Improving Your Sales Conversions By NOT Over Selling

Improving Your Sales Conversions By NOT Over Selling

Could your sales conversions use a boost? Building a business on the internet requires that people trust you simply because if they don’t they are not likely to spend their hard earned money on anything you may have to offer! The problem many entrepreneurs experience, often times without even knowing it, is they’re offering too much information when trying to persuade people to buy their products! Yeah sure you need to show others how making a particular purchase will be of benefit to them however it is possible to ‘talk’ your way right out of a sale by dispensing too much information! Remember you want to persuade but not overwhelm the folks that see your landing page, sales page, website or any other content that describes your product offers! By giving too much information regarding the benefits of your products, you can easily confuse or even overwhelm those you are trying sell!

The following short video discusses how people tend to become more doubtful when you overload them with too many reasons why they should make a purchase and why you should just keep your list of benefits short and sweet!

Increasing your sales conversions online first starts with having people trust you and the best way NOT to weaken that trust is by NOT offering them too much information about product benefits they will enjoy! Giving people a few ‘truthful’ reasons as to why they should make a purchase from you is very effective but once you start giving out to much information as to why they need to make this purchase, they tend to become more overwhelm and a lot less trusting! Many refer to this as ‘talking your way out of a sale’ and this is something that happens quite commonly! As the above video has discussed, when people trust you they’re more willing to consider purchases with you but by giving too much information, you can actually dilute their trust along with their willingness to buy from you! The bottom line is if you want to increase your sales online, simply give just a few STRONG reasons why your product will rock somebody’s world but be careful NOT to oversell the benefits to the point where you turn ‘believers’ into non-believers and thus lose the sale!

Why Clickbait Titles Are Irresistable

Why Clickbait Titles Are Irresistable

Clickbait titles tend to annoy people, for varying reasons, however many of these overly sensationalized headlines are still hard to resist and often succeed in getting the attention of many readers online, the question is why? The primary reason you may want to use hype when crafting a title is to get more traffic to stop and read what you wrote but the drawback is readers are often misled or simply disappointed once they’ve view the body of content that accompanies the GRAND or shocking headline! On the other hand, trying to be noticed in the vastness of the internet is a daunting challenge that requires a bit of creativity as well as a ton of resolve! Knowing quite often that a title or headline may be hyped or simply is NOT true still seems to do little insofar as helping people resist the urge to read further and it is this ‘mystery’ our friends from Kopywriting Kourse will address and explain in the video found below!

Clickbait titles are commonly used by anyone who publishes content, especially on the internet, and are often regarded along the same lines as spam or telemarketers, annoying and even infuriating! The idea that you can get more traffic to stop and read what you wrote by simply ‘fudging’ the truth, even just a bit, when crafting your headline is, like the titles themselves, hard to resist! The fact that a large majority of readers many times assume the title they are looking at is pure bull does not however sway them from reading further and the reasons for this is rooted in human psychology as explained here today! In the end the use of this tactic can almost be seen as one of the few ways to be noticed and to get people to read what you wrote due to the seemingly unlimited amount of content available for reading or viewing on the internet!

Using Your Writing Skills to Make the Sale

writing with keyboard

Your writing skills are not only used to attract traffic to your site online but also for creating compelling sales copy! Developing the ability to write persuasive copy is something that takes a bit of practice but anybody can do it! Effective copy writing is something every successful online business needs in order to turn a consistent profit and is something you need to learn as well!

Since time is money let’s jump right into how you can easily learn how to compose ‘riveting’ sales copy that puts money in your pocket!

Beginner Copywriting Tips for Effective Online Marketing

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Now here’s how to ‘fine tune’ your sales copy for the upcoming holiday season!

Tips for Christmas Copywriting

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And now a word from one of the most renowned copywriters found online!

Writing Effective Sales Copy with John Carlton!

Your writing skills are one of the most vital ‘assets’ you can bring to any online business! We all now the importance of creating content to attract customers but it’s the sales copy that really seals the deal and puts money in your pockets! Having said that it’s therefore essential to learn how to write persuasive sales copy that compels readers to lay down their money! The discussion above breaks this down into tips and suggestions to help ‘accelerate’ your learning curve! Now all you need to do is simply practice what you’ve read, since the more you do, the more you’ll prosper! To your prosperity!

Tapping Into Readers Emotions to Increase Sales

A major ‘tool’ use to increase sales online is advertising copy which is used to not only attract but also to persuade. Obviously the role copy plays in online sales strategies is a significant one therefore it is important when writing copy to know how to connect with your readers. Two obstacles any advertising copy will have to contend with online are the distractions the internet offers readers and the skepticism most people generally possess. This is where targeting the emotional trigger points of your intended audience when writing copy will help to make your efforts more effective!

Here are 5 ways in which using certain emotional triggers will not only get your copy noticed but also make it more persuasive as well!

Attention Getting

Nothing grips a reader faster than ‘you’ identifying ‘their’ fears! By directly addressing the problem they have, which you already will know since they did answer your ad, will get their attention! Creating a headline, since this is the first thing they will read, that ‘speaks’ directly to how the reader feels helps create an instant connection. Oh course getting their attention is one thing, now the challenge is keep people on the page so that they will read further into your advertising copy.

Engages Readers

The more you address their problem/pain and the feelings that are associated with their ‘situation’ the more deeply engaged they become in what you are presenting them. At this point they are now captivated by what it is you have to say since you are able to relate to them and their problem. The key is writing copy that focuses on the reader and their problem and not you or the solution you have to offer, at least not yet anyway! You want them to see how you are familiar with their feelings which will help build their trust in you.

Offer Relief

Now that some trust has been established and people feel you are familiar with their needs you can ‘transition’ into your offer of the solution. Presenting ‘the’ solution to people must be done in a logical fashion while continuing to remind them of the problem/pain they have and how much better their lives would be without it! You are now focusing on their pain and how to relieve it, which for anybody would be a euphoric feeling! This approach serves to keep them engaged in the content in front of them since it offers ‘their’ solution! Sales strategies like this take more patience but work much better in terms of marketing effectiveness!

Alleviate Fear

Here is where you address their skepticism/doubts/fears by offering reassurance in the form of ‘proof’ whether it is testimonies or research results. People by and large need proof that any new ‘step’ they are about to take will give them the results they seek and of course your advertising copy will present this!

‘Snap Your Fingers’

In a way you have ‘entranced’ readers with your ability to relate to their situation, offering them a solution along with proof it will work! Now you awaken your reader out of their ‘hypnotic trance’ and make them aware that NOW is the time to take action since the solution to their problems exists and awaits them! By making them aware that their situation can be resolved by taking the recommended action suggested by your advertising copy sets the stage for them to make the purchase!

In order to increase sales online any advertising copy used must be able to not only attract but also persuade people to take the action recommended. Writing copy that is effective at achieving both these goals is at the core of most successful online sales strategies. The key is to gain the attention of readers by ‘sparking’ an instant connection with them and then engage them long enough to deliver your entire message. This is where the suggested use of targeting emotional triggers when writing copy comes into play! Connecting on an emotional level with people lessens their resistance to the advertising copy they are viewing allowing you the time to deliver your entire message! Since they feel you can truly relate to their situation, they are more willing to hear your suggestion and/or solution!

Tips For Writing Copy to Boost Sales

When writing copy online to increase sales it is vitally important to connect with your reader in order to convey your marketing message. Most people are cynical when viewing any advertising copy due to the amount of hype often used. The most effective way to engage readers is to touch upon an emotional cord with them thereby drawing them deeper into what you have written. Blasting people with outlandish claims tends to increase their resistance to your advertising copy.

Here are 10 subtle tips to use when composing sales content to help you ‘connect’ with people thereby allowing you to more effectively deliver your marketing message.

Attention Getting Headline

Peak the curiosity of readers by ‘hinting’ at what type of ‘sensational’ information awaits them within the body of your content. You must get them to read further into your advertising copy in order to get your points across and/or to persuade them to make a purchase.

Address the Problem

Identify the problem from which readers are suffering and that your offer will address to further engage people even deeper into your copy. At this point you have ‘touch a chord’ with others because they now feel you can relate with what they are going through. It is this connection that will help you better communicate any marketing message you may have.

Offer a Solution

Provide for people a reasonable solution to their problem and do so in a credible manner. It is here that you are providing some legitimacy to the claims of your solution. You must be believable and convey your message in a clear and logical fashion! Using a more reasonable, deliberate and calmer ‘tone’ in your advertising copy will be soothing to readers thereby lessening their resistance.

Show the Benefits

By showing people the problem as mentioned above you are also reminding them of their discomfort, suffering or pain! Here is where you allow them to imagine the ‘benefits’ that your offer will afford them and how their previous and undesirable feelings and/or situation will be solved! In order to increase sales with any promotional copy you will always need to show people how they will benefit!

Give Proof

The use of testimonials or logical and reasonable explanations that serves to make your benefit claims more believable or understandable helps to again lessen reader resistance. This reassurance is necessary and needed to get people to take the action you require.

Present Your Offer

Here is where you tell people you got the solution and they need to take the necessary action as required to posses the solution and enjoy the benefits! Once you have ‘rolled out’ your solution again review how it will help them and therefore why they need to have it!

Give Reassurance

Here is where you offer a guarantee to further assure readers and lay to rest any lingering doubts that they may have. You want them to feel any risk at this point is minimal or better yet non-existent! Money back guarantees are quite normal and expected when dealing with any reputable business. Here too you are aiming to knock down any remaining ‘walls’ of resistance or doubt people may still possess!

Your Call to Action

This is your wake-up call to readers telling them to take action, NOW and stop the suffering, discomfort or otherwise undesirable feelings/experience they currently have! Telling them the solution is at hand and theirs for the taking right at this point further lessens resistance and compels them to take action. You are ‘nudging’ them along without blatantly pushing them which would only serve to increase their reluctance and fuel their doubt! It is all about subtlety and your proper use of it to keep people reading your advertising copy! It stands to reason that the more they read the greater the chance you will have to deliver your marketing message. In order to increase sales you absolutely must get your message across!

Review Their Current Situation

Here you are simply reminding people of why they are even reading your copy, because they have a need or desire to make ‘things’ better! Reminding them you have the solution and it is easily within their grasp further triggers emotions that pushes them closer to taking action!

Remind People of the Benefits

Ending your copy on a positive note quite simply remind people of the good things they stand to experience and the negative ones they can easily eliminate, RIGHT NOW!

When writing copy for the sake of promoting something it is usually best to use subtly and not an ‘in your face’ approach. When people are viewing any advertising copy they always have the option of turning away thereby not receiving the intended marketing message. Subtly on the other hand serves to win the confidence and strike a connection with readers as the discussion above explains. By doing so people are then able to become more engaged in what you have written. The point is that the more they are willing to read, the greater the chances you advertising copy will have it intended effect which is simply to increase sales!