive

Ever have those days when you find yourself just staring at the computer screen? When this occurs learn to simply turnoff the computer and go do something else. There is not much sense to wasting time on something you are not being productive. Instead go find something you can accomplish or if nothing more take a ‘breather’ and let your ‘batteries’ recharge until you are feeling more productive.

Unplug for a Change

Purposely take time away from your computer screen when you can. For instance if you can do with a pen and paper what you are doing on your computer than choose to work offline for a while. Things such as drawing out a weekly plan, article outlines or even ideas for a blog post can be done away from the computer.

Getting away from your computer screen will serve a couple of purposes. It will give you a refreshing change of scenario while also allowing your eyes some much needed rest from the computer screen.

Limit Your Computer Time

Set time limits on your computer use. By doing this you will find that you work more efficiently and productively. Setting time limits makes you more aware of what needs to be done and how to do it in the quickest way. It forces you to focus on your online business.

Time limits also help you to stop non-productive behavior such as aimless browsing, game playing or email checking.

Encourage More Participation on Blog

If you have a blog, as most marketing on the internet do, you want to encourage your readers to leave more comments. By increasing reader participation there is a stronger sense of community at the blog and this is something readers enjoy. Also and just as important these comments can also give you new ideas for content or making improvements.

Your personal productivity plays a key factor in the success you will have when marketing on the internet. It is typical for most when starting an online business to be the ‘sole’ employee therefore time and productivity are important variables. The 5 tips we discussed here today are aimed at increasing productivity by saving time and getting more out of your own effort. By following the ideas these tips represent you stand to experience less personal stress and better business results for less time invested.

Marketing on the Internet – 5 Factors That Lead to Success

Marketing on the internet offers the opportunity for many to avoid the heavy outlay of cash needed to start an offline ‘brick and mortar’ type of business. Another ‘dramatic advantage that increases the chances for business success is the ability to market to a global audience. This is not to say however that online marketing is easy since there are certain aspects involved that only you can supply in order to become successful.

Here are 5 factors that will influence the degree of success in business that you will experience working online.

Knowledge Base

As in anything if you expect to succeed you need to acquire an adequate level of knowledge about what you are undertaking. If you are striving for business success online you will need to be knowledgeable about both your niche and how to market on the internet. This will be an ongoing process since the internet is constantly evolving.


Absolutely nothing gets done unless you put more than just some thought into it. Online success comes with the trial and error of your actual efforts. Taking what you learned and implementing it is the only way to know if it will work and the only way to experience the rewards when it does.


As the saying goes attitude is everything and this is especially true when operating your own business. If you are not willing to accept that things will not always go as planned when working online than pursuing an internet business may not be for you. There will be failures and you can count on that but you will never experience the success in business that you are looking for unless you try. With a poor attitude you will only succeed in making all your efforts that much harder and likely less effective.


As we have already mentioned there will be times that your efforts do not yield the results you may want. During times like this and the long hours you will be investing you will need to call upon your motivation to help keep you going. If your desire is strong enough these obstacles will not block you from the success in business you are striving to attain.


All the effort you may put into something can be severely hindered if you are not focused on what it is you are doing. By lacking the proper concentration you need to effectively carry out many tasks, this will likely lead to an increase in frustration and wasted effort. Your work days should be planned out and this plan needs to be followed to make the best use of your time and resources.

As we discussed marketing on the internet does present opportunities and advantages you will not find in an off line business. There is however certain qualities and factors only you can supply to ensure your success in business online. The 5 factors discussed above are qualities you will be need in order to become successful at whatever business you choose to pursue. These are qualities you can acquire if you are motivated enough and will serve you in any endeavor whether it is striving for business success or personal achievement.