Working From Home While Staying Productive

Working From Home While Staying Productive

Working from home can either be a blessing for the convenience it offers you or perhaps your worst nightmare in terms of your own productivity! With the dawning of the ‘digital’ era running a small business from your home has become more a reality and less a whimsical dream but be warned, it is NOT for everybody! The home environment is typically a cozy and familiar place that people associate with family, friends and relaxation and this mindset can be difficult to change! When you use your home as a place to work from it can be challenging for anyone to maintain the discipline needed to remain focused on what you need to do!

Let’s discuss how you can set up a home office and establish the right mindset that will enable you to stay focused and be more productive when your home is also your place of work!

How to Get Work Done in a Home Office: 11 Steps

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Understanding that the friendly environment of your home can also be a distraction and learning to manage these distractions is a great start! Now let’s discuss the essentials in terms of ‘equipment’ your office needs to keep you productive as you grow your business…

Things to make your home office legit

How much effort did you put into picking out the desk for your home office? Your chair? Wait—are you just using your laptop on a card table?

For more tips about staying motivated, organized and establishing the proper mindset to remain productive working at home, let’s listen to what Ingrid Nilsin has to say immediately below…

Working from home is something that many people have chosen to do because modern technology has made it much easier to be able to do so! Running a small business from home typically requires nothing more than an internet access and lots of discipline due to the temptations and distractions usually associated with the home environment! Our discussion(s) above focus on not only how best to set up an office but also how to establish and maintain the proper mindset you’ll need to be more productive! As mentioned above, working in the friendly confines of your own home is NOT for everybody, however with the right amount of focus and discipline along with the proper equipment, you are a prime candidate to become a successful home-based entrepreneur!

Get More Done Using These 10 Incredible Online Tools

Get More Done Using These 10 Incredible Online Tools

Developing strategies or tactics that will help you get more done as an internet entrepreneur is crucial to your success! When working alone, as most entrepreneurs online find themselves doing, time is likely one of your most valuable assets being it is a non-renewable resource so therefore you’ll want to use it wisely! Fortunately the internet has made available some of the most cutting-edge tools you can find to help you be more productive which is something that would be of great benefit to any internet entrepreneur!
If getting more done in a shorter period of time is something of interest to you whether you’re a business owner, blogger or both, than here are 10 tools that will definitely help you to be more productive!


Are you looking for ways to get more done and in less time regardless of whether you blog or run a web-based business? Work efficiency and time management are two things every internet entrepreneur needs to master if they want to be successful and fortunately there are tools and software found online that can and will help anybody be more productive! The above video from our friends over at iHow Tutorials feature 10 tools in particular that will help you boost your productivity and therefore better manage your time which is something any blogger or business owner wants and needs to achieve any degree of success! One final note is that these tools are NOT a guarantee that you’ll be more productive, nor are they intended to be a substitute for your own efforts, but when used the way they were designed to be used, you’ll find you get a lot more done and in less time!

Developing Self Discipline is Easier than You Think

Developing Self Discipline is Easier than You Think

Developing self discipline is something we all need to do as we take on more responsibilities or tackle new opportunities in our lives! There’s no denying that life can serve up a lot of temptations as well as challenges we may NOT relish however it is the challenges and our ability to overcome them that makes us successful! Now understandably nobody wants to crawl out of bed facing a day of challenges and stress however this is life and if you’re not willing to venture outside your comfort zone where life, although possibly mundane, is kinder, easier, gentler and a lot more familiar you’ll never grow, on any level! For people who do want to grow and learn new things, they must learn to face their fears and/or challenges even when faced with temptations they find much more pleasurable and a lot less stressful!

Acquiring and/or developing the discipline you need to succeed in many endeavors can be as simple as practicing and adopting new habits which we’re going to discuss here today!


Developing self discipline is as much a part of growing up as attending school or playing with friends! Life will offer you many challenges, some of which you may actively try to avoid, but the fact is real growth will only come to you once you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone to address these challenges! The point is many successes as well as failures are directly associated with the level of discipline the person has and this particular attribute is absolutely what you need to succeed in many aspects of your life! I do understand the reluctance of many to take the path of least resistance by avoiding opportunities or challenges that place certain demands on you, but if you have the chance to better yourself, why would you turn it away! Our discussion above with Sean McCabe offers you some simple suggestions you can put to use IMMEDIATELY, to make you more successful, productive and self-satisfied in terms of developing the discipline you need to succeed, no matter what your goals may be, provided they’re realistic!

How to Focus Better to Improve Your Results

How to Focus Better to Improve Your Results

Learning how to focus better so that you can be more productive in every aspect of your life sometimes starts with learning how to relinquish control! The fact is the more responsibilities you take on the weaker your focus and concentration will likely be since you have also ‘assumed’ more distractions which makes focusing on any one thing that much more of a challenge! Aside from that thought, are we really even focusing on the right things when we take on a challenge or goal to help us achieve what we’ve set out to achieve with the best results possible?

Let’s explore the best ways to ‘dismiss’ many needless distractions that can impede our focus while also tossing conventional wisdom aside as to where we need to direct our focus and concentration when in pursuit of any goals!

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Delegating many trivial tasks will help you concentrate more on things of greater importance of this there is no doubt! The question is where should you focus your energies and attention in order to get the best results possible? For more on this listen to what our friend George Kao has to say in the brief video below…


Learning how to focus better so you can be more productive in your quest to reach any goals or objectives starts with delegating many responsibilities in order to minimize your distractions! Additionally where you direct your focus and concentration to get the best results may not agree with conventional wisdom and these points have been discussed and explained above here today! The bottom line is to focus better, you must do what you can to minimize or even eliminate any distractions by allowing others to assume the responsibility of completing any of your least important tasks! One final note is when you are putting forth the effort to reach any goals or objectives you may have, you must concentrate on each task and NOT your end goal because your final results will simply reflect how well each task was completed! In other words every goal you achieve is merely the summation of every task you’ve completely successfully, so focus on the process, NOT the end results!

Feeling Overwhelmed and How to Control It

Feeling Overwhelmed and How to Control It

Feeling overwhelmed is typically the result of finding yourself outside your comfort zone and having to process too much information with which you have little familiarity! Left alone and unaddressed this feeling or sensation of fear, frustration or even dread, call it what you will, can literally keep you from taking action of any kind! At this point clearly you have lost trust in yourself and it is this lack of confidence that tends to paralyze you from learning new skills or being more productive! So how do you overcome or control the feeling of being overwhelmed when taking on new challenges with which you’ve got little or no prior experience?

Here is a simple 5 step process you can use to control and even reverse any overwhelming feelings you may have when you have ventured outside your comfort zone!

Speak About It

By virtue of the fact that you are sharing your feelings outwardly with others demonstrates you recognize your ordeal, great! Firstly it is always good to seek advice on problems and/or situations with which you have little experience in, or knowledge of, since their input is usually of great value! Tips, suggestions and even simple anecdotes shared by ‘networking’ with others could very well be the key to the solution of what currently confronts you! Remember, you’re confiding in people you trust so you tend to remain in your comfort zone making it easier to comprehend, analyze and act upon advise given!

Identify the Source(s)

What is or what was it that made you lose the trust in yourself you need to succeed at accomplishing a new task or learn a new skill? Do you lack the ability to comprehend or understand what you need to do to successfully learn, or apply what you have learned, in order to master a skill or complete a particular task? Whatever it is that has ‘stopped you in your tracks’ or made you believe the challenge you’re facing is beyond your capabilities must be identified so you can focus on how to resolve the issue! How can you solve any problem without first knowing what it is?

Get Yourself Organized

Once your problem or issue has been clearly identified you can now determine what it is you need to do to find the solution! This may involve further education on the subject or perhaps consideration may be given towards adopting a new strategy that will help you overcome your challenge and dissolve your feelings of being overwhelmed! You MUST take control of the situation by organizing and directing your efforts in a way that will bring a resolution as quickly and simply as possible! If the problem stems from having too much information to process at one time, SLOW DOWN and address each new piece of information individually! Divide and conquer! Remember, once you take more control over the situation you’re facing the feelings of helplessness, despair and yes, even the feeling of being overwhelmed will all fade!

Plan & Prioritize

Now that you’ve brought a bit of organization to the chaos that has formally intimidated you, you can now plan your work so you can work your plan! Determine what needs to be completed first, whether it’s a task or perhaps it may involve additional learning, to help you reach your intended goals! Once you’ve got your plan or road-map established you’ll find yourself slipping back into your comfort zone because now you know what to do and how to do it!

Take Appropriate Actions

When Feeling Overwhelmed You Need to Take ActionNow that you’ve got yourself a plan for ‘defeating’ the obstacles that have rendered you frustrated and confused, it’s a simple matter of taking action! When you know what to do and when to do so, you have now regained more trust in yourself that you can and will succeed simply because you are now in control, once again! Remember, if you think you can, you can, and if you think you can’t, you’re right, so set your mind to think in terms of success and you’ll always be facing in the right direction!

Feeling overwhelmed is NOT unusual when you find yourself trying to process too much information about anything outside your comfort zone! Although this feeling is actually quite common, especially for people who are NOT afraid to try something new, if left unaddressed it can slow your progress to a crawl! What typically happens is you begin to lose trust in yourself or your abilities to succeed at what you’re doing and this lack of confidence can undermine your willingness to even continue trying! Identifying and controlling these feelings of overwhelm is critical in your attempts to learn or master new skills that are currently outside your comfort zone! The simple 5 step process suggested above will help you ‘break down’ and systematically overcome the seeds of doubt or frustration that may arise within you when trying anything new!