Effective Squeeze Pages Apply Common Sense

As most are aware squeeze pages are used to build a list of people interested in what you promote when working online. This approach has proven to be a very effective and cost efficient way to build your business. The key is convincing people to leave their contact information and the best way to do so is with the offer of a free giveaway in exchange for this information. Understanding that this offer is what entices people to opt in it simply stands to reason that the more value people place in the free giveaway the more likely they will opt in!

Following this reasoning here are 3 simple steps to follow when designing a ‘killer’ squeeze page that will help you build a list and thus build your business as well!

Find a Problem

Starting with placing a focus on the free giveaway you will be offering look out into the niche you are working in and locate a very common problem. It is best that this problem is universal insofar as everybody within the niche has or will encounter it and the bigger the better Now it is quite likely you will find multiple problems that need to be addressed so simply make note of each one you locate.

Develop a Solution

Some of the problems you have listed will likely be difficult to solve so move on the ones you can develop a solution for. Remember you are going to use your solution to develop an enticing free giveaway to help you build a list. It is therefore important to be mindful of the time you invest so there is little need to tackle the most difficult problems you may have discovered. A simple solution to a simple problem will be just fine for your purposes here.

With your solution in hand create a brief report or tool that people will appreciate and therefore attach some value to and use this as your free giveaway!

Develop a Squeeze Page

Now that you have a gift you can offer people within your targeted niche build your squeeze page around the features and benefits of this offer. It is important to focus only on your free giveaway and nothing more since the sole objective on this page is to simple entice people to join your list!

Being squeeze pages are used ONLY to collect contact information of visitors you want to focus on making them an offer they can not refuse! The gift you offer will be very influential as to whether people will opt in or not. The 3 steps discussed above suggest that first developing a gift that people will be attracted to and then to build your opt in page around your offer. In doing so your opt in rates will likely increase allowing you to build a list that much quicker. In the end you’ll have a more focused group to which you can market your products thus allowing you to build your business with more ease and speed!

Squeeze Pages Build Lists NOT Relationships

When building squeeze pages the initial attitude should not be that they are for making money but rather for building relationships. You see ultimately your success online will be based upon your ability to build trust with your list members. In time this trust will help to increase your marketing effectiveness with them and since you have their contact information it makes it relatively easy to promote to them. But your first priority must be to first focus on building relationships to make all this work.

Here are 3 things you must keep in mind when collecting the contact information of others that will help accelerate your success online!

Product Is Secondary

No product offering is made on this page in fact in most cases there is not even any mention of what you are promoting. The focus of most squeeze pages goes no further than capturing contact information of visitors and this is normally done with the offer of a free gift. The only features or benefits spoken of are about the gift you offer and not products you have for sale!

Capturing visitor contact information is your ONLY objective, that is it!

Relationship Building Is the Goal

Now that you have a persons contact information you need to focus on building relationships and NOT trying to sell them anything. It is way too easy for people to unsubscribe so do not tempt them to do so by immediately ‘blitzing’ them with promotions and other sales tactics. Offer useful information and make people feel welcomed and glad that they are on your list. Over time this will end up profiting you but you must first build trust and develop the relationship!

Reliability and Trust Scores!

If you have taken the time to show the people on your list that you have value you can and will share with them they will feel a stronger appreciation towards you. This appreciation breeds trusts and loyalty and it is at this point where periodic promotional messages can and should be sent to them. Because you took the time to build trust with these people they will now be more receptive to your marketing messages. It is now that your previous patience and diligence will begin to pay off for you in terms of dollars and cents.

Putting up squeeze pages will ultimately lead to making money however the initial emphasis absolutely must be to first build trust with the people on your list. Effort must be placed on building relationships which means to put your marketing efforts on hold. This can be more effectively accomplished by keeping in mind the 3 things discussed above that you are wanting to achieve with the list you are building. By maintaining this approach and mindset you are not only building relationships which will make your future promotional efforts more effective but also gaining the loyalty of list members! Of course in the end this loyalty leads to repeat sales and greater success online for you!

How to Prepare Your Squeeze Page Message

Your squeeze page in most cases will go a long way in determining your online success since it is the most important tool you got to help you build a list. What we are addressing here today is how to ‘smooth’ out the rough edges that may still exist on any web pages you may use when developing an opt in list for your business.

Here are 3 areas to consider when composing and placing content for use on any web page in order to help you build a list to which you can promote!

Crystal Clear Message

You have a message to deliver and that is you want people to join your opt in list therefore you must focus on encouraging them to do so. Normally this is done with the offer of a free gift so focus on the gift and the benefits it will offer people who choose to opt-in. Be very clear about these benefits and also ‘exactly’ what visitors must do next in order to join your opt in list!

Concise As Possible

Along the same lines of delivering a crystal clear message keep what you have to say as brief as possible. The use of too many words can serve to distract and/or bore visitors which in either case will discourage them from leaving their contact information. Besides you only have one message to deliver so the volume of your content on this page needs only to be minimal at best!

Orderly Delivery of Message

It is very important to not overlook the ‘order’ in which you present the content on this page! Tell visitors the what, why and how of your intended message and in that order so as to Not confuse them. You want to immediately capture their attention and your offer of a free gift will help do just that. From there you speak about the benefits they will enjoy and then tell them ‘exactly’ what they must do to get their gift, which of course is to leave their contact information!

Remember your online success will be very dependent upon your ability to communicate clearly with people whether you are selling something or simply trying to build a list!

The effectiveness of your squeeze page will be closely related to the degree of online success you experience since you will depend upon it to help you build a list. Make no mistake, this component of your marketing strategy will always be in need of constant testing and tweaking but you want to at least lay a solid foundation! The 3 areas addressed above concern how to ‘deliver’ the all important message you will display in order to convince people to join your opt in list. By insuring that your message is clear, concise and presented in a sensible way you give yourself the best chance at developing the opt in list you need to enjoy the online success you seek!

Why Squeeze Pages are Indisputably Necessary

Although there are some reluctant to use squeezes pages being they believe it hurts their sales, nothing could be further from the truth. These pages should in fact be considered integral components of any online business development strategy and the discussion here today is going to explain why! When building a list it is necessary to direct people to a simple page designed for no other reason than to collect contact information. Nothing is offered for sale, these visitors either opt in or they leave and some marketers wince at the thought of passing up a sales opportunity! Now why is it, that when you build your business, trying to collect contact information ‘before’ trying to make a sale (profit) is such a good idea?

Here are 3 benefits building a list offers any online marketer that should not be overlooked, can not be denied and absolutely why it should be done!

Traffic Generation Takes Effort

Much of the effort involved in operating any online enterprise goes into getting people to your websites or blogs! Traffic generation consumes a lot of time, energy and other resources therefore it makes little sense to just let the result of these efforts slip away! In a sense what you are doing is recycling these efforts when building a list since you can now make repeated contact with these people. This saves a heck of a lot of time and effort later on!

Develop Relationships

Based upon the fact that you can now ‘stay in touch’ with people who have left you their contact information allows you to develop a relationship with them. In doing so they will likely become more receptive to your promotional efforts thereby increasing your sales which will obviously help you to build your business faster.

Cost Effective and Efficient

Can you think of a more cost effective and efficient way to promote online other than sending out emails to people willing to receive them? From a cost and effectiveness standpoint list building has got to be the best business development strategy you can find.

For any online business the use of squeeze pages should be consider a cornerstone of any internet business development strategy! Many people working online find it difficult to accept the concept that collecting a page visitors contact information is more important than making a sale. On the other hand being most entrepreneurs are profit driven, this is an understandable stance for them to take. The point here however is that when you build your business collecting contact information should be a priority. The 3 benefits building a list offers, as explained above offer a line of reasoning that is hard to deny and why list building needs to be at center stage in your business development strategy!

3 Reasons Blogs Make Great Squeeze Pages

Squeezes pages serve a vital role when it comes to building a list for business purposes online. One drawback to setting up a separate page for collecting names however is if people do not join your opt-in list they leave the page and are gone, forever! Conversion rates on these pages are notoriously low, which is a shame considering the hard work you invested in generating the traffic. Worse yet these people are never even ‘exposed’ to any sales offerings you may have since their only option was to either opt in or leave. What if however, you were to set up a small business blog that allows people the option of ‘choosing’ to join your opt-in list while allowing them to continue navigating your site?

Here is a look at 3 distinct advantages using a small business blog for building a list presents you and how it would increase your opt in conversion rates!

No Pressure

Let’s face it when you present people the ‘ultimatum’ of giving you their contact information or they get nothing, well that is pressure. People do NOT like to be pressured but they DO like to have options. When you set up a small business blog that can capture names but still allows visitors to look around nonetheless you allow them a choice with no pressure! If the content is good perhaps they bookmark or grab your feed. If your content continues to deliver…bingo! Nothing like having repeat visitors to your squeeze page!


Once people subscribe to your blog or take the feed they will often refer friends or colleagues as well. Now you have others helping to generate traffic for your small business blog thereby allowing you more time to focus on creating great content. As these people become more loyal to your site it is only natural for their resistance to, or fear of joining your opt-in list to decrease. At this point good things are happening as you are now building a list with the help of your loyal readers.

Site Interactivity

Once people land on your blog and see the interactivity, this sense of community helps to create a friendlier and less invasive environment. Although new visitors may not opt-in immediately it is a good bet that they will return perhaps to join another day. Your small business blog is now serving as a ‘welcome mat’ as oppose to a more ‘threatening’ and impersonal squeeze page! As the saying goes, you get more with honey than vinegar!

Squeeze pages serve only one function and that is to get people to join your opt-in list however their conversion rates are normally very low. To make matters worse, unless folks opt in, they never even see a sales page. On the other hand using a small business blog for building a list makes sense from the standpoint that people may return and will always be exposed to any sales offerings regardless! As suggested above using this option does present some very strong arguments, and for the serious business builder this approach is definitely worth considering.