How To Write a Blog Post People Read

It takes a bit of time and typically some research as well to write a blog post, but your time is wasted if nobody reads it! The fact is that when writing for people on the internet a good blogger must concern themselves not only with content quality but attracting readers as well! These are considerations every blog administrator must be mindful of if they want a large and loyal following!

Here is a 5 point check list you can follow to insure that people will both see and love what you posted to your blogging platform!

Informativereading blog post

In many cases content quality often refers to how informative the subject matter may be to readers! Since you already know what the interests are of the people you are targeting, it is simply a matter of keeping them ‘informed’ of any new developments or late breaking news pertaining to their interests! People typically seek information to learn more about their favorite topics and if you can offer your readers this type of information, it will most certainly catch their eye and keep their interest!


Trying to develop reader loyalty requires you ‘repeatedly’ stick to subject matter of relevance to what these people like! Although occasionally veering off topic when creating blog posts may attract some new readers, it will not help to further develop the loyalty of those who are already reading your updates! This simply results in wasted effort on your part and any good blogger knows that working efficiently is the best way to develop a large and loyal following when blogging on your own!

Search Engine Friendly

Although recent changes with the search algorithm at Google emphasize content quality over proper keyword use, you still want to target the right words and phrases to ‘help’ search engines find your content! Overlooking the assistance of search engines to bring you highly targeted traffic by simply using the appropriate words or phrases is foolish and maybe even a bit lazy! The traffic is there for you to tap into, so don’t ignore this ‘free’ help! On the other hand if you’re just too lazy to locate and place the right keywords, it is not very likely you’ll be blogging for too long before you decide to quit!


Even the best ideas or well written posts MUST be promoted if you want maximum exposure! When writing for people on the internet you MUST make sure readers are aware you’ve posted something new! Failure to promote your blog will only succeed in your platform fading off into oblivion no matter how great your writing skills, anecdotes or witticisms may be! Sharing links at social sites, article marketing and even press releases are all great ways to increase your exposure online!


The subject you based your posting efforts on should be presented in such a way that readers have NOT seen before! Introducing intrigue or a different perspective is a great way to make your writing efforts go viral! The fact of the matter is no matter what topic you choose to write about, it is unrealistic to expect there will always be something new to post! Your overall success when writing for people as a blogger will therefore rely in part upon being able to take ‘old’ news and present it in a ‘new’ way! Whether you intentionally take a new stance on a topic or even ‘inject’ your opinions based upon your experience, you just blogging and loving itare creating something unique!

In order to write a blog post that readers will love a good blogger knows it goes beyond simply the content quality! When writing for people on the internet you’ll also need to get their attention because no matter how good what you wrote may be, if nobody knows of its existence, it won’t be seen! The ‘check-list’ offered above is meant to help you not only produce great reading material but also to promote your posts effectively to gain maximum exposure online!

3 Logical Tips For Engaging Your Readers

Creating content your readers will love is the objective of every blogger, article marketer or any other small business owners found online! Done correctly this can be a very effective marketing strategy however the key is to actually get people to read what you wrote! Remember, every piece of content you publish online has a message but if viewers fail to read what you wrote how can you expect to deliver your message?

Assuming of course your topic selection and title are kick ass, here are 3 tips for ‘molding’ any content in a way to keep readers riveted to every word!


Your point, message or lesson needs to be laid out in a logical and/or sequential manner that makes sense! No matter how good the material is you’ve pulled together, if you present it out of sequence viewers will become confused, lose interest and even stop reading! When this happens you then fail to deliver your message!


Make your content easier to read by writing in a way everybody understands! Your objective should be to communicate with others and not to impress them with your vocabulary or arbitrary witticisms! This helps minimize the challenge of trying to ‘interpret’ what the text in front of us is actually saying! There is way too many other available sources online from which people can choose for their reading pleasure! By publishing content that may be hard to understand, most people will not even try to read what you wrote leaving them frustrated and your efforts wasted!

Deliveryengaged reader guy active

It is an absolute necessity to hold the attention of the people for whom you are writing from start to finish! Whatever you’ve composed will have an introduction that indicates your purpose along with benefits people can expect to experience! The body of your content must maintain the readers attention by ‘building’ up to the conclusion which of course will reveal the benefits! Only by keeping viewers fully engaged can you expect to successfully deliver your message! The key here is to make clear to viewers as to why they would want to read what you wrote and then deliver the ‘goods’ at the end!

When writing for your readers focus must be placed not only on the quality of what you are presenting but also the manner in which you present it! The fact is that no matter how valuable any information may be that you publish, if people do NOT read what you wrote you can NOT deliver your message! The 3 tips offered here today merely emphasize the importance of making your content easier to absorb by laying it out in a more logical fashion! This increases the chances people actually read what you wrote and when this occurs you become more effective marketing your business with this strategy! What do you think? If you got more to add please do so by leaving your comments below!

3 Reasons Why Content Is Important Online

To say content is important to the internet is like saying gas is important to motor vehicles and in both cases this is an obvious understatement! People are ALWAYS searching for information to get their questions answered, further their own education or to find out more about an interest they have! Although using content has been proven to be a very effective marketing strategy, the role it plays in the growth of the internet is far more reaching!

Here are 3 significant roles the creation of any new information plays in the growth and development of the internet!

Search Engines Crave (Demand) It

Without something new or interesting to offer people most search engines would have little purpose! When people are searching for information of any kind online they typically use search engines to retrieve it for them! This is why it’s so important to properly use keywords when using content or what you wrote may never show up in the search results! Now imagine what would happen if writers or researchers suddenly stopped publishing their efforts online! There would likely be many search engines lining up for unemployment!

Businesses Leverage It

For the ambitious entrepreneurs and even large corporations using content online has been a tremendous windfall to their bottom lines! This strategy has proven to be a very effective marketing tactic since it not only helps them increase their exposure but their credibility as well! In the end this approach brings together both people and businesses with the same interests! The key is whatever is published must be useful to those searching for information such as that created and circulated!

Social Sites Survive Off Ittyping content

Without something to talk about, critique or debunk most social sites would become quickly irrelevant! In fact many networking sites are also viewed as reliable sources for late breaking news and/or trends! Without the ongoing publication of new or relevant content these sites would have little to ‘bond’ site members or even to simply entice them to participate! Remember these sites are for expanding your ‘network’ of ‘friends’ but without a common bond or something to talk about this may prove to be difficult!

Content is important to the internet for numerous reasons 3 of which are discussed above and it all revolves around people searching for information! Whether it’s businesses using content because it’s an effective marketing strategy or social sites needing something to discuss, information rules the internet! Now consider what would happen if people just stopped using content or creating any more of it online! The role the internet plays in our lives would dramatically diminish and people would simply have to turn elsewhere when searching for information! For those who have used the internet for either business or personal curiosity, this thought may be inconceivable!

How Curated Content Benefits Readers

There are those who consider curated content as nothing more than ‘rehashed’ information found online! The fact is that to develop content that is fresh and unique can take quite a bit of time while also further contributing to readers information overload! On the other hand if done correctly the content curator can actually present information in a way that is both relevant and useful to people! After all if readers do NOT benefit from what they are viewing than there’s little reason for marketers to even invest the effort!

Let’s look at 3 reasons why it is NOT necessary to always develop content from scratch and how readers benefit from the curation process!

Relieves Information Overload

By ‘rehashing’ already published information readers are NOT subjected to further information overload! The internet is literally ‘teeming’ with information so much so that it has become increasingly more difficult to process or even manage that to which we are exposed! The curator simply takes what is already online and presents it in such a way that people will hopefully find more relevant or useful!

Better Understanding

In many cases what people view online is not always written in a way that is easy to understand! No matter how accurate the facts may be that you use to develop information with, if readers do not understand what it says or means it’s useless! Typically the curation process attempts to more clearly explain what people are viewing and how it applies to their needs! In this way folks are now able to better grasp the value of what they’re reading!


The value of any reading material can be better measured when people are able to understand what is being said as we just discussed previously! It is ONLY at this point that people become more educated on the topic they are viewing! This material is useless to anybody unless it is presented in a way that people can better absorb! This is why it is so important to write in a way that everybody can understand otherwise both the writer and reader are doomed to wasting their valuable time!

To some curated content is like taking the easy way out in terms of not having to develop content on your own but rather using material created by others! The fact is that people suffer from information overload due to all the ‘unique’ reading material they’re exposed to online! The content curator however actually provides a ‘service’ to internet readers as discussed above, in helping them make better sense of what they’ve read! By better explaining ‘existing’ content and not just ‘dumping’ more of it online, the content curator helps increase the readers understanding of what is already available!

Why Marketers Need To Avoid Plagiarism Online

It is important to avoid plagiarism when working online due to the bad reputation it can give any internet marketer! Although the temptation is always there to ‘borrow’ the work of others when using content, it is ALWAYS best to resist the urge! The stigma that goes with being found guilty of plagiarizing will only serve to DECREASE the trust others may have developed in you! As every internet marketer is aware, without the trust of others their ability to earn money is severely limited!

Here’s a look at 3 significant reasons why it is NEVER a good idea to pass off the work of others as your own when using content!

Diminishes Reputation

Being branded a thief when using content written by someone else not only gives you a bad reputation but it will also make you irrelevant! Now we’re referring to those unethical ‘individuals’ who knowingly use information composed by another and brazenly take credit as being the original author! Not only is this unethical but it is also a bit dimwitted as well since sooner or later you WILL get caught! The internet has as many eyes and ears as it has size and the word always gets out!

Damages Marketing Effectiveness

Earlier mention was made of how plagiarizing can limit your ability to make money online! When people come to recognize a particular internet marketer has been known to ‘borrow’ from others without their consent their trust weakens! Now how in the world do you expect people to believe any sales copy, product claims or even guarantees that this particular person may offer? Having a bad reputation can severely cripple any persons marketing effectiveness on the internet making it nearly impossible to sell anything!

Ultimately Erodes Your Confidence

Let’s face it with dwindling sales and a damaged reputation your esteem takes a HUGE hit as your self doubt increases! When this happens it seems everything you do tends to be counter-productive! When you reach this point every internet marketer knows that it’s time to take a break or maybe even walk away! Earning trust takes a lot of time and effort but to lose it takes literally no time at all! Even worse is that to mend a bad reputation may take even more effort and frankly many aren’t that committed to their online objectives to invest this effort! If you only hadn’t been tempted to cross the line…

For anybody trying to earn an income online is vitally important to avoid plagiarism at all cost! Although using content others have published is acceptable, provided the ‘real’ author is credited, putting your name on their work will give you a much deserved bad reputation! The discussion above focuses on just 3 reasons every internet marketer needs to walk the straight and narrow! Having violated the trust of others by branding yourself as a cheater or thief is also a reflection of pure laziness! The lesson here is if you’re too lazy to create content uniquely your own you’re also probably too lazy to develop a profitable business! To be successful every internet marketer must be willing to work for it and to maintain a reputable image so others can trust in you!