3 Tools Needed for Marketing on the Internet

Whether you are just starting an online business or have been marketing on the internet for some time it is absolutely critical to maintain a noticeable presence. Losing the ability to keep contact with existing customers or to attract news ones could easily crush a business. It is therefore essential to all online entrepreneurs that these communication channels be maintained. With that said there are certain things that anyone marketing online should not be without.

Here are 3 tools vital to all online entrepreneurs in order for them to generate new business while also maintaining their existing customer base.

Keyword Research Tool

Most all online entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of keyword research and its impact of attracting search engine traffic. Having a good keyword research tool is worth its weight in gold when you are marketing online.

There are many research tools available for free and versions you pay for. It is important to find one that fits all your needs and learn how to use it. A keyword research tool is something you will be using almost daily for optimizing your websites, blogs and any type of content you intend to distribute online.

Reliable Hosting

Locating a reliable hosting service is vital to ensuring that all your sites stay active online. If for whatever reason your site goes ‘down’ you are for the time being out of business. Unless you don’t mind investing a lot of effort while not making money this is something you will want to avoid. There are countless hosting companies available online that you can research.

By conducting simple searches you will be able to find reviews and customer feedback on many host providers. What you are looking for is a provider that displays a history of reliability and provides 24 hour customer care in the event your site experiences difficulties.


Assuming that your intentions are to build a sizable list, and they should be, you will need an auto-responder that will help you to maintain contact with list members.

Much like hosting providers you can conduct research on auto-responders that reflect great customer feedback and at a fair price. You are looking for an auto-responder that has a high rate of delivery when sending out your emails.

When marketing on the internet you can not afford to lose contact with the global community at large or your existing customers in particular. Being out of contact for even a short period of time could severely damage your business. It is therefore important whether you are a seasoned marketer or just starting an online business from home that you have some means with which to communicate with the market. The 3 tools we discussed above will provide those means.

Your 7 Keys to Success in Business

For any professional goals and objectives you may have there are 7 consistent keys to success you must follow for business success to be yours. These keys are not really complicated nor do they require special skills to be properly implemented. All that is really needed is for you to possess the ambition and resolve it will take to reach the goals you set.

Here are the 7 keys to unlocking your potential and achieving the professional success you seek.


In order for business success to be achieved you first need to envision the ‘complete picture’ of what it is you want to achieve. From that point you can literally ‘backtrack’ by piecing together the plan that will help to complete this picture you envision.

It is also of equal importance to maintain this ‘vision’ in your mind as an incentive or motivation to keep your efforts moving forward as you enact the plan.

Be Realistic

When establishing any goals or objectives you are putting together for your ‘vision quest’ you need to be realistic. Careful consideration must be given to whether you have the necessary resources or skills to achieve the goals you are setting.

Develop a Plan of Action

Your professional success at achieving any goals will usually require a well thought out plan of action. This plan should enable you to methodically accomplish each objective you have already listed that is necessary to reach all your goals and realize your vision.

This plan or ‘road-map’ is crucial to the level of success you will achieve so take the necessary time and invest plenty of thought in putting it together.


You developed a plan since it is the best way for you to accomplish all the steps needed to reach your ultimate goal. It is important that you stick to the plan. The only reason you should divert from it would be if you feel it is necessary to revise the plan due to its failure to produce the required results.

Positive Attitude

As you start out on your quest it is vitally important that you truly believe you are capable of succeeding. If you have any lingering doubts dispel them first or you will only be fooling yourself and wasting your time and effort.

As the saying goes “if you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t, you’re right!”

Maintain Personal Accountability

The goals you set will only be successfully realized by you accepting the personal accountability for every action taken to reach them good or bad. Finger pointing will not get the job done if tasks are not completed correctly or at all. Someone will need to step up and ensure that the plan is being followed and that you are on track to achieve the goals you set out to reach. Nothing will get done properly or on time unless personal accountability is accepted by someone. That someone needs to be you! You must assume the personal responsibility to see things get done … correctly!

Maintain Your Resolve

Along the way things may not always go according to your plan. Unforeseen results or perhaps inefficiencies may be uncovered in the plan itself. Regardless of things like this you must maintain the resolve to continue forward. Take the time when necessary to make corrections or alter plans. Once this is done continue striving for the end result which is accomplishing all the goals set forth to reach your ultimate objective.

As you have discovered the 7 keys to success needed to reach any professional goals and objectives do not require special talents but merely the ambition to be successful. These keys are merely the individual components that need to be combined with your own efforts in order for business success to be yours.

5 Reasons Many Small Businesses Fail

Small businesses seem to come and go and it sad to see the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs crash and burn so easily. Starting your own business is a bold and admirable venture that unfortunately does not always result in having a successful business. The truth of the matter is that having the initiative or courage to undertake the task of starting a small business does not automatically makes it a success.

Why is it that so many who start a small business end up failing? Let’s have a look at 5 common reasons for failure that many businesses seem to share:

Insufficient Resources

Most people start a small business without considering it may be some time before they begin to make a profit. With that said there are personal living expenses along with business expenses that need to be met and without any income this can be a large problem. A financial squeeze on your expenses when first starting out on a business is the last thing you need. Without the proper capital to launch and sustain your business thru the infancy stages there is little chance for it to survive let alone flourish.

Inadequate Market Research

Without the proper market research beforehand you could very well end up just wasting your time and effort beginning from day one. By determining the level of competition in the market segment you want to enter you can judge whether you have the capital or experience to even compete.

If on the other hand you discover little demand for what it is you want to market than you’ve saved yourself the frustration, effort, and expense.

Diminishing Drive

Without the necessary motivation or drive, you as a small business owner will not last long. This is something you’ll need to do some soul searching on before you jump into any business. Are you a self-starter who can maintain a high level of motivation day in and day out? Are you easily discouraged by setbacks allowing them to knock you off track or are you resilient?

One thing you can count on is to expect the unexpected when running your own business. Resolve, patience, accurate research, and plenty of capital will be the assets you’ll need to be successful in your business.

Inadequate Marketing

Your advertising needs to be not only targeted to your desired customer base but also delivered in an effective means.

First starting out you’ll need to blitz the market with your advertising efforts to announce your arrival. After that you’ll want to maintain a steady presence so as to not lose any market share you may have gained and to grow your business.

If you don’t use the proper marketing techniques, and consistently, you’re wasting advertising dollars and your time. This will result in little or no business.

Focus on Your Business Plan

Every business should have a well thought out business plan. It is your ‘road map’ that you will follow to achieve the objectives you’ll need to achieve the reach the goals you want to reach.

This plan is developed and established before you even launch and should be adhered to with little or no deviation from it. Minor alterations and adjustments will be needed from time to time but the goals and objectives should always be the focus of your actions and ongoing plans..

Small businesses offer a viable and realistic opportunity for someone to escape the claws of the corporate world and gain financial freedom. Unfortunately starting your own business does not automatically come with any assurance that your efforts will be rewarded. For yours to be a successful business you’ll want to heed the 5 most common reasons for failure we spoke of above. Starting a small business is a great way to break free from the 9 to 5 grind. Just be sure you’ve done your homework beforehand and maintain the focus needed to receive the success you seek.

Starting Your Own Business – 5 Common Fears to Overcome

In starting your own business it is very common to experience a mixture of emotions. The excitement of the independence that comes with the new business and the fear of failure are the two most prominent of these emotions. In particular it is the fears that seem to take control and become the most dominant feelings.

It is common to experience certain fears with any business start up and in fact it can be an asset to you. It can create a more acute alertness within you as you investigate and research various business ideas. On the other hand it can also create a certain paralysis that prevents you from ever actually starting a business and achieving the financial independence that comes with a successful business.

Your fears and hesitations are yours and for your own personal reasons. Some may be legitimate while others, if identified correctly, can be brushed aside as insignificant.

Here we’re going to explore 5 common fears that may hold people back, sometimes unnecessarily, from pursuing the dream of running a business of their own.

Fear of the Unknown

Most people suffering from the hesitancy of starting their own business do so mainly because it is their first experience with this type of thing. Some may have never even managed a business before therefore EVERYTHING is new and unfamiliar to them. This leads to a natural lack of self confidence. But always remember experience breeds familiarity and this leads to an increase in your self confidence.

Capital Required

Many businesses may require a sizable investment just to get started. Your decision as to your business selection will be influenced by the start up capital needed along with expected operating expenses. The internet on the other hand has opened the doors to many aspiring entrepreneurs who otherwise would not have the budget to start a business.

Lacking the Necessary Skill Sets

Another normal ‘fear’ is questioning if you can develop the required skill sets needed to be successful. In most cases people in general won’t even consider a business if they feel they can’t master the skills involved and are reluctant to hire somebody that can. This determination should be made early on when selecting a business type to pursue.

Ability to Manage

Many considering starting a business have little managerial experience to speak of and this is a factor to consider. You have to determine if you have the talent, patience and/or willingness to learn or develop the skills needed to run a business.

The basis of all of this will be your time management skills. Will you be able to properly address the needs of your business in the time allotted to it? Running a business and just living your life alone can put a tremendous strain on any time management skills you may possess.

Personality Type

This should be considered a core issue when considering starting a business. Is your personality suitable to the business you’re interested in? If you’re dealing with people and you’re naturally introverted will this make you uncomfortable or will you be able to adapt?

If you decide to bring on employees do you have the ability to work with others and communicate well?

One thing you can count on is that things will not always go according to plan. How well do you deal with stress? And speaking along these lines owning a business means often times bringing work home with you, will you deal with this well?

Obviously some serious soul searching will need to be done in this area to determine as to whether your personality will be an asset or liability to you or your business.

In considering starting your own business you need to be aware that certain fears are normal. With any new business the fear of failure is usually one of the first feelings you may experience and it is not a necessarily bad thing. Having your own business will require you taking precautions you may not take otherwise because of the personal stakes involved. Just remember to do your due diligence when researching any business ideas and closely consider the above factors before you consider starting a business.