10 Life Hacks Every Small Business Owner Can Use

10 Life Hacks Every Small Business Owner Can Use

If you are a small business owner who wants to be more productive there are certain ‘adjustments’ you can make to better leverage both your time and efforts! Many entrepreneurs who have taken to the internet as a means to manage and grow their business rely heavily upon their own efforts since they typically work alone! Having said that it would seem that the single most important thing internet entrepreneurs need to succeed in their quest for success and riches is to learn how to become more productive in how they use their time! Our discussion today focuses on 10 life hacks anyone can use to be more productive when managing a small business or simply trying to get the most out of their busy days!

The video below featuring Carly Cristman offers 10 simple ‘hacks’ ready for you to begin implementing as soon as now to help make your efforts more productive while minimizing your stress…


Most every small business owner who works online usually has to rely mostly upon their own efforts therefore it seems what they need to succeed is to learn ways in which they can be more productive! By first identifying your own weaknesses and accenting your strengths you’ve already saved yourself loss time and much frustration but there is still more you can do! The discussion in the above video focuses on simple hacks you can put into use immediately to help you get more done with every day without stress or wasting time! It is important to realize these tips or hacks will also benefit you in your everyday life as well, which is of course why they are called ‘life’ hacks! Our thanks go to Carly who in the above video did such a masterful job of revealing and explaining these simple hacks that can save you much time while making you more productive as well!

Choosing Instagram for Business Over Snapchat

Choosing Instagram for Business Over Snapchat

If you’re currently using Instagram for business but are tempted to switch your attention over to Snapchat due to its rising popularity there are a few things you may want to consider! Both sites use visual content as a means to communicate thoughts or deliver a message and both are very popular with the younger generation! Snapchat however is starting to really catch fire and the eye of many social marketers as it appears to be the next ‘best’ platform to which you should hitch your mobile marketing strategy, or should you? In the past we’ve discussed spreading yourself too thin across the social media landscape by trying to be active on too many sites because your effectiveness decreases in proportion to the number of sites you use! On the other hand if something is hot, such as is the case with Snapchat, it only makes sense to check it out!

What we need to do is to take a closer look into two very similar social sites, Instagram and Snapchat, to see if the time is right to switch to Snapchat, or perhaps not!


In the above video, Chalene Johnson discusses her reasons for using Instagram for business even though Snapchat seems to be growing in popularity! Both these social sites primarily use visual content as a means to communicate and both also tend to be popular with young adults however Instagram does have more of a track record and is still a very important and effective component to any mobile marketing strategy! Charlene suggests above that ‘chasing’ after every new and promising social site will decrease your effectiveness while increasing your frustration so the question is should a switch to Snapchat be made due to its current popularity? Unless you have the time and patience to devote to yet another social media location online, it is probably wise to stick with what is currently working and that is Instagram! Simply keep on eye on how any newer sites, such as Snapchat, continue to evolve and/or develop before you decide to work them into your current mobile marketing strategy! Remember, the internet environment seems to change all the time and with those changes will come new sites as well as opportunities you can capitalize on so just be patient, observant and vigilant in your choices! In short look, listen and learn while trying to avoid the temptation to invest your valuable time into every new site that shows promise!

Working From Home While Staying Productive

Working From Home While Staying Productive

Working from home can either be a blessing for the convenience it offers you or perhaps your worst nightmare in terms of your own productivity! With the dawning of the ‘digital’ era running a small business from your home has become more a reality and less a whimsical dream but be warned, it is NOT for everybody! The home environment is typically a cozy and familiar place that people associate with family, friends and relaxation and this mindset can be difficult to change! When you use your home as a place to work from it can be challenging for anyone to maintain the discipline needed to remain focused on what you need to do!

Let’s discuss how you can set up a home office and establish the right mindset that will enable you to stay focused and be more productive when your home is also your place of work!

How to Get Work Done in a Home Office: 11 Steps

Here are some tips to keep you on track in your home office. Ad … Promise yourself that you will not come out of your office, during work hours for the purpose of …

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Understanding that the friendly environment of your home can also be a distraction and learning to manage these distractions is a great start! Now let’s discuss the essentials in terms of ‘equipment’ your office needs to keep you productive as you grow your business…

Things to make your home office legit

How much effort did you put into picking out the desk for your home office? Your chair? Wait—are you just using your laptop on a card table?

For more tips about staying motivated, organized and establishing the proper mindset to remain productive working at home, let’s listen to what Ingrid Nilsin has to say immediately below…

Working from home is something that many people have chosen to do because modern technology has made it much easier to be able to do so! Running a small business from home typically requires nothing more than an internet access and lots of discipline due to the temptations and distractions usually associated with the home environment! Our discussion(s) above focus on not only how best to set up an office but also how to establish and maintain the proper mindset you’ll need to be more productive! As mentioned above, working in the friendly confines of your own home is NOT for everybody, however with the right amount of focus and discipline along with the proper equipment, you are a prime candidate to become a successful home-based entrepreneur!

Are You Cut Out to Be Your Own Boss?

Are You Cut Out to Be Your Own Boss?

So you would like to be your own boss and who wouldn’t! The thought of being the one in control who answers only to themselves is an intoxicating idea but with all this control also comes great responsibility as in you are responsible for everything from the most minute task to the most important decisions! Being the boss means you must learn to get and stay motivated all the time because the ‘buck’ stops with you and if you don’t do it, whatever you’re trying to accomplish simply won’t get done! This is SO true for online marketers because the internet is always changing in terms of rules and regulations as well as customer needs and the very strategies used to market your business! As I mentioned above being the boss comes with great responsibilities and if you are NOT a self starter, one who can get and stay motivated, nothing of significance will ever be accomplished!

Let’s now take a closer look at the value and role of self discipline and motivation when it comes to pursuing your dreams of being a self-employed internet entrepreneur!


To be your own boss comes with much greater responsibility than simply working for someone else because it is entirely up to you to get things done! From mapping out a plan of action to actually taking the action required to accomplish your goals takes the ability to get and stay motivated which is easier said than done! You need to be able to determine what direction you need to take as well as finding solutions to problems as they might arise and if you’re not a self starter, one who is extremely self-motivated, you don’t stand a chance at being successful! Although working for somebody else is not all too appealing, at least you have a ‘team’ of others with whom you share responsibilities! On the other hand the benefits of being your own boss are hard to ignore considering you call all the shots, however, if you’re not ready to take the necessary actions when needed or are too lazy to find your own answers as mentioned in the above video, you will end up wasting a bunch of time and likely money! In the end it simply boils down to setting your fears aside and adopting the attitude of ‘just do it’ because the worst that can happen is you learn something new and that’s not so bad, is it?

3 Characteristics All Successful Entrepreneurs Share

3 Characteristics All Successful Entrepreneurs Share

Have you ever asked yourself what most successful entrepreneurs have, besides wealth, that you don’t have? What do these folks do or how do they act that helps them to be more successful than others in their field? Possessing qualities such as being willing to work and taking on each day with a high level of energy is a terrific start and something every entrepreneur must embrace but there is more! It is there attitude and how they approach their work that tends to set them apart from others and puts them on track to the success they achieve!

Let’s have a look at 3 characteristics most entrepreneurs need to have in order to be more successful than those against whom they compete!


No telling what door opportunity will come knocking on so be ready, it may involve ‘radical’ changes that should NOT be seen as barriers! Radical lifestyle changes such as relocation may be a consideration, but in today’s already ‘mobile’ society it is not something to be concerned with! The old rule applies here that when opportunity knocks, be ready to respond because it may not come knocking again!

Emphasize Your Strengths

Weaknesses only prove you to be vulnerable and lacking but emphasizing what you’re best at will make you more competitive! Nobody wants your ‘worst’ effort nor do they need to ‘linger’ on what you ‘can’t’ deliver but rather let your strengths be the primary focus of your attention! Do what you can and do it well leaving the things you’re not too good at for others to complete! In terms of productivity, you will definitely be more successful by following this strategy!

For more about why you need to ‘work to your strengths’ if being productive and successful is your ultimate goal, enjoy the following short video!


Respect Your Financial Resources

Identifying and monitoring the use of any financial resources that you have and will be using is crucial! Maintaining a positive state of mind and being willing to work is all well and good for staying motivated and productive but NOT when you’re making serious financial decisions with your own money! The best advice here is to avoid using any of your own resources’ if at all possible, unless absolutely necessary!

Successful entrepreneurs obviously have an intense sense of motivation giving them a high level of energy but that is NOT the only reason they succeed! They must be willing to work, and not just when they feel like it, to be more successful, but it is how they apply their energy and focus that sets them apart! As we discussed above here today entrepreneurs who achieve their goals do so by being open to opportunities, fiscally responsible with their resources and above all they must know their strengths! These characteristics all tend to call for a bit of discipline, self-awareness and of course possessing an openness or acceptance to change with a keen eye out for any new and promising opportunities! As mentioned earlier, being willing to work will always give you a edge over your competitors however it is how you focus your energies and efforts that give you the most success!