5 Fears That Hold You Back and Why

5 Fears That Hold You Back and Why

Do you have fears that hold you back from trying new things that may improve your life either personally or professionally? Well it is NOT uncommon for you or anybody else to experience the feeling of anxiety once you’ve left your comfort zone to try something new! We all have certain self-doubts that inhibit our abilities to take action in particular areas and being paralyzed by fear in this way will keep you from experiencing a fuller life! The first step in overcoming fears like these is to recognized what they are and why they keep us from taking action!

Here are 5 very common fears that can and will limit the amount of success and happiness you can experience in your life and why they do so…


Being successful at anything usually takes hard work and dedication but even this does NOT guarantee success will be yours! Another thing to consider is that once you’ve achieved any measure of success, expectations of YOU will increase and this can therefore apply more pressure to many people due to higher expectations of them! Success also tends to ‘push’ people closer to the limelight and although this type attention is commonly desired, some people place a high value on their privacy and may find the attention invasive! The above scenarios all point to the discomfort associated with being removed from your comfort zone and having to adjust to newer and higher standards!


The ‘flip-side’ of success is of course failure and many are understandably paralyzed by fear that if they attempt anything new they will fail! For starters failing to achieve your goals, whatever they may be, is a humbling experience! The realization that despite your efforts yours goals were not reached is a wake-up call to not only your ego but also the fact that you may have over-reached your potential requiring you to lower your own expectations, ouch! Possibly the biggest reason we all fear failure is the embarrassment associated with others being aware of your less than successful efforts thereby diminishing your sense of worth! In this case many may feel it is better NOT to try than to try and fail!


Many have a fear of commitment due to what they may feel is a loss of their ‘current’ freedom by taking on new long-term responsibilities! Some people feel they just don’t have anymore room in their lives for additional responsibilities while others simply feel this commitment will keep them from pursuing other opportunities that may present themselves! These people just want to keep their ‘options’ open in hopes better things still await them! Dreamers like this will typically always try to avoid committing to anything including any associated responsibilities!


For many, no matter what the current status of their lives may be, the fact remains that they are familiar with what to expect! Being in your comfort zone does NOT always mean you’re doing well but rather you are ‘settled’ in your current existence and have learned to make do with it! Change is often good although sometimes it may not be, but the fact is change can be very unpredictable and who wants to deal with that?


This particular fear is simple to understand, it’s called self-preservation and most every living mammal or otherwise possesses this instinct! Only extreme thrill seekers will intentionally put themselves in harms way just for the sake of the experience and/or adrenaline rush! Most people would literally be paralyzed by fear when facing situations, intentionally or otherwise, that could lead to injury or death! Actually this is a very healthy fear to have and is one that I too possess!

Having fears that hold you back in any part of your life can typically be attributed to you venturing from your comfort zone! In many cases, fearing change like we just referred to above, can easily be overcome, but when you’re paralyzed by fear or the feeling of anxiety, obviously the issues behind these fears are more deeply rooted! By identifying what is holding you back and understanding the reasons why, you’re in a much better position to take the necessary corrective actions as we discussed above! Look, life is to be enjoyed and fully experienced, but remaining on the sidelines due to your doubts or fears will only limit the amount of success and joy you ‘allow’ into your life! Take action now and get the hell out of your comfort zone so you can fully participate in the life you have been given!

What You Need to Succeed On the Internet

What You Need to Succeed On the Internet

If you’re building a business on the internet what you need to succeed insofar as your mindset and other psychological attributes is what we’re going to discuss here today! Working online can be very exciting when you consider the entire globe is your marketplace however your business success depends upon your ability to get and stay motivated along with maintaining your focus and discipline! As important as these attributes are to your business success, it is can be somewhat easy to overlook how critical they are in terms of how quickly you get the results you seek or even how discouraged you may become when setbacks occur!

The following article discusses the role passion plays in your ability to get and stay motivated and what you can do when you’ve lost your enthusiasm for what you’re doing!

Why You Lost Your Business Passion – And How To Get It Back

If you’ve ever hit a rough patch and lost the passion for a new business or project …. The vision is an important piece, but I’m also finding that having the right …

Restoring your passion is a critical factor if you are looking to reach your goals online since this passion WILL be a HUGE source of motivation for you! On the other hand your newly restored enthusiasm or zest is useless without channeling it in the right direction! It’s all about your focus and this next article addresses 10 ways you can maintain the concentration you need to be more productive and thus achieve your goals!

Don’t you wish to do things differently this time? The following practical tips will help you work on your habits that will help you stay focused on the aims you set.

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Having both passion and focus are necessary components of being successful but your ability to rebound from setbacks is critical because believe you me, things will NOT always go as you planned! Bouncing back from unexpected setbacks is something you must be able to do otherwise you’ll allow discouragement to set in thus disrupting your focus, polluting your mindset and compelling you to even give up! The following video featuring Abe Brown discusses 3 keys you’ll need to develop your resilience to the tough times and setbacks you’ll no doubt face when building your internet business!

The discussion above was all about the psychological intangibles you’ll need to succeed as an internet entrepreneur! Our first inclination is to assume your business success depends almost exclusively on having a product or service, in demand, and making sales, but what about how you get and stay motivated to do so? What was presented above discussed how to maintain or recapture lost passion, maintaining your focus and developing the necessary grit so you won’t be easily discouraged when things do NOT go according to plan! Without these attributes, your ability to make the most of your efforts will quickly diminish compromising both your commitment as well as your busines success! The point is, as an entrepreneur without the right mindset, you are likely only setting yourself up for a series of frustrations that could lead you to quitting before you’ve reach any level of success!

Are You Cut Out to Be Your Own Boss?

Are You Cut Out to Be Your Own Boss?

So you would like to be your own boss and who wouldn’t! The thought of being the one in control who answers only to themselves is an intoxicating idea but with all this control also comes great responsibility as in you are responsible for everything from the most minute task to the most important decisions! Being the boss means you must learn to get and stay motivated all the time because the ‘buck’ stops with you and if you don’t do it, whatever you’re trying to accomplish simply won’t get done! This is SO true for online marketers because the internet is always changing in terms of rules and regulations as well as customer needs and the very strategies used to market your business! As I mentioned above being the boss comes with great responsibilities and if you are NOT a self starter, one who can get and stay motivated, nothing of significance will ever be accomplished!

Let’s now take a closer look at the value and role of self discipline and motivation when it comes to pursuing your dreams of being a self-employed internet entrepreneur!


To be your own boss comes with much greater responsibility than simply working for someone else because it is entirely up to you to get things done! From mapping out a plan of action to actually taking the action required to accomplish your goals takes the ability to get and stay motivated which is easier said than done! You need to be able to determine what direction you need to take as well as finding solutions to problems as they might arise and if you’re not a self starter, one who is extremely self-motivated, you don’t stand a chance at being successful! Although working for somebody else is not all too appealing, at least you have a ‘team’ of others with whom you share responsibilities! On the other hand the benefits of being your own boss are hard to ignore considering you call all the shots, however, if you’re not ready to take the necessary actions when needed or are too lazy to find your own answers as mentioned in the above video, you will end up wasting a bunch of time and likely money! In the end it simply boils down to setting your fears aside and adopting the attitude of ‘just do it’ because the worst that can happen is you learn something new and that’s not so bad, is it?

How Negative People Can Steal Your Energy

How Negative People Can Steal Your Energy

We all have or know of negative people in our lives who can always find ways to make you feel ‘bad’ thus leaving you with a lack of energy as well as a gloomy attitude towards life! Now these folks in most cases are not intentionally trying to sabotage your efforts to be more productive or to strive to better yourself or your situation, but damn if their pessimistic attitudes don’t do exactly that! For those of us who work as entrepreneurs online, exposing ourselves to constant negativity is the last thing we need to do because this not only leaves us with a lack of energy but a severely diminished level of confidence! Without confidence or conviction in what we do, it is only a matter of time before our performance starts to suffer and our dreams of financial abundance slips away!

To stop others from sabotaging our hopes and dreams by stealing our much needed energy, we must first understand how our exposure to negative attitudes can be draining thus keeping us from achieving more in our lives!

Tired of Being a Negativity Sponge? 12 Ways to Prevent …

Every time you feel responsible for another, you take on the responsibility as if it belongs to you, and your body, mind and spirit responds as if you really are responsible and you must fix the problem. In other words …. Every time you trust your inner guidance and take action accordingly, you strengthen your ability to protect your personal energy, and therefore you naturally keep-out negative energy.

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Well now that we know how negative people can suck the (positive) life out of you, what can we do to avoid this entirely? Let’s hear from Wendy De Rosa in the brief video below with her advice on how NOT to take on energy you do NOT need in your life!


Negative people are all around us, yes even family members can leave you disillusioned and with a lack of energy which obviously influence your motivation as well as your personal performance! For folks who work (alone) online, this can be a very big problem since they/you/I need to be more productive each and every day just to remain competitive! The discussions above focus on ‘how’ negativity can literally drain you as well as what to do to avoid this from happening! Although there will always be pessimistic people in our lives, you can minimize the less than desirable effect they have on you and the above advice should prove to be more than effective at helping you do just that, of that I’m POSITIVE!

How to Rekindle Your Lost Motivation

Finding or replenishing your lost motivation can be a difficult task for anybody and especially internet marketers during the holiday seasons! With holiday ‘spirit’ in the air comes many distractions that make it hard to stay motivated which can be the kiss of death for the business of many internet marketers!

Here are 5 ways setting brand new goals, at least for the short term, will greatly benefit online entrepreneurs trying to simply get back on track!

Narrows Your Focus

Determine just one goal you’d like to achieve and simply focus on that! This helps to relieve the ‘congestion’ in your mind of having too many things to do which is something that commonly affects internet marketers! Now your mind will be free to concentrate on just this one objective!

Share Your Goal

Nothing works better to help you stay motivated than to share your new goals with your friends, family or others in your close knit community! Making these people aware of what you intend to accomplish serves to keep you more focused and their support will also be a great source of motivation!

Be Realistic

If the new goals you’ve set are realistic, and they always should be, you’ll see more progress which will also help you to stay motivated and on course! Nothing works better for increasing your motivation than seeing your efforts bring results!

Be Conservative

Keep your objective relatively simple to increase your chances of success! This merely reflects that your new goals are not only realistic but manageable during times when your attention is being constantly diverted! This also keeps you from getting frustrated and quitting, which is a nasty habit that’s easy to develop and after a while equally hard to break!

Keep At It

As you ‘chip away’ and continue to make progress you’ll find your motivation will grow as will your productivity! Before you know it you will have reached the objective you set for yourself and will be setting even more new goals! What you’re trying to do is ‘shrink’ your to-do list so it won’t seem to be so overwhelming when faced with all the ‘outside’ distractions! In short you’re retraining both your focus and discipline!

Having lost motivation is the WORST thing most internet marketers can experience since if they ‘quit’ their business and previous efforts all die! The holidays seasons are a very challenging time due to all the ADDED distractions for anybody and most especially for internet marketers! Being traffic tends to be scarce and sales sometimes even scarcer it’s hard to stay motivated! On the other hand by refreshing or setting new goals during these times, internet marketers can benefit in the 5 ways discussed above! The key is NOT to be so distracted to even recognize the need to adjust your business objectives during these times in the first place, but they will happen, so plan on it!