The Role YOUR Persistence Plays in Your Success

The Role YOUR Persistence Plays in Your Success

Is your persistence ALL that is needed to be more successful in business or life? This is something we’ve all been led to believe, that by being persistent we will get what we want, but this belief can actually be holding you back! The very definition of persistency indicates a relentlessness of effort even in the face of challenges and setbacks! The question is does your persistency discourage you from allowing the time and patience it sometimes takes for some of your efforts to actually bear fruit or perhaps even keep you from exploring other options?

Let’s take a look at the roles of persistency and patience and how they affect your efforts to be more successful than you already may be…

How to Be Persistent And Get Success

How to Be Persistent And Get Success. persistence_poster. [This is part of the expanded answers to my Twitter Q&A I do every Thursday from 330-430.

As much as persistency has been touted in the article above for playing an important role in your success, the following viewpoints tend to dramatically counter this claim…

Do You Have to Be “Persistent” to Be Successful?

What if I told you that some of the most COMMON advice given many experts, Successful Entrepreneurs, Celebrities and other Role Models was some of theĀ …

When you combine the 2 aforementioned virtues, patience and persistence, amazingly wonderful things can happen as demonstrated in the following brief video…try not to tear up!

The ‘claim’ or belief that your persistence is all that’s needed for you to be more successful has been questioned and addressed above! The points and counter-points presented to you here today indicate that ‘relentless’ persistence can actually inhibit your ability to identify other options, solutions and even opportunities in your quest to reach your goals! On the other hand a perfect compliment to your persistency would be the willingness to invest both time and patience, along with your efforts, so that your quest will be more successful while at the same time allowing you the opportunity to learn something as well! To bring it all together it would seem combining both patience and persistency is the absolute best way to reach your goals while increasing your knowledge and skill sets!

Be More Productive By Narrowing Your Focus

Be More Productive By Narrowing Your Focus

If you’re looking for ways to be more productive the answer will NOT be found in multi-tasking! Trying to complete more than one task at a time only slows you down while also compromising the quality of your results! Juggling multiple tasks makes it extremely difficult to stay focused and this makes it more challenging to avoid mistakes or to use your time efficiently! In order to increase how productively you use your time and to also boost the quality of your results you must narrow your focus to completing ONLY one task at a time which is known as single tasking!

To get a better understanding of why multi-tasking really does NOT save you time and why you need to turn your focus to only one thing at a time to increase your productivity check out the following short video!


For most people in order to be more productive you must first put aside your overly ambitious to-do list and narrow your focus to simply one thing at a time! Hopping from one task to the next actually slows down your progress, as explained above, making it very difficult to stay focused on what your doing which opens the door for you to make mistakes! By single tasking, you focus your efforts on just one thing, without interruption, thus allowing you to complete tasks quicker and with a lot less errors! Although multi-tasking may give you the impression you’re being really productive, the fact is you are just busier but not being as productive as if you kept your focus on just one task until it has been completed!

Don’t Let Others Hold You Back

Don't Let Others Hold You Back

Do the words or opinions of others hold you back from pursuing your dreams or goals? This is something that can easily happen when the people around you project their negative thinking or doubts about what it is you’re trying to achieve! When this happens, it is only normal for you to ‘question’ the legitimacy of your own abilities along with whether or not your goals are too ambitious or unrealistic! Once you begin to lose trust in yourself like this your enthusiasm or passion begins to erode as does the quality of your own efforts! Yes, other people’s opinions can indeed influence how you think as well as what goals you may choose to pursue, or not! Essentially you are allowing others to influence how you live your own life or what direction or path you may choose to take, and choices like these can be life altering!

The question is how to take back control of your own destiny while reclaiming your dreams and the answer to this is discussed in the brief video below…


Whether you are aware of this or not there are people you know, some are even family and friends, who hold you back from unleashing your ambitions and pursuing your dreams! Although many of these people have good intentions, they are constantly ‘projecting’ a pattern of negative thinking and offering their ‘opinions’ as to why you can’t or won’t succeed! Whether you’re trying to establish yourself as a successful business entrepreneur, meet the person of your dreams or master a particular sport, these people continuously undermine your confidence by telling you it can’t be done! What’s even worse is these are people who are typically close to you which makes their feelings or opinions even more meaningful to you! As Bedros stated in the above video, people like this are not necessarily trying to be mean but rather they feel inadequate for whatever reason and take comfort in keeping you from pursuing success because they do NOT possess the courage or ambition to do the same! Once you allow any type of doubt to influence your thinking you than begin to lose trust in yourself, your confidence erodes and your ambitions die! Remember, it’s YOUR life so take back control of it so that you live it with no regrets but rather with a sense of excitement, fulfillment and meaningful accomplishment! Pursue your dreams, provided they are realistic of course!

Are You REALLY Prepared to Follow Your Dreams?

Are You REALLY Prepared to Follow Your Dreams?

When you follow your dreams it is natural to assume that the process of doing so will be an enjoyable one however this is not always the case! Pursuing your dreams and aspirations can often times turn into a long and lonely road riddled with obstacles, criticism, rejections and sacrifice none of which you would typically associate with such a pursuit! On the other hand you must be absolutely committed to what inspires you in order to achieve it even if the ‘process’ of doing so is a miserable one! You must be willing to do what it takes for as long as necessary to reach your goals, provided of course they are realistic! Dream chasing however, is NOT as ‘romantic’ or ‘glamorous’ as we may tend to think, there is a darker side that calls for your unwavering commitment and as mentioned above, sacrifice!

For all you dreamers out there, let’s take a more insightful look at what it REALLY takes to successfully reach your goals!


In order to follow your dreams it is always wise to first ask yourself if you really want ‘it’ bad enough or is what inspires you more of a passing whim you’ll forget over time? The insights shared in the above video featuring Casey Neistat makes it clear that chasing dreams is not always a pleasurable experience but can actually be a long and lonely process that requires an unwavering commitment no matter how much time it takes or the obstacles you face! In the end you must be absolutely committed to what inspires you in order to achieve it even if the ‘process’ of doing so is a miserable one! You must be willing to do what it takes for as long as necessary to reach your goals, provided of course they are realistic! Thanks Casey for sharing your unique perspectives!

What Keeps Holding You Back From a Better Life?

What Keeps Holding You Back From a Better Life?

Do you aspire to a better life yet something keeps holding you back from taking the necessary steps to make this happen! You may want to build your own business, further your education or make other improvements that will enhance your life but yet you’re still reluctant to do what it takes to make things happen that will transform your aspirations into your reality? Watching life pass you by and seeing others enjoy the same things you want for yourself is like living in a silent hell! This is especially true when you get so damn entrenched in your comfort zone that even if you posses the ability to change things for the better, you still retreat back into the same life you so much want to change and/or escape! In this way you seem to be sabotaging not only your chances of success but also a life-style that will bring you joy and contentment! Well you’re not alone however if you don’t take measures to make things happen that will bring about the changes you seek or aspire to, you run the risk of watching life pass you by!

We all have our reasons for putting things off or NOT making the changes we need to make, even when capable of doing so, which brings us to this ‘wake up call’ in the following brief video featuring Amy Schmittauer!


As Amy so politely put it in the above video, you need to get off your ass and put aside any issues or reasons that are holding you back from improving your life! That’s right, no matter what may be keeping you from taking action on your dreams or aspirations, it is up to you to make things happen otherwise your dreams will remain just that, dreams! Your own reluctance to take action may result from certain fears such as the fear of success, failure or even the unknown, and this is why you may tend to retreat back into your comfort zone which ironically is the same situation your trying to escape! One thing is for certain however, unless you take that first step, be it successful or not, if you don’t try to make things happen to improve your life, nothing will change other than a growing regret that you never even tried in the first place! Just something to think about and take action on if you are so inclined…