5 Major Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing is fast becoming more highly recognized as a viable and long term means of marketing on the internet. Publishing content may not be as easy or work as quickly as submitting a PPC ad and does involve an investment of your time. On the flip side however it is one of the most effective advertising methods available online today.

Many look at what is involved in publishing content and often times choose to use another online marketing strategy that is not as labor intensive. No doubt there are many who may not be convinced that using content to promote online is worth the effort.

For anyone still indecisive about using content as an online marketing strategy let’s review 5 compelling benefits this promotional strategy offers.


Publishing content involves only the investment of your time and effort. Using content to promote yourself or your online business is very easy on your marketing budget. In today’s day and age where are you going to find something that actually works and not have to pay for it?

Longer Lasting

Unlike some other methods of advertising, publications such as newsletters, blog post or articles can continue to drive traffic for you long after they were initially published. Of course this is highly dependent upon the quality of the content that you have published.

Builds Credibility

The more content you publish the more recognized you become on the internet due to the increased exposure. Along these same lines the longer your name is associated with the content you are publishing the more you become recognized as an authority on the subject matter.

What you are looking at here is building a reputation online which is difficult to do within such an ‘impersonal’ medium as the internet. Your content allows readers to get a better feel of who you are and the degree of your expertise.

Attracts Targeted Traffic

Obviously the people who are most interested in your content will be the same ones who visit your sites. When you consider that your content is going to focus on whatever it may be you are promoting this traffic will be highly targeted.

Great SEO Tactic

The more you publish any content linking back to your site the more incoming links your site will have. Also the frequency of your publications is something the search engines love since they are always looking for fresh content they can rank. In both these cases the search engines will display more favoritism to your site(s) with a higher ranking for you. This results in more ‘organic’ traffic for you which is the best type to have since it is so targeted.

Content marketing is one of the most effective advertising methods for marketing on the internet today. The only drawback for some may be how labor intensive this type of online marketing strategy is. In reviewing 5 major benefits this promotional strategy offers it is hard to deny the obvious advantages associated with publishing content online. In the end it would seem the effort is more than worth it as long as you are willing to put forth that effort!

Content Marketing – Selling Through Education

Content marketing is very effective at helping you to gain reader loyalty and build credibility online. Many entrepreneurs shy away from this particular online marketing strategy due to the investment of time and effort it can take. Creating content however is not as hard as many perceive it to be and the results are much longer lasting than other methods of advertising.

Another advantage of using content for marketing on the internet is that this approach serves customers by being helpful and informative. What occurs during this process is that you are educating people on a particular subject so they view you more as an authoritative figure. When you finally do present your goods and/or services customers are much more receptive to the offer.

Here is the 3 step process involved in using content as an online marketing strategy.

Create Useful Information

The content that you distribute must be of use to the reader in some form or fashion. Whether it is advice, humor, insight or educational in nature you want people to benefit. The content you distribute must be of some value and accurate otherwise you are better off not distributing it at all.

Also remember to present your content in such a way that your target audience can easily understand.

Circulate Information

When using content to build your credibility and exposure online it is necessary that you continuously create and circulate it. The more you ‘saturate’ the market the more exposure you get and the deeper the impression you will leave. So remember that consistency is the key to making this strategy work.

Offer Products and/or ‘Solutions’

After a period of time you will have likely gained avid readers of the content you distribute who view you more or less as an authority on the subject. At this point you have basically educated the readers with hopefully great content and now you can introduce to them a product that is relevant to the content they have been reading. It is likely they will have an interest in what you offer and since they have a higher regard for you concerning the subject matter they will consider the offer more seriously.

As a result your own selling efforts will not have to be that ‘intense’ since your prospects regard you more as a trusted source of information in this area.

Content marketing involves a little effort when it comes to creating content you can use to distribute around online. The rewarding part about using this strategy when you are marketing on the internet is that your promotional efforts become much more effective. What actually transpires using content for promotional purposes like this is that you educate customers with the information you distribute. They as a result come to view you more as an authority figure on the subject. By understanding and following the 3 step process discussed above you can experience and enjoy the benefits of using content to market any goods or services online. The net result is that you increase your credibility and sales while the customer benefits from the education and product they purchased.

Choosing an Online Marketing Strategy – PPC vs. Publishing Content

Choosing an online marketing strategy involves a lot of factors some of which are personal and others that are economical. Ultimately however you want to choose the one that is the most effective for your particular circumstances when marketing on the internet. Today our discussion focuses on comparing the benefits between publishing content and/or using pay per click ads as a means to promote online.

Below let’s examine the benefits of these 2 promotional strategies and their marketing effectiveness online.

Pay Per Click:

1) Targeted

The traffic pay per click ads generate is highly targeted since the only people responding are those who are answering a specific ad you have posted. Of utmost importance in this strategy is developing an effective keyword list to help attract the targeted traffic you seek. If you are spending money for every click on your ads you MUST be sure you are attracting the right people!

2) Quick Response

An Adwords campaign solicits customer reactions that are nearly instantaneous from the time they view the ad. A typical campaign can be controlled to run at a specified time and even for a pre-determined amount of time. Any responses the ads may draw are therefore going to be within these time constraints.

3) Measurable

With the ability to assign both time and cost to your ads it is easy to measure your rate of return on investment and what is the best time to advertise.

4) Costs Money

Yes as we have already mentioned pay per click ads do cost money. For many this investment is well worth it due to the predictability of the type of traffic it attracts and how fast it can do so.

Publishing Content:

1) Economical

Publishing content is free of charge except for the time and effort you may invest. In this respect it is a very attractive alternative to ppc.

2) Longer Lasting

Content published online can be in circulation and generating you traffic for quite some time. Submitting high quality articles is a perfect example of this! The better your content the more likely it will circulate longer. Not bad for a one time up-front effort on your part.

3) Builds Credibility/Reputation

As your content circulates the greater the association with you it makes on readers. If what you publish is of value or use to readers your reputation will end up benefiting. By consistently creating content of quality your reputation and credibility will grow faster with readers who will begin to view you more as an authority figure in the field.

4) Targeted

Similar to ppc circulating information about on the internet will attract readers only interested in what you are writing about. Assuming what you write about is also what you may be promoting the traffic you receive will be targeted.

When choosing an online marketing strategy it is best to select according to your skill set, budget and both short and long term business intentions. Our comparison of pay per click ads and publishing content above serve only to give you a better understanding of their relative marketing effectiveness. In the end the choice is yours as to which method may work best for you when marketing on the internet. And by the way there is nothing wrong with using a combination of both of these strategies either!

Consistently Creating Content That Readers Enjoy

Creating content for distribution on the internet is a wonderful way to advertise a business or build credibility…or both! The key to making this particular online marketing strategy work is consistency. When using content in this manner the best results occur when you maintain a steady flow of it into distribution channels that offer the greatest exposure.

So how do you find and/or produce all the information you need to make this strategy work effectively?

Here are 5 simple ways in which you can easily produce the needed information to maintain your content distribution efforts.

Use What You Already Have

Look around on your hard drive for ezines, newsletters or ebooks you may have accumulated. These publications are stocked with useful information that can be put to work for you. Simply brief through the chapters and pull together what you learn into a format that makes sense and is relevant to what you are promoting. Using content like this is a great way for you to also ‘freshen’ up on certain subjects.

Another location you will find tons of useful information is in your head. Developing content based upon what you already know is a great way to maintain originality and by adding a little insight you can really ‘juice’ it up.

Easy Does It!

Do not overload the reader or overtax yourself by jamming too much information into one piece of content. Give the reader a comfortable amount of useful information that can be read and understood in a short period of time.

Remember you are not writing a book or offering a complete course here. The information you offer does NOT have to be comprehensive just helpful.

Build off Current Events

Use current news or events to draw parallels or create comparisons to the subject you are focusing on or promoting. Since this news is current it likely has established a following so take advantage of the attention it has already stirred up and use it for your own purposes.

Perfectionist You Are Not

Don’t get caught up trying to ‘perfect’ everything you publish because it will frustrate you and dramatically decrease your output. Focus on delivering ‘snippets’ of solid content and do not get too hung up trying to create a literary masterpiece.

If you fear you may have left something ‘out’ use that information to base your next piece of content on and be proud that your are so damn resourceful.

Maintain Quality

Cardinal Rule #1! Always remember that whatever you decide to circulate around online has your name on it so make sure it maintains a certain level of quality. By consistently producing great content people will tend to ‘anticipate’ your next publication and this will also help to increase your credibility.

Creating content for promotional purposes on the internet offer benefits to both the individual and the business. For these reasons using content like this can be a very effective and efficient online marketing strategy. The ‘chore’ if you want to refer to it as that is maintaining a consistent flow of useful information that can be used for this strategy. The 5 ways we reviewed here today will enable you to consistently ‘produce’ the information needed to keep your content distribution channels overflowing. In doing so your business will enjoy greater exposure as you benefit from a growing credibility within the online community.

Great Content Accomplishes at Least 1 of 3 Things

Writing great content and circulating it online is a surefire way to create a positive image for yourself and your business. Using content to market your business likes this also carries an additional benefit. Creating content and distributing it for promotional purposes can also help build your credibility. This is a very important intangible asset to have when marketing on the internet.

To make this particular online marketing strategy work effectively, when creating content be sure it delivers something of value to the readers.

Following are 3 objectives any of which you will want the content to achieve in order to capture the readers attention and appreciation.


Creating content that teaching or informs is always something a reader will look for and appreciate. Now it doesn’t have to be a comprehensive and in-depth course on any particular subject. As long as your content imparts even a ‘nugget’ of useful information you have achieved your objective.

Creating content like this is relatively easy since it involves either your own knowledge or the knowledge of others that you can gain from research.


Humor, wit or even sarcasm is something most everybody enjoys. Being entertained most definitely holds value with readers and if you can do so with your content you have an advantage. It is a lot easier to dispense information than it is to be entertaining when creating content. This type of creative writing involves more talent and its aim is to increase the feeling of ‘well being’ with the reader.

If you are able to produce content like this than go for it since it will give you an edge!


Sharing information or news with the ‘flavor’ of your insight is also something people enjoy reading. It is human nature to want to know others opinions on certain subjects. By sharing opinions or insights you can give people a perspective they may not have considered previously thereby possibly changing their thinking.

Now people may not always agree with your insight and/or opinions but if nothing more you get at least get a reaction from them.

When marketing on the internet circulating great content can be a very effective online marketing strategy. The key is to be sure your content ‘delivers’ something of value to the reader. The 3 objectives we discussed above are directions you will want to target when creating content for distribution. When you are using content for the purpose of increasing the exposure of an online business you want it to be something readers will notice. When your content informs, entertains or offers intriguing insight readers WILL notice and benefit. When this occurs you will be benefiting your own cause as well.