How to Increase Personal Productivity While Working Online

Since the majority of online entrepreneurs work alone on the internet their success is dependent upon their own personal productivity. Most people starting an online business normally have a small budget to work with so it is up to them to do it all. Therefore increasing productivity is critical for the majority of people when marketing on the internet.

Let’s look at 5 different ways in which online entrepreneurs can save time and energy while increasing productivity.

Leverage Your Own Efforts

Learning to ‘multi-purpose’ previous articles, sales copy or blog post can save you a lot of time and effort. Take some of your older blog post and use them as outlines for new articles you can submit. Along the same lines by scaling down some of your older articles you can use them as blog posts. These are great ways for increasing productivity without much additional effort.

Do not discard any old sales copy but instead use it as a ‘template’ that you can put back to work for any other product or project that may be applicable.

Walk Away When Feeling Unproductive

Ever have those days when you find yourself just staring at the computer screen? When this occurs learn to simply turnoff the computer and go do something else. There is not much sense to wasting time on something you are not being productive. Instead go find something you can accomplish or if nothing more take a ‘breather’ and let your ‘batteries’ recharge until you are feeling more productive.

Unplug for a Change

Purposely take time away from your computer screen when you can. For instance if you can do with a pen and paper what you are doing on your computer than choose to work offline for a while. Things such as drawing out a weekly plan, article outlines or even ideas for a blog post can be done away from the computer.

Getting away from your computer screen will serve a couple of purposes. It will give you a refreshing change of scenario while also allowing your eyes some much needed rest from the computer screen.

Limit Your Computer Time

Set time limits on your computer use. By doing this you will find that you work more efficiently and productively. Setting time limits makes you more aware of what needs to be done and how to do it in the quickest way. It forces you to focus on your online business.

Time limits also help you to stop non-productive behavior such as aimless browsing, game playing or email checking.

Encourage More Participation on Blog

If you have a blog, as most marketing on the internet do, you want to encourage your readers to leave more comments. By increasing reader participation there is a stronger sense of community at the blog and this is something readers enjoy. Also and just as important these comments can also give you new ideas for content or making improvements.

Your personal productivity plays a key factor in the success you will have when marketing on the internet. It is typical for most when starting an online business to be the ‘sole’ employee therefore time and productivity are important variables. The 5 tips we discussed here today are aimed at increasing productivity by saving time and getting more out of your own effort. By following the ideas these tips represent you stand to experience less personal stress and better business results for less time invested.

Marketing on the Internet – 5 Factors That Lead to Success

Marketing on the internet offers the opportunity for many to avoid the heavy outlay of cash needed to start an offline ‘brick and mortar’ type of business. Another ‘dramatic advantage that increases the chances for business success is the ability to market to a global audience. This is not to say however that online marketing is easy since there are certain aspects involved that only you can supply in order to become successful.

Here are 5 factors that will influence the degree of success in business that you will experience working online.

Knowledge Base

As in anything if you expect to succeed you need to acquire an adequate level of knowledge about what you are undertaking. If you are striving for business success online you will need to be knowledgeable about both your niche and how to market on the internet. This will be an ongoing process since the internet is constantly evolving.


Absolutely nothing gets done unless you put more than just some thought into it. Online success comes with the trial and error of your actual efforts. Taking what you learned and implementing it is the only way to know if it will work and the only way to experience the rewards when it does.


As the saying goes attitude is everything and this is especially true when operating your own business. If you are not willing to accept that things will not always go as planned when working online than pursuing an internet business may not be for you. There will be failures and you can count on that but you will never experience the success in business that you are looking for unless you try. With a poor attitude you will only succeed in making all your efforts that much harder and likely less effective.


As we have already mentioned there will be times that your efforts do not yield the results you may want. During times like this and the long hours you will be investing you will need to call upon your motivation to help keep you going. If your desire is strong enough these obstacles will not block you from the success in business you are striving to attain.


All the effort you may put into something can be severely hindered if you are not focused on what it is you are doing. By lacking the proper concentration you need to effectively carry out many tasks, this will likely lead to an increase in frustration and wasted effort. Your work days should be planned out and this plan needs to be followed to make the best use of your time and resources.

As we discussed marketing on the internet does present opportunities and advantages you will not find in an off line business. There is however certain qualities and factors only you can supply to ensure your success in business online. The 5 factors discussed above are qualities you will be need in order to become successful at whatever business you choose to pursue. These are qualities you can acquire if you are motivated enough and will serve you in any endeavor whether it is striving for business success or personal achievement.

Your 7 Keys to Success Online

When marketing on the internet there are 7 keys to success you must keep in mind and use as a guide in your online journey. If you have any expectations of achieving great success as an online entrepreneur it is important to realize the road to success starts with YOU!

The degree to which you find success or for that matter failure will not be dependent upon what you know or what skills you may have. Your level of accomplishment will however require a positive mental attitude, a sense of realism and a solid work ethic. If you can supply those 3 attributes then you are ready to start marketing on the internet.

Here are 7 key components that will significantly influence your online efforts and determine whether they will result in great success or failure.

Positive Mindset

Approaching your online business you should be confident and enthusiastic. To possess any other type of mindset would indicate this may not be a good decision on your part. Maintaining a positive mental attitude will serve to make your efforts not only seems easier but also most likely more effective.

Expect to Invest Your Time

Remember that this is a business that will require your time and effort. Even though many of the tasks involved can be somewhat automated you will still need to set them up and monitor the progress. This type of business is like any other except you will be using a computer therefore time and effort will need to be invested.

Expect Obstacles

It is not realistic to assume everything will go according to YOUR plan so be prepared to face ‘unexpected’ obstacles. It is also equally important to not let yourself get discouraged or frustrated when these obstacles do arise. All you can control is your own actions and how you react to the obstacles that do confront you.

Expect to Make Mistakes

Assume, expect or even plan on making mistakes since it is going to happen after all you are only human and mistakes are a natural part of the learning process. Learn from the mistakes you do make and try not to repeat them. Marketing on the internet involves a constantly changing environment which means new things to learn and as a result mistakes to be made.

Break Away From the Pack

You are entering an industry where plenty of people have succeeded before you so you know it can be done. Learn from the successes of others but that doesn’t mean you need to ‘duplicate’ the path they took. Initiate your own ideas using business models that have proven to be successful in the past. You will generally find greater success in business and less competition by breaking away from the herd and blazing a new trail.

Build a List

It is recommended that from the earliest stages of your business to take the necessary measures to build a list of contacts. Setting up a squeeze page is something you should incorporate into the ‘launching’ of your business. Long term success on the internet is usually dependent upon having a list of contacts that you can promote to through email.

Put Customers First

Always remember the customer is your top priority and without them you have no business. Listen to their feedback and address their concerns since this will keep them satisfied and their feedback should help you to improve your business.

Ultimately the keys to success when marketing on the internet lie more within you and your willingness to be realistic and invest the effort. Having a positive mental attitude is a great start but that alone will not create the great success you are looking for. The 7 components we discussed above are a mixture of your own mindset and the work ethics you will need to succeed. If you have these attributes you have the ability to write your own ticket using the internet as your portal to the succeeding in the world of e-commerce.

5 Tips for Achieving Success in Business

It can be said that achieving success in business is similar to realizing your own personal success insofar as the steps required are quite similar. Accomplishing any professional goals always begins with an established and well thought out plan.  Once the plan has been set it is then your personal responsibility to implement it correctly. In fact the key to success at this point is in how much commitment and resolve you possess to successfully work the plan. Are you willing to take personal accountability to see this plan through?

Let’s look at 5 steps you must take in order to reach any of your business objectives successfully.

Establish Your Goals

Determining what your professional goals are is the very first step towards reaching them. These goals need to be well thought out and realistic. Consideration must be give to whether these goals are in alignment with your ultimate objectives and also if you have the skill set and resources to even pursue them.

Believe in Yourself

If you do not think you can really accomplish any objectives you have targeted for yourself then you are probably right! The biggest barrier you will encounter in achieving any type of success in business or otherwise will be yourself. You must believe you can do what it is you set out to do.

As we have already mentioned do not let your ‘ambition’ over rule any reasoning by selecting goals you do not have the skills or resources to legitimately pursue.

Monitor Your Attitude

It is critical to recognize that setting your goals is just the first and perhaps easiest phase of actually accomplishing them. Remember these are YOUR goals so you must take the personal responsibility of seeing to it that each and every necessary task is completed in order to reach them.

Along the way you can expect that not all your efforts will be as successful as you would like. In fact the occurrence of some errors may lead to unforeseen problems. Pointing fingers or passing blame can and will only make matters work and delay your progress. At this point you must take personal accountability for any ‘snafus’ and focus on correcting these problems. The quicker you do this the quicker you will be back on track towards achieving your intended objectives.

Take Action

Nothing gets done without you actually taking the necessary actions needed to reach any objectives. Remember the planning stages where we set our goals? Well that stage is completed and we have now moved on to the point where we are implementing the plan. Implementation requires actions being taken and it is that stage that makes your plans a reality.

Don’t Repeat Your Mistakes

Yes mistakes will be made and you can pretty much count on it however do not let it get you down or delay your progress for any longer than necessary. Unless you are a cyborg I will assume that you are only human and humans do make mistakes. Learn from any errors and take note of what it is that did not go right and why. By paying attention you most likely will never commit that same error again.

Gaining any degree of success in business requires planning and commitment on your part. Any professional goals you may set will require you taking personal responsibility to see that they are reached successfully. The steps involved will need your participation at least from the standpoint of ensuring each task is completed correctly. Achieving success in anything will always require your personal accountability for things that may go either right or wrong. Without this level of involvement the success can not rightfully be called yours. The 5 steps we discussed above merely serve as a ‘map’ for you to get where you want to go but the real key to success rests within you.